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Worldwide New Year Celebrations

Have you ever wondered how New Year is celebrated in other parts of the world? Here we take a look at the customs of Russia, Scotland, and China to see how they will ring in 2009. Read more »

New Year Champagne

Champagne is a favored drink at New Year’s Eve parties around the world. Do you know where it came from or how to choose the right one for your holiday fete? Read more »


Kwanzaa is a festival based on the principles of African culture that is celebrated by some African Americans between Christmas and New Year.

Read more »

Gift ideas for Boxing Day

Boxing Day is celebrated the day after Christmas in England and other countries. This year, why not give a give a gift of a donation in a friend’s name for Boxing Day? Read more »

Barack Obama as Santa Claus

Here is a list of sites where you can upload your own photos and make yourself a Santa, a Reindeer… Read more »

Christmas Table Decorations

Decorating your table for Christmas can be simple or complex. It all depends on how much time and money you fell like investing on a table setting. Read more »

Christmas Quiz

Tests your knowledge of the holiday season with this Christmas Quiz. Read more »

Christmas Dinner

Instead of the same turkey and ham dinner for Christmas, why not try something different and flavorful? Here are a few suggestions. Read more »

Christmas Champagne

Gift BasketsMany people enjoy champagne breakfasts at Christmas and choosing the right champagne all depends on your particular tastes. Read more »

Advent Calendar Gifts

Corporate Gift BasketsAdvent calendars are a fun way to countdown to Christmas. If you cannot find them in the stores, try making one with unique little gifts. Read more »