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How to Celebrate an Ethiopian Style Christmas

Christmas in Ethiopia is known as ‘Ganna’ and like in many other countries that follow the Coptic Orthodox Church; it is celebrated on January 7th.

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How to Celebrate Christmas and New Year in Vietnam Style

Christmas in Vietnam is one of the four most important festivals; the other three include The New Year, The Birthday of Buddha and the mid-autumn festival.

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How to celebrate Czech style Christmas

Christmas in Czechoslovakia is celebrated in a very traditional manner and the preparations for this grand event begin more than a month in advance.

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How to Celebrate a Swedish Style Christmas

Christmas in Sweden is the biggest and the longest holiday, the celebrations begin with Advent and the fun and frolic lasts almost two months.

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How to Celebrate a Dutch Style Christmas

The Dutch celebrate Christmas in a much less exuberant fashion as compared to the rest of Europe and even other Western countries.

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How to Celebrate an Egyptian Style Christmas

Egyptian painting of Aset/IsisChristmas is a very special festival in Egypt due to the fact that the Holy Family spent sometime here with Baby Jesus. Read more »

How to celebrate an Argentinean style Christmas

Buenos AiresChristmas in Argentina is a mixture of traditions from many parts of the world, hence, its Christmas customs are varied and are very difficult to generalize.

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How to Celebrate a Scandinavian Style Christmas

Scandinavian ChristmasChristmas in most Scandinavian countries, in many respects, follows a pattern yet each country has its own set of customs and traditions that lend the festival a definite individuality.

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How to Celebrate a Norwegian Style Christmas

Norway ChurchChristmas in Norway is the time for children to enjoy, adults in the family to gather around and have fun, Christmas songs and traditional food.

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How to Celebrate a Portuguese Style Christmas

Christmas lights in LisbonChristmas in Portugal is the time for families to gather together, celebrate the birth of Jesus and rejoice in the joy of togetherness, love and friendship.

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