Hand made Christmas gifts

Handmade GiftsHand made gifts can add a lot of panache and style to what you give to your family and friends for Christmas. Gifts crafted and made by your own hands are much more valuable in the eyes of your loved ones. Therefore, if you want to gift something that will be cherished and remembered for years on end, give a gift created through your hard work. It will be treasured and appreciated much more than a store bought article. The best thing about hand crafted gifts is that you can make them at a fraction of the cost you would have paid for a store bought gift. You could look for ideas on the net or buy some easy craft books; here are a few ideas to get you started on your way.

Some handy ideas

  1. Do not throw away the plastic rings that come with the platters of small shrimp. Instead turn them into Christmas wreaths by applying a little time and effort. Not only will you be able to create original pieces of beauty you will have the added satisfaction of having done them yourself. These make lovely gifts for Christmas for people who appreciate art.
  2. Make Christmas tree decorations and gift to friends and family to hang on their trees. These decorations will be valued for being different and you will be remembered every year when the boxes of decorations come out before Christmas for decorating the tree. There are many sites on the net which have detailed instructions on making such decorations.
  3. Give a loved one a hand embroidered set of place mats, doily or table runner. The possibilities are endless and anything that you do will be much appreciated since you have shown that you care enough to have spent time on making the gift yourself.

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