How to buy logic puzzles as a gift

Logic PuzzleTo buy logic puzzles as a gift you must first determine the recipient’s interest in them. Logic has been defined as the science of reasoning and you as a parent or a teacher must inculcate the habit of logical thinking in your children or pupils. Knowledge is fine but by itself it is of little use. Logic puzzles help people to apply their knowledge and think logically. Here is some information to help you choose the correct logic puzzle for your child.

A few suggestions

  1. Find out at what level of expertise the recipient of the logic puzzle is. If he/ she has just been introduced to puzzles then you must give them beginner level games or else they will find it too difficult and lose interest before really getting to know the games. Then again. if a middle level player is presented with a beginner level game instead of being stimulated by it he/ she would be bored.
  2. Next, fix a budget. Since prices of different games can vary considerably, the cost of a particular game can become an important issue for its selection.
  3. There are many types of logic puzzles. Find out the type that the recipient is interested in and then buy the puzzle. You could alternatively present her/ him with an entirely new type to kindle and fan his/ her interest. Take care not to bungle the puzzle level.
  4. Another novel idea is to gift a puzzle magazine subscription to the recipient. Getting new puzzles every month is definitely better than a one time gift.


  • Remember, logic puzzles help to develop upper-level thinking skills, which improve achievement not only in academics but in all areas of life.


  • Do not force a puzzle on children just to improve their general skills. Instead introduce them to games such as Venn diagram puzzles, placement puzzles, visual puzzles, and strategy games and let them make their own choice.

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