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History of Christmas

Business Gift BasketsChristmas is nowadays marked by festivals, concerts, special TV programs, plays, children’s programs, musicals, art displays, contests, exchanging gifts, Christmas charities, martial art programs, decorated Christmas trees, fireworks, light shows and many more.
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Christmas and 12 Days of Celebration

Right after Christmas, follows the 12 days of Christmas which is a festive period that lasts till 6th of January and is named Epiphany. The most common symbols for this festive period are Calling Birds, Golden Rings, French Hens and Turtle Doves etc. Read more »

Santa Claus

Santa Claus is a larger-than-life presence during the Christmas season. Read more »

Christmas Bells

As Christmas fast approaches, decorations are certainly one of the main activities around the house. And for a number of people, Christmas bells are surely part of this. Read more »

The Blessed Mother

The story of the birth of Christ began on the day of the annunciation. Read more »

The 12 Days of Christmas

A great way to interact with the family is re-enacting the 12 days of Christmas. Read more »

The Brilliant Star

One of the most memorable miracles that happened together with the birth of Christ is the appearance of a brilliant new star in the sky. Read more »

A Saviour’s Birthday

Christmas is the preparation and celebration of the birth of Jesus Christ. Read more »

The True Joy of Christmas

Christmas is the most wonderful time of the year for it signifies the redemption of man through the birth of Christ. Read more »

The History behind Christmas bells

Why do we traditionally ring bells at Christmas time? There are a variety of reasons, each steeped in tradition. Read more »