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Answers to Christmas Quiz - Part I

Answers to the Christmas QuizNow that you have racked your brains and tried your best, it is time to evaluate your Christmas traditions IQ. Your individual score is not an indication of how much/ or little you appreciate the festival of Christmas; so take the final tally with a pinch of salt and remember it is just another way of spicing up a day of festivities. Read more »

How to purchase a basketball as a gift

Basketball GiftTo purchase a basketball as a gift requires you to choose a ball that is best suited to the recipient’s game. The game of basketball is extremely fast-paced and requires excellent physical capability and stamina. The market has a large variety of basketballs that you can choose from depending on your recipient’s preference. Read more »

How to celebrate an English style Christmas

London - Christmas NightTo celebrate an English style Christmas means enjoying beautiful and melodious Christmas music, hanging evergreens, lilting carol singing and ornamented Christmas trees. Christmas, for the English, is a truly magical season bringing friends and families together, to share the love and affection of the season with each other. Read more »

Christmas celebration tips

Christmas SnowmanTo celebrate Christmas you need to forget that you have grown up and have become too old to believe in miracles, in life and in hope and happiness in general. To lose ourselves in the spirit of Christmas we need to somehow return to a time in our childhood, or anytime past, when life was simple and made more sense to find any real meaning, any message in our lives. Read more »

How to buy logic puzzles as a gift

Logic PuzzleTo buy logic puzzles as a gift you must first determine the recipient’s interest in them. Logic has been defined as the science of reasoning and you as a parent or a teacher must inculcate the habit of logical thinking in your children or pupils. Knowledge is fine but by itself it is of little use. Logic puzzles help people to apply their knowledge and think logically. Read more »

How to celebrate Christmas in the Holy Land

Christmas in Bethlehem - Jesus BirthplaceTo celebrate Christmas in the Holy Land you must travel to Bethlehem, by the end of December, along with other pilgrims who make this journey for the same purpose i.e. celebrating the birth of Jesus Christ at His place of birth. Read more »

How to buy a skateboard as a gift

Skateboard giftTo buy a skateboard as a gift is not as easy as it seems because this little piece of wood mounted on four wheels is in reality an extremely specialized bit of apparatus. It is made up of many parts, all of which work together to give the best possible ride. Read more »

Christmas and New Year Ski Holidays

Ski holidaysFor many of us Christmas is the reason and season to get far away from the madding crowd to the cooler climes of ski slopes. Hit the slopes in Christmas with one of the many amazing offers, choosing from a wide selection of accommodation and resorts in France, Austria, Italy, Andorra and more. Read more »

How to celebrate an Italian style Christmas

Vatican City - Stained Glass WindowTo celebrate an Italian style Christmas you must start celebrating at Novena that falls eight days before Christmas. During the holiday season, in the villages, the shepherds play musical instruments and sing Christmas songs. Children get together in groups and dress up as shepherds. They go from door to door playing pipes, reciting Christmas poems and singing Christmas songs. Read more »

Christmas Quiz - Part I

Christmas quizA Christmas quiz can be a fun way of spending vacation time with friends and family; learning new facts and bonding with your loved ones. People really enjoy playing a game in which everyone can participate and a Christmas quiz can become a unique way of getting your Christmas Eve party to swing. Read more »