Cigar Gifts

Cigars and holiday festivals are inseparable for many. Even many non-smokers offer cigars to their guests to make sure that they are perfect hosts. Many people, when they get some good news like the birth of a grandson or a job promotion, love to celebrate by smoking a cigar. Because of its continuing popularity, you can safely consider cigars as a good gift choice.

Cigar is associated with many celebrities. Among those who enjoy a good cigar now and then are Bill Clinton, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Babe Ruth, and Michael Jordan. Many actresses and models also smoke cigars. In fact, there is a certain elegance attached to knowing the right way to cut a cigar and smoke it.

Cigar Ideas

There are many types of cigars like the Pyramid, Torpedo, Panatela, Corona etc. The difference is mainly in size and shape. The Torpedo is thicker in the middle. Another variety, the Culebra is like a rope, with 2 or more thin cigars twisted together. Familiarize yourself with each and their differences.

When buying as a gift, it is better to buy a mixed box than buying a box full of the same type of cigars. You can check with the storekeeper about the strength of each type of cigar.

Cigars may be filled completely with tobacco or with a mixture of tobacco and other fillers. The higher the quality of the filler, the better the cigar would be.

Cigars can be damaged by heat or moisture or contact with water. Before buying, fully examine whether it is damaged in any manner.

The foot of the cigar is that end which is lit and the head is the end that is smoked. Its size is expressed in length and ‘ring gauge’ where ring gauge is the diameter expressed in a unit that is 1/64 of an inch.

It is the skin (outer layer) of the cigar that gives it its characteristic flavor. So choose that correctly.

Cuban cigars are famous. Cigars are also made in the United States, Honduras, Nicaragua, Indonesia, and in European countries like Belgium, Netherlands, and Denmark. There are slight differences in the way it is made in each place.

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