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How to celebrate Christmas

Celebrate ChristmasTo celebrate Christmas you need to forget that you have grown up and have become too old to believe in miracles, in life and in hope and happiness in general. To lose ourselves in the spirit of Christmas we need to somehow return to a time in our childhood, or anytime past, when life was simple and made more sense to find any real meaning, any message in our lives. Read more »

How to Play Dirty Santa or Yankee Swap

Yankee Swap - Dirty SantaTo play the game of Dirty Santa or Yankee Swap one must have the spirit of fun and adventure. The game, also known as the Chinese Auction, involves exchanging gifts where the participants do not know who is gifting what. Although this game obviously had a Christmas related beginning, one obscure version traces the origins of the game to the American Civil War. It seems that during the war, to break the monotony of battle, the Yankees and the Confederates swapped prisoners; hence, the name Yankee Swap. Read more »