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How to celebrate a French style Christmas

The Sacré Coeur in Paris - FranceTo celebrate a French style Christmas is to observe it with family and friends, surrounded by children and by exchanging gifts and good wishes. It is marked by generosity, family reunions, candy for children and gifts for the poor. Midnight Mass is now very sparsely attended but is still regarded as important. Christmas trees (sapins de noël) are popular and they believe in the Yule log or the Christmas log. Read more »

Trendy Christmas gifts

Personalization Mall Christmas is a special time and you can make it more special by making thoughtful and trendy for your friends and family. Gift giving has become an integral part of Christmas and reflects the fundamental soul of the Christian spirit. At the same time giving gifts to your loved ones should not be allowed to become a duty that needs to be carried out perforce but should remain a treasured gesture that is received in the same spirit that it is given. Read more »

Christmas cake recipe

Christmas Cake with Love It is not a very well known fact that the Christmas cake started out as porridge. Over time the recipe was infused with the finest of ingredients and honed to perfection and became a connoisseur’s delight. Read more »

Silent Night

Silent Night ChristmasSilent Night is the most famous Christmas carol of all time and has been a favorite the world over for almost 200 years, when it first came into being. It is said that there exist over 300 translations of the song in the world with over 200 different versions. Read more »

Christmas Holiday Gift Baskets

Holiday Gift Baskets Make someone feel special this year when you give a Christmas holiday gift basket, bursting with gourmet goodies and delectable treats. A Christmas holiday gift basket is a wonderful way to help celebrate the holiday season. Holiday gift baskets make gift buying for difficult shoppers extremely easy, with baskets and towers filled with delicious morsels for corporate clients, business associates, family or friends. You can check everyone off your list with unique, Christmas gift baskets which are the perfect solution to your entire gift giving needs. Read more »

Frosty the Snowman

Christmas SnowmanFrosty the Snowman is a very popular Christmas song and has been a great favorite with children since the very beginning. The song gained enormous popularity after it hit the market and seemed a fit sequel for ‘Rudolf the red nosed reindeer’, a Christmas song that had been recorded a few years earlier and had proved to be a huge hit. Read more »

Top Christmas Gifts

Christmas Gifts Christmas would not be same without the tradition of giving gifts to friends and family and receiving them in return. The tradition of giving gifts began in Europe when St. Nicholas in his capacity as the bishop of Myra gave out gifts to little children of Myra without disclosing his identity. Now Christmas has become synonymous with gifts and people spend a lot of time in choosing the best gift to give to their loved ones. Read more »

Christmas Stamps

Christmas StampsChristmas stamps add color and festivity to the greetings that are sent to friends and family during the holiday season. They are usually printed and issued a couple of months before Christmas (October-November) and are in great demand during Christmas season. Read more »

TMX Elmo - a top Christmas 2006 gift

Tickle Me Elmo GiftTickle Me Elmo is a children’s toy that has become a craze around the world, since it was first introduced in 1996 by Tyco Toys, a division of Mattel. Based on Elmo of the children’s program, Sesame Street, it is a smart soft toy that has an imbedded micro-chip and batteries which allow it to interact with us. Read more »

How to buy a mountain bike as a gift

Mountain Bike BuyTo buy a mountain bike as a gift is not an easy task and can take some time. You could try looking at product reviews to find out about a mountain bikes’ functioning and dependability. You also need to find out what your recipient’s interests are. Is he/ she interested in smooth trail riding, cross-country, or all mountain cruising. Read more »