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It is best to plan and buy Christmas gifts sufficiently in advance to make sure that you have the right gift for each person. However, most of you may not have all the time in the world to do gift shopping early enough. Further, you might remember at the last minute that you had forgotten someone when you prepared the original list.

What do you do then? Of course, you would rush to the nearest shop at the last minute to get something, with the fear that most stores would have very few good things to offer since better things would have been sold out.

But the picture is not as bleak as you think. Since there is a large chunk of the population that does its Christmas shopping at the last minute, most stores are well-geared for that possibility. is a site that has a separate section catering to the needs of last minute shoppers.

There will be no dearth of excellent gifts even if you shop at the last minute. All stores and companies keep something in reserve for late shoppers, even though most of them charge a little extra for those pieces. All companies would also have provision for emergency shipping.

However, sometimes you could be so late that you may not even have the couple of hours required to get the gift shipped. If so, one ideal suggestion is to buy a ticket for a concert or a holiday or a spa experience, or anything that the gift recipient would be able to enjoy at a later date. A balloon ride, diving, car racing, or safari can be added to this category. Each one of these would make a wonderful gift for people interested in any of these activities. You can get most of these booked online and the gift recipient can redeem it later. If the recipient is a close friend or family member, you can also book some joint activity.

A gift card will also make an ideal last minute gift. Purchase a gift card of a supermarket or garment shop or restaurant that the recipient can use later. This is a good gift for teenagers and even for children. At the time of Christmas most people would have got a surfeit of gifts and may not require anything more. By getting a gift card, they will be able to use it later at their own convenience to buy whatever they require.

Given below are some of the suggestions for last minute gift shoppers:

  • Try to do your shopping online. That will help you to save a lot of time and energy. You can also email the chosen gift to the gift recipient without delay.
  • If you are selecting an object that has to be shipped, do not request it to be shipped to your address. Get is shipped directly to the gift recipient’s address. This too will save time and energy for you. But remember to choose the right wrapping paper and to include a good message with the gift.
  • Most companies offer customization options and personalization options for their gifts. So, even if you are doing your shopping at the last minute, please do not forget to personalize the gift to add to its charm.

If none of the above options works for you due to different reasons, another suggestion is a floral arrangement or a gift basket with a theme. Flowers will be available pretty much everywhere even at the last minute, and they typically remain fresh for many days. Food baskets would also be welcome in every home during festival seasons. Remember to select the food basket items to suit the requirements of the recipient. Include canned food and cheese and the like that do not have to be consumed fast.

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