How to buy snowboarding equipment as a gift

Snowboard-GiftTo buy snowboarding equipment, including a snowboard, bindings and shoes as gifts, is not as easy as it seems. The most essential piece of snowboarding gear is the snowboard itself. There are many different kinds of snowboards in the market today and it is very important that the chosen snowboard complements the recipient’s boarding style so that she/ he can maximize their performance and become better snowboarders. Here are some guidelines to help you select the right type of snowboard equipment appropriate for the recipient’s riding style.

A few suggestions

  1. There are three basic styles of snowboarding - freestyle, free ride and race. Find out what category your recipient fits into before buying a snowboard because manufacturers design different boards for each of these styles of riding.
  2. The next thing to consider is the price of the board which to a certain extent depends upon the level of expertise of the recipient. The three levels are the entry level, the intermediate level and the advance level. The boards get lighter as the level goes up and so does the price with the entry level being the heaviest and the least expensive.
  3. Next thing to consider is the length and the width of the board. The length depends upon the height and weight of the rider as well as his/ her style of riding. The width depends upon the bulk of the rider - women and small-footed men need narrow snowboards; big-footed men need wide boards.
  4. The single most important thing to remember when buying snowboarding boots is to get boots that best fit your recipient’s unique feet. Everybody’s feet are different, and certain brands or models are going to be better suited to your recipient’s feet.
  5. When buying snowboard bindings, you first need to buy snowboard boots and then find a binding that best fits your recipient’s boots. Most snowboard bindings come in two or three sizes - Small, Medium and Large.


  • If the recipient is just a beginner, do not invest in something very expensive, in fact it would be best to begin with rented snowboards.


  • Try on lots of boots. Do not be impatiet. Wait for the pair that seems like they were made just for your recipient’s feet. It would be best if you could take the person along to get the shoes fitted.

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