How to purchase a basketball as a gift

Basketball GiftTo purchase a basketball as a gift requires you to choose a ball that is best suited to the recipient’s game. The game of basketball is extremely fast-paced and requires excellent physical capability and stamina. The market has a large variety of basketballs that you can choose from depending on your recipient’s preference. Here’s how to go about buying a basket ball as a gift for an enthusiast.

A few suggestions

  1. First and foremost find out where is the recipient of the basketball most likely to play the game. Will he/she play indoors or outdoors? It is very important to ensure this point because the material of an indoor and an outdoor basket ball is very different.
  2. Indoor balls are usually made of leather or synthetic leather which can scuff and wear quickly if used outside. An outdoor ball is more durable and is made of rubber or synthetic leather.
  3. Then comes the question of size. Basketballs come in a variety of sizes from the mini to the outsize. Find out what your recipient prefers before committing yourself.
  4. You can also take the color of the basketball into consideration. It could be the recipient’s favorite color or the color of the team that he/ she is a fan of.
  5. Finally, the basketball could be stamped with the logo of the recipient’s preferred professional team.


  • Put the basketball inside a square box before gift wrapping it. It will be a nice surprise for the recipient who will be hard put to guess the contents of the box.


  • Do not make up your mind in a hurry. Check the traditional stores and the net for the best bargains. Compare the prices as well as the products at both places before making the final decision.

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