Women Handbags

For a woman, a handbag is a utility and a fashion item which makes it popular gift for Christmas. Handbags are a must to carry necessities like cash, keys, cell phone, pen, handkerchief, or lipstick. Working women may need her handbag to carry her lunchbox, CDs, books or papers, and mothers with small children may need it to carry food or diapers. It will be good if you can give her a handbag that will be useful to her and will also enhance her personality.

Clutch, tote, hobo, and satchel are some of the more common handbag types.

Clutch: Clutch is typically small and will not have a handle. It is meant to be carried by hand.

Tote: Tote is meant to be worn on the shoulder and will generally have two straps. Large and small types are available.

Hobo: This is also worn on the shoulder. It comes with a single strap or with drawstring handles.

Satchel: Satchel is often convertible and comes with a detachable strap so that it can be worn on the shoulder or held in hand according to the preference of the user.

Handbags for All Places

While making a gift of a handbag, consider in advance how the gift recipient would be using it. If she is a working woman who wants to take the bag to her office with phone and pen and papers, it should be reasonably large and must have comparatively more pockets. But if she wants one only to hold her keys and cash, a small hand-held bag would be the right choice.

Handbags for Traveling

Travel handbags can be smaller than handbags for office use but should preferably be pretty with some ornamentation. Designs with leopard print or zebra print, or those with bright sequins will make good travel handbags since they would be conspicuous and thus easy to locate.

Handbag Color

If the gift recipient has many handbags but would still like to add to her collection, buy her one that matches the color of her shoes, or coat, or a dress she loves. In other cases, choose a color that is likely to go with most dresses.

Handbag Size

Most women will prefer a large handbag than a small one. Whether for traveling with children, for taking to office, or for going shopping, women are generally seen to carry large handbags. So unless your gift recipient insists on a small one, consider choosing one that has ample space inside and pockets to accommodate different types of things.

Handbag Material

Handbags are made of leather, suede, canvas, denim, linen, polyester, silk, cotton, and even with straw. While leather is the strongest, different materials have different advantages and drawbacks. You should find out how the recipient would be using the bag to decide whether you should go in for leather or for any lighter, easily washable material.

Handbag Handles

Those who prefer to have their handbags hanging up to their hips would prefer long handles, while others would like short handles. This too should be taken into consideration before buying a handbag.

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