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An instant Christmas gift is a gift that can be purchased and delivered instantly. Depending upon the nature of the gift, the gift recipient may receive it within five minutes, or a couple of hours, or later on the same day. If it is a coupon for a gift card or a concert ticket or a beauty parlor, which can be later redeemed, there is not even the need for wrapping, and it would be delivered to the recipient within a minute or two. You will be paying for it in advance and the gift recipient would be able to use it at a later date.

If you are choosing a gift that needs wrapping and shipping, it cannot be delivered as fast as an online coupon. Still, the gift recipient would be able to get it within a few hours, depending upon the distance between the place where he or she stays and the place where the gift stores is located.

What to Remember While Sending Instant Gifts

Since most companies offer customization options for gifts, make the best use of it to add a touch of perfection to your gift. Gift cards are, no doubt, a wonderful instant gift. Still, a gift card would be far more appreciated if it is gifted in a flowery or colorful envelope, with a nice message attached to it.

When you are ordering a gift online, the purchase would be confirmed through a reply email or a printable coupon, or a gift certificate. You can print this and then wrap it like a conventional gift and hand it over to the recipient or hide it somewhere and send the person on a treasure hunt with some clues. This may not be possible if the gift recipient is at another location, but still try to personalize the gift as much as possible.

If you are ordering a piece of jewelry, consider gifting it on a doll or on a background image that has special significance to the gift recipient. Like that try to present your gift in as creative a way as possible to make sure that the gift recipient would never imagine that it is an instant gift.

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