Personalized Holiday Gifts

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Personalizing a gift consists of tailoring it in an exclusive way as to suit the gift recipient’s needs. It is usually embellishing it in a special way as to make it especially endearing to him or her. Even a cheap object can be personalized to make it exceptionally attractive to the receiver.

Consider a situation where you have been married for 30 years. As a Christmas gift, you can choose a photograph of both of you at the beginning of the marriage and beautify it by getting 30 roses painted around it. Or you can write something on the back of the photo, commemorating the 30 years, and get it framed on both sides.

There are endless creative ideas for personalizing a gift. If your gift recipient is committed to an ideology or an organization, give her a gift of cushions or pillow covers with the symbol of the organization embroidered on it. Or you can gift a T-shirt with a picture of a celebrity whom she or he adores.

If there is a pet at home whom the gift recipient loves, frame a photograph of it, and get its name and arrival date engraved on the frame. If there is a particular flower that both of you like very much, dry one of it, and frame it with painting or embroidery around it. If the gift recipient is a golfer, gift him personalized golf clubs or club head covers. There is practically nothing that cannot be personalized.

You can get the gift recipient’s name written on socks, shirt, kitchen utensils, bed sheet, bedspread, window curtain, brass lamp, and pretty much everything. It is an ideal way of personalizing an object. So, choose any daily use object that the person needs, and personalize it by adding a name on it. An object, on which there is a name, can easily be traced when you have to mix things during group activities like camping or having a potluck party.

Another form of giving a personalized gift is getting special edible goodies that the gift recipient is fond of. There may be a particular type of chocolate or wine that he enjoys but which is not normally available in the nearby supermarket. You can spend a little time and energy to find out where it is available and make a gift of it.

Choosing a Good Personalized Christmas Gift

Given below are a few Christmas gift suggestions for the different categories of people who are likely to be a part of your life at one stage or another. One gift that is good for all is a gift basket since you can design it by throwing together a variety of things that the person is likely to need.

A Gift for a Teacher

A Christmas tree ornament with the name of the child, the name of the school, and the year of gifting, stamped on it, will make a good gift for the teacher of your child. Another suggestion is a mug with the picture of her classroom on it. Or you can give her a gift card for the supermarket at which she routinely shops.

A Gift for Your Mother

If your mother has a sweet tooth, a chocolate gift basket will make an ideal Christmas gift. You can select all her favorite brands and flavors and arrange them tastefully together with a short poem or a detailed note of thanks for all the sweets she has made for you over the years.

A Gift for Your Grandmother

If you are in school or college, and your grandmother is quite active in kitchen mass-producing cookies and pies, an apron will be a good gift for her. A blanket or comforter, which she can use every day, is another suggestion. Whichever you choose, personalize it by stamping a photograph or a message. Most of these things can be done online these days.

If you are an adult, a carefully selected food basket, which contains all the things that Grandma likes, will be an ideal gift. Choose the particular brand of wine and chocolate and all the canned soups that she prefers.

A Gift for a Relative

Selecting gifts for relatives could be comparatively difficult since you may not always know what their personal preferences are. Given below are some gift suggestions you can consider.
A talking book or talking photo frame is a good gift that most people enjoy. If you have a common ancestor, you can gift his photograph in a frame that contains his voice.
Framed family trees or collages made with old family photographs.
Blankets, aprons, or bed sheets with family photographs or names printed on it.

A Gift for a Teenager

For all teenagers who are still not out of school, the best gift will be something that they need for school. A school bag which has a special artwork or name stamped on it would help a student substantially in not losing his bag. Gift cards are also a good option for them.

A Gift for Your Father or Grandfather

A personalized apron or chef’s hat will make a good Christmas gift not only for your Grandma but also for your father or grandfather, if they are interested in cooking. Other suggestions are money clips, wallets, gear for whatever profession the person is in, and car accessories.

A Gift for a Romantic Partner

A beautiful piece of jewelry will make an ideal gift for a woman you love. Engrave either your name or a message on it. Or enclose a photo if the design can incorporate it. You will have to unleash your creative imagination to the fullest extent while choosing a gift for a lover.

Personalized Holiday Gifts

Find a wide selection of Personalized Holiday Gifts for all the family and friends.

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