Christmas markets in London

If you have the good fortune to be able to travel to London or indeed live in the UK, you must check out the Christmas markets in London!

These wonderful delights will show you a world that you never thought existed with gifts and goodies for anyone on your Christmas gift list, delights that you will want to buy yourself and culture for just about anybody to enjoy. There are a number of Christmas markets that you can take a look at, all with something slightly different to offer the shopper and you never really know just what you are going to come across!

Covent Garden

Covent Garden is a well-known place within London, known for its luxurious stores and its laid back appeal. During the Christmas time you will find street entertainers to wow you with their acrobatics as well as smaller market stalls to lure you in with their wares. The Real Food market is Covent Garden is one that runs all year round but when it comes to Christmas time, you will find all sorts of tasty treats that you can either incorporate into your Christmas dinner or hand out to people as luxurious guests.

Portobello Road

Of course, you cannot mention markets within London without giving more than a second thought to the infamous Portobello road, the home to the old fashioned markets in many favorite films. An antique market by nature, Portobello road is the perfect place to pick up something weird and wonderful for the perfect unique Christmas gift for a mother or wife and if you are looking for something but are not quite sure what, this really is the perfect place to start.

Vintage and brand new goods combined with hot food stalls and high end fashion, you really will find everything that you could possibly need in this market and maybe even pick up something nostalgic and unique for a Christmas gift for your loved ones.

Camden market

Camden market is yet another famous market within London and is very unique in nature with clothes to suit every walk of life under the sun and accessories, food and even home items to go alongside it. Running throughout the whole month of December, Camden market is the place to get gifts that you might consider to be exotic, unusual or just something away from the norm. With handmade items such as fashion, jewelry, bags and rugs, you will find something for everyone especially if you are looking for something that will really stand out for Christmas 2010.

London really is the place to find practically anything these days and if you are looking for gifts with character, Christmas markets in London are the perfect places to find them.

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