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Christmas Charities

Christmas gifts are not meant to be given only to one’s family and friends. Read more »

Christmas in the United States

Christmas in the United States places Santa Claus amid the center of the celebration. Read more »

Christmas in New York

It’s the time for joy, festivities, fun, fun and more fun. If you want to experience a new kind of Christmas rush try celebrating the holiday season in New York, New York. Read more »

Chicago’s Christmas Decorations

Chicago cityEach year in December, Chicago is transformed into a wonderland of Christmas throughout the area. Visitors can enjoy a winter wonderland with all of the decorations the windy city has to offer. Read more »

New York Christmas Decorations

Rockefeller Center Christmas treeChristmas is a time when all of New York sets out its best decorations for visitors to the area during the holidays. This is a time when skyscrapers are lit up along with the city’s streets for the best in holiday entertainment. Read more »

Christmas Festivities in Miami

Miami ChristmasMillions of tourists visit Miami every year and there is no better time to visit the city than when in the holiday season. The weather is still nice and warm and there is more to see than just seashells on a walk on the beach. Read more »

How to Celebrate an Arkansas Style Christmas

Arkansas chapel christmasChristmas in Arkansas begins much before the actual date while Christmas village displays show how vibrantly the festival is celebrated throughout this state. Read more »

How to celebrate an Alaskan Christmas

Alaska mooseChristmas is celebrated in Alaska on the 25th of December like in most of the Christian world but in Alaska Santa arrives for a pre-Christmas visit.

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