Christmas in Sweden

White Christmas is all over Sweden. To perfectly compliment the coolness of the holidays, beautiful lights and month long activities are prepared for everybody to enjoy.

The Christmas season kicks off with the lighting of the symbolic advent wreath. The first of the four candles is lighted on a Sunday four weeks before Christmas. Of course, December 1 is always looked forward to with the airing of “Julkalendar”. It is a holiday entertainment special aired on national television.

On December 13, another unique holiday is being celebrated in honor of St. Lucia. The occasion features a young girl who is dressed like a candle that has been lighted. It is celebrated with a parade followed by the singing of traditional songs and the serving of goodies such as the lussekatter (saffron buns) and the pepparkator or gingerbread cookies.

The biggest event comes on December 24 or Christmas Eve. It is also a time when everybody in the family gathers to sing carols while waiting for Tomten (Father Christmas) to arrive. Huge platters of sausages, Swedish meatballs, cold meats and lutfisk are served for everybody to enjoy.

The Swedish traditional mulled wine called Glogg is also a part of the big celebration. A bowl of Jul grot is also served. It is a kind of porridge that contains one almond. The family member who will be able to find the said almond will be blessed with good fortunes.

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