Santas Crafts

Create a beautiful Santa Claus decoration with this arts & Crafts tutorial.


  • Red and pale pink paper for the figures
  • Blue, green, yellow, orange, purple paper for the boots
  • coarse wool in many different colors (green, blue, white, purple for example) which is 24 cm / 9 inches long.
  • Black felt tip pen
  • Cotton
  • Stapler
  • Pattern to print
  • Glue


  • Draw 6 rectangles of 10.5 cm x 17 cm in a red paper. The strip should be at least 63cm x 1cm. It must be folded to resemble an accordion.
  • Reproduce the same pattern n° 2 on the fold’s top.
  • Cut the edges of the 6 layers. Remove using a cutter the rectangle that is between the 2 feet and unfold thereafter.


  • Draw 6 faces following the pattern (n°. 3) using a pink paper. Each of these faces must be placed on the silhouettes.
  • Draw the facial features such as the nose, eyes and mouth using a black felt tip pen.
  • Santa’s whiskers should be made of cotton wool that has been pinched with a bit of a twist (n° 4). These whickers will be pasted in the center right above the mouth.
  • The barbs should be made of cotton wool too that has been glued in the mouth (n° 5).
  • A small strip of cotton must be glued in the cuffs too (n° 5).
  • Decorate your Santa using a strand of yarn that has been tied around each of them.

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