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The 12 Days of Christmas

A great way to interact with the family is re-enacting the 12 days of Christmas. Read more »

The Brilliant Star

One of the most memorable miracles that happened together with the birth of Christ is the appearance of a brilliant new star in the sky. Read more »

Let’s celebrate Christmas

It’s Christmas time once again! Every year, people look forward to this time of the year to connect with loved ones, bond with family and friends and then join in the unending festivities. Read more »

A Saviour’s Birthday

Christmas is the preparation and celebration of the birth of Jesus Christ. Read more »

A Blooming Christmas

Among other decorations, Christmas flowers always bring a different kind of amusement and satisfaction. They can bring beauty, warmth, joy and smiles to everyone around them. As the saying would go Read more »

The Perfect Christmas Feast

It takes a great deal of effort to prepare for Christmas –what with last minute shopping, wrapping, and tree hunting being top priorities. But keep in mind the family will most likely want food with their holiday cheer. Read more »

Christmas Holidays on a Budget

Looking for the ultimate Christmas present? Then why not go away this festive season? Read more »

Christmas Games for the Whole Family

As Christmas gets closer and closer, it’s time to find ways to entertain the kids while keeping the parents equally engaged. Here are a few old games with a Christmas twist that are sure to keep the house overflowing with holiday spirit and provide the perfect backdrop for family bonding. Read more »

Celebrating Christmas

With the cold air surrounding every home, the snowflakes fall one after the other. The night is abuzz with happy carollers while every single radio plays the never-ending jingle bells. The atmosphere is so warm and jolly that it’s definitely beginning to feel a lot like Christmas! Read more »

Christmas Ornaments

Christmas ornaments are great giveaways for your colleagues, team mates in your local sports club, or other people you encounter, but are not really close to. Read more »