Executive Christmas Gifts

Business Gift BasketsChristmas Time is always at a premium in the life of an executive. He may not have any time to do his own shopping or to choose the right gift for others. He may be traveling a lot outside the city or could even be shuttling a lot from one office to another locally. You can help him by giving him a good gift that will help him to relax a bit and utilize the available time in the best way.

Gifts That Make Work Easy

A mobile wireless storage drive that will help him to access the huge storage with any tablet device will be a suitable gift for many executives. When fully charged a good wireless drive will give five hours of service or more than 20 hours of standby.

A specialized stylus, on which he can write down notes digitally while traveling, is another option. The notes can later be easily transferred to the computer in the format in which he would like to access it.
A motorized grill brush that powers away grime will make grill cleaning terribly easy for an executive. Its stainless steel brush covers a large area and there is a metal scraper for cleaning any tough spot that does not melt away through steam cleaning. After the grill is cleaned, the brushes can be removed and cleaned in the sink.

Iceless Wine Bottle Chiller will be a handy object for a traveling executive because its thermal insulation will keep a chilled bottle of wine for up to 3 hours at the same temperature.
A portable gas grill is for BBQ lovers. It can be used in an apartment balcony, taken to a campsite, and can be used for a tailgate party. All these gifts are suitable for both men and women.

Simpler Christmas Gifts

Gift certificates will also make good gifts for executives, since they can redeem it at their convenience as and when they require it. While such gifts may sometimes appear impersonal if given to a close family member, for executives it is not. Given below are some suggestions for executives’ gifts.

  • Christmas Gourmet or Wine Baskets
  • Gas gift cards
  • Retail gift cards
  • Gift cards for services like house cleaning, car wash, or dry cleaning
  • Gift cards for his favorite supermarket
  • Gift cards for a good eatery near his office
  • Gift cards for golf
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