Mrs. Santa Claus

Mrs ClausMrs. Claus is the charming wife of Santa Claus and has been his constant companion for many centuries. She has a very calming influence on Santa who is extremely excitable and impulsive. Mrs. Claus is the epitome of a middle aged homemaker, wears a bun and soft dresses and loves to cook and keep order in Santa land. Her rosy cheeks and sunny disposition are much in demand at North Pole, Santa’s home and toy workshop. She has a flair for baking and makes ginger bread men for Santa and gingerbread houses for the elves to nibble on while they are hard at work making toys.

Mrs. Claus arrives

Although Santa Claus and Mrs. Claus are a middle aged couple, Mrs. Claus made an entry into our lives at a somewhat later date. Katherine Lee Bates had created Mrs. Claus in 1889 when she mentioned her in a poem called - ‘Goody Santa Claus on a Sleigh Ride’, Goody being the shortened form of ‘goodwife’ or housewife, a term then prevalent. Almost hundred years later, in 1956, George Melachrino wrote a song called ‘Mrs. Santa Claus’ which re-established her role in Santa’s life and world.

The character of Mrs. Santa Claus has gained popularity in recent years through depiction in comics, books, songs and even movies and T.V. serials. She is always shown as an unruffled, peaceful and quiet presence in Santa’s life who himself is emotional and childlike. She was first introduced to us in the movies in ‘Santa Comes to Town-2′ where she marries Santa. In another production, she is depicted as Jessica, a teacher, who falls in love with Santa and they get married.


Mrs. Claus comes into her own around Christmas time, when she has to do hordes of cooking and baking for Santa and his elves while they work round the clock to meet and deliver orders. She has many web sites devoted to her where she wishes little children a merry Christmas and reminds them to write to Santa about their wish list. She cheekily calls these sites the Cyber North Pole and while telling the children about her Christmas routine does not forget to remind them to be good and mind their parents and teachers.

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  1. Monica Says:

    Monica’s Tips for present snooping:

    1) Wrapping paper that is really light in color can usually be seen through by pressing the paper tight to the box its wrapped around.
    2) Certain things have certain shapes. For instance a “Bratz” doll box is a one of a kind shape, and baseball bats or skis are unique shapes too.
    3) Feeling with your hands. For instance, a box of candy canes, you can feel the space between each cane’s hook.
    4) Sneak a round. Look in places you wouldn’t normally look. Examples, bathroom, mom and dad’s room, even in your room a present might be hidden.
    5) Cracks. Sometimes there are cracks in the wrapping paper, or poor folds in the wrapping paper that you can look into and see something.
    6) Shake. If you shake a present the sounds it makes could give you a clue. If it sounds like broken glass – you’re in trouble. But it back and leave the room.
    7) Weight. If the box is heavy or light can be a clue.
    8) Size. If the box is big or small can be a clue. If it as big as a doll house, it might be a doll house.
    9) Smell. Your present might have a sweet smell if its candy, a new clothing smell, or some other smell that might give you a clue.
    10) Think. Use your brain and think, putting together all these clues.

    Written by Monica Noffsinger, 8 Dec 2006, 3rd grade Nokesville Elementary School

  2. Santa Claus Says:

    Mrs. Claus has been making cookies all summer. I hope I can still fit in the chimney :)

  3. dianna Says:

    thank you for this site. we’re new to it and enjoy it so far. we’ll check it out more as the season nears. i’ll share the site address with my family and friends and i hope you have great success this holiday season. we hold mrs. santa claus in high esteem in our home so thanks for all you do. my kiddos know Christmas would not happen with out the woman behind the man!

  4. gabriel Says:

    I wish i was at the lovely lapland

  5. Hel'wyse Says:

    ….hmmm, am a storyteller and heard from another storyteller that Mrs. Claus is really Mother Goose……who took one look at the dignified old gent when he visited storyland one summer, and fell completely head over heels in love with him…despite the goose’s warning that she may become very domestic if she became part of the “North Pole Clan”
    what can you do? a woman in love is a woman in love

  6. caleb Says:

    They always say behind every great man there is a women

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