Top Christmas Gifts

Christmas Gifts Christmas would not be same without the tradition of giving gifts to friends and family and receiving them in return. The tradition of giving gifts began in Europe when St. Nicholas in his capacity as the bishop of Myra gave out gifts to little children of Myra without disclosing his identity. Now Christmas has become synonymous with gifts and people spend a lot of time in choosing the best gift to give to their loved ones.Here are some top Christmas gift ideas for your friends and family.

Some top Christmas gift ideas

  1. While it may not seem like the most elaborate thing to give, a TV cuddle blanket is an ideal choice for those people whose girlfriends/ boyfriends look forward to lounging on the living room couch after a long day.
  2. A basket filled with herbal magic scented candles, a scented sachet, a body sponge, scented moisturizing body lotion or aromatherapy revitalizing fragrance orbs, scented bath and shower gel, and a bar of scented moisturizing body soap will surely impress the most formidable of wives/ girlfriends/ mothers.
  3. Flowers and chocolate are an all time favorite gift given by lovers to each other. Since they have become more or less an expected gift item, along with the flowers and chocolate, give your loved one another gift, like maybe a bottle of their favorite perfume.
  4. There is nothing more exciting or thrilling than a spontaneous three-day weekend getaway (Caribbean Islands, luxury hotel, ski trip, or whatever else you think the recipient might enjoy). It’ll show them that you care about them.
  5. Poker chips and poker sets have been rated as one of the top Christmas gift by experts. Browse online or go to traditional stores to find products at affordable prices.
  6. The PS3 is very thought after and there might not be enough in stock for Christmas.
  7. TMX Elmo is a cool interactive toy that is doing very well and might become the top gift for Christmas.
  8. Check our Most Wanted Christmas Gifts Calculator.

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