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Myriad Ways of Celebrating Christmas

The Christmas tree is the most popular insignia of Christmas around the world. You will find at least a token Christmas tree in every home in which Christmas is celebrated, and you will find grand, brilliantly-lit Christmas trees in community centers and offices and shops during the Christmas season. Read more »

Christmas in Austria

The Christmas season in Austria starts with the Advent Christian tradition. Read more »

Christmas in Sweden

White Christmas is all over Sweden. To perfectly compliment the coolness of the holidays, beautiful lights and month long activities are prepared for everybody to enjoy. Read more »

Christmas Traditions in Spain

Spain is predominantly a Catholic country and it is expected that Christmas is celebrated as a religious event. Read more »

England’s Holiday Traditions

Some of the best Christmas festivities and traditions are practiced in Great Britain. Read more »

Celebrating Christmas

Celebrating Christmas is a special time for the whole family to enjoy. Christmas is celebrated in many ways in different countries and each country has their own different foods. One should always relax as much as possible during the Christmas period, so that it can be an enjoyable time. Read more »

Christmas markets in London

If you have the good fortune to be able to travel to London or indeed live in the UK, you must check out the Christmas markets in London! Read more »

How to Celebrate a Nicaraguan Style Christmas

Christmas in Nicaragua begins on December 7th itself with the Nicaraguans celebrating La Purisima or the Immaculate Conception of Virgin Mary.

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How to Celebrate a Latvian Style Christmas

Christmas is a very important holiday in Latvian culture and it is celebrated for twelve days beginning with the Advent season.

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How is Christmas Celebrated in Iran

Christmas in Iran is celebrated both as the rebirth of the sun and the birth of a man who came to this world for the salvation of humans.

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