Christmas Gift Certificate Tickets

Tickets can be given as Christmas gifts for an array of entertainment options like music concerts, movies, sports events, art shows, and the like. Ticket to a children’s fantasy land or a circus will be an ideal gift for any child. Tickets to an art exhibition would be good for an art aficionado, and one for a sports event would make any sports fan happy. There are a variety of such tickets from which you will be able to choose good ones even for your grandfather and grandmother.

When giving gift tickets, make sure that the gift recipient would not have to go alone for the event. Hardly anyone likes going to a show without a companion. So make sure that you gift an extra ticket for a suitable companion also. It would be best to book one for yourself also and accompany your friend.

Given below are a few gift ticket suggestions. You should do your home work well to decide which of these your gift recipient would prefer.

Comedy Shows

Comedy show groups and stand-up comedians tour the country all the time. You will have no difficulty in booking a couple of tickets for a good show.

Dance Programs

There are two types of dances – those which you can watch and those in which you can participate. Book for whichever your gift recipient is likely to enjoy.

Galas and Balls

Social occasions like galas and balls are enjoyed by most, especially by those who are genial and outgoing. These are, like dance programs, good romantic gifts.


Movie tickets are the easiest because they will be available throughout the year. Your job is to select the right movie genre that the gift recipient would like – Sci-Fi, Musical, Western, Comedy, Art, Thriller, Romance, Horror or whatever.

Magic Shows

Magic Show tickets may not be as easy to come across as movie tickets. Still they will make good gifts for those who love that genre of entertainment.

Theater Shows

In bigger cities, there would be theater shows all round the year. Buy the ticket based on what the gift recipient would love – musical or comedy or the latest hit.

Freak Shows

For those interested in seeing freak animals or fire-eating humans, this is the best gift.

Celebrity Events

Book reading sessions by authors, speeches by playwrights or film stars, and the like come under this category. These would not be every day events but would be thoroughly enjoyed by those who are fans of the celebrity in question.

New Year Events

New Year Parties and social events are extensions of Christmas. You can book tickets for one at any convenient place.

Lotto Tickets

Everyone who plays lotto is not going to hit the jackpot but it is fun and there is no harm in trying. Consider how the gift recipient would like to play and buy the ticket accordingly.

Race Tickets

There are horse races, car races, local races, and a variety of adrenaline-pumping races including the traveling NASCAR race to choose from.

Holiday Tickets

Gift him holiday tickets for any tourist spot, where, after the hustle and bustle of Christmas, your friend may enjoy to have a night of peaceful relaxing.

Museum Tickets

There are museums dedicated exclusively to paintings, portraits, space, architecture, history, outer space, aeronautics, and jewelry, to name a few. While elderly people often enjoy such museum trips very much, it is an attractive place for knowledge aficionados of all ages.

Music Programs

Rock, Jazz, Blues, Pop – music varieties are endless. Also consider whether your gift recipient would like to listen to music inside a big Coliseum or a more cozy setting.

Sports Shows

Needless to say, for sports fans, tickets for sports events are the best gifts. Buy them a ticket for soccer or baseball or basketball or any other game that they are bound to enjoy.

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