Christmas celebration tips

Christmas SnowmanTo celebrate Christmas you need to forget that you have grown up and have become too old to believe in miracles, in life and in hope and happiness in general. To lose ourselves in the spirit of Christmas we need to somehow return to a time in our childhood, or anytime past, when life was simple and made more sense to find any real meaning, any message in our lives. So this Christmas let us keep everything straight and simple and pledge to celebrate the coming of the Lord with our friends and family. Here’s how.

Sensible Christmas tips

  1. Buy your gifts well in advance so as to avoid panic buying in the end (which more often than not results in you choosing the wrong kind of gifts) or buy them just after the holiday season is over when most goods are sold at discounted prices.
  2. Sprinkle water on the branches and needles of your tree before you decorate it to help retain freshness. Be sure to place the tree away from fireplaces, radiators, electric heaters, televisions or any other source of heat.
  3. Don’t use open flames, such as lighted candles on or near the tree and don’t ever leave your home with the Christmas tree lights still on.
  4. Have a theme for your Christmas decoration. It is an excellent idea and also easier to execute; a favorite color, a Christmas character or even a period decoration are some preferred examples.
  5. Use battery operated lights to avoid unattractive view of cords and also to keep people safe from tripping over them. Keep candles away from places where people might accidentally knock them over, take special care if the party includes children.
  6. If throwing a Christmas Eve dinner for family and friends, do not be out to make an impression. Be more concerned about your relationships with people, the love that you bear them and the affection that they have for you. Don’t worry about the pomp and circumstance of the whole event care more for connecting with people who are close to you.
  7. Christmas wreaths are truly beautiful, it’s hard to imagine the holiday season without one.

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