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Christmas Day

Christmas Eve

Christmas Bubbly ChampagneChristmas Eve is the time to celebrate with your love ones.

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Outdoor Christmas Lighting

Xmas LightsWith all you do inside to get ready for Christmas, don’t forget to decorate your house, apartment or yard with all you’ll need to make your holiday bright and wow the neighbours. Read more »

Christmas Decorations in San Francisco

Golden Gate by nightSan Francisco is the jewel of the west coast of the US and is the site of a fantasyland during the Christmas holiday season. There are decorations, light shows and celebrations during those weeks that bring in the holiday cheer for locals and visitors alike. Read more »

Lasting Christmas Gifts

RosesFor Christmas, it’s nice to try and get people something that lasts. This is especially true with children who may not like the sweater you buy them or have every techno-gadget out there already. Read more »

New York Christmas Gifts

Time SquareThe beautiful lights of New York City are even more dazzling during the holiday season. The stores are brightly decorated as are the parks and the streets. Read more »

Chicago’s Christmas Decorations

Chicago cityEach year in December, Chicago is transformed into a wonderland of Christmas throughout the area. Visitors can enjoy a winter wonderland with all of the decorations the windy city has to offer. Read more »

Christmas Crafts

SnowmanChristmas is a wonderful time for family craft projects. Here’s a couple of craft projects you can do alone or with the children. Read more »

Burberry Scarves

During the winter months, one of the more popular gift items that are apt for both men and women are scarves. Read more »

Go Organic This Christmas

Organic ColorsAs we feel the effects of the degradation of our environment more and more, people are beginning to realize that we all need to do our part in saving it. As we enter the Christmas season, it would be a good idea to go organic. Read more »