England’s Holiday Traditions

Some of the best Christmas festivities and traditions are practiced in Great Britain.
Some of them even trace their roots hundreds of years ago. They are so popular that some of these traditions are even practiced in other countries such as the United States.

One of these is the sending of Christmas cards wherein the first that was recorded in history was in 1840s. Eventually, it has evolved into a tradition which is still practiced even up to this day. Surprisingly, in United Kingdom alone, billions of cards are sent and most of them are for certain charities.

In as far as decorations are concerned such as ivy, holly and mistletoe their origins started during the Dark Ages wherein they were part of pagan rituals. Similarly, kissing under the mistletoe is also one of them. Putting up a Christmas tree was first introduced in 1840 by Prince Albert who is Queen Victoria’s husband. Interestingly, Norway gives out yearly a huge Christmas tree in favor of England. It stands in the middle of the Trafalgar Square which is symbolic of the Anglo-Norwegian cooperation in World War II.

In schools, children are usually trained to perform Christmas pantomimes featuring dances and songs bout Christmas. They are also asked to present a drama based on fairy tales.

The singing of Christmas carols is also a tradition that must not be missed during the holidays. However, the hanging of the Christmas stocking by the fireplace is something that every child looks forward during Christmas. Even underneath the Christmas tree is filled with many gifts for family members.

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