Thanksgiving 2011

International GiftA few weeks prior to Christmas, Thanksgiving is another big event celebrated in the United States and Canada. It is a festival of harvest, one that calls for everybody to be grateful for the continued blessings. It is celebrated every fourth Thursday of November in the United States while the Canadians have theirs on the second Monday of October.

Did you know that the first ever recorded Thanksgiving festival was celebrated in Saint Augustine, Florida on September 8, 1565? However, the traditional Thanksgiving fist took place at the Plymouth Plantation sometime in 1621. History has it that because there was a religious persecution in England, 102 pilgrims left the country and sailed via the Atlantic Ocean on board Mayflower, a sailing vessel. The journey was a very difficult one with about half of the pilgrims died because of the bad weather.

Nevertheless, they were able to arrive safely on December 11 at Plymouth. The Indians were very kind enough to help them lead normal lives by teaching them many things. Among others, they taught them how to plant and crow certain crops such as corn, pumpkins and beans. However, because of a severe drought that struck the place in the summer of the same year, the pilgrims offered a prayer to God asking Him for a good harvest. They also fasted. Eventually, God answered their prayers by sending out rain. The corn crops were saved and a bountiful harvest followed.

As a way of saying thanks for a very bountiful harvest, the Pilgrims held a celebration as a way of thanking the Native Americans and God. This first thanksgiving feast held in the autumn of 1621 was known in history as “The First Thanksgiving Feast”. Sumptuous foods were served including berries, venison, geese, fish, boiled pumpkin and ducks. Two centuries after in 1863, the tradition was formally proclaimed as a national holiday by President Abraham Lincoln. Henceforth, every last Thursday of November was declared as national Thanksgiving Day. However, a bill was consequently passed by the US Congress in 1941 declaring that the Fourth Thursday of November as Thanksgiving Day.

Every Thanksgiving, American families gather and celebrate at home where a big feast is being held. However, for those who cannot make it to be with the rest of the family, sending cards and gifts is the most appropriate thing to do. Even businesses may send gifts to their clients during this special occasion.

Thanksgiving Gift Baskets

Gift baskets are excellent presents to be given during Thanksgiving. There are a lot of items that you can fill your baskets with such as a bottle of sparkling apple cider, choice summer sausage, gourmet coffee, rye bread, Tavolare snack mix, Cheddar cheese, assorted cream chocolates, pastry cookies with chocolate cream filling and popcorn of Cheddar cheese flavor. All of these will find delight in your friends and families’ taste buds.

One classic example is the Gourmet Gift Basket. You cannot imagine if what is inside this basket with al its mouth watering goodies and delightful treats. For sure, your friends and families will enjoy munching on caramel corn. Vanilla cream cookies, Stone wheat crackers, smoked almonds, French chocolates, creamy garden herb and vegetable dip and candy corn mix.

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