Craft - Christmas lantern

Create a decorating Christmas lantern using this Christmas craft step by step guide.


  • Wood box 15 cm/6inches diameter (= cheese box)
  • 21 x 50 cm/ 8 x 20 inches rainbow paper
  • White, brown, red, blue and black Canson drawing paper
  • A sheet of aluminum foil
  • metalic pompom
  • Metalic handle
  • Scissors
  • Glue
  • Pattern to print
  • Preparation

  • Begin by gluing the interior of the box’s bottom and mount the transparent rainbow paper vertically against its edge. Push the paper at the bottom. Both the edges must be glued whereby they must overlap. The lid of the cheese box at the lantern’s top must be glued as well.
  • Trace the patterns for the body parts along the dotted line using Canson paper of different colors. Cut the patterns and paste them along the jagged edges.
  • Using an aluminum foil, make smaller balls to be placed at the jagged edges. You can also make star patterns out of the aluminum foil. Pupils patterns must be paste to serve as eyes while you can draw different facial features using felt tip pen. Finish off the design by gluing the hat, nose, beard and the hair. The magician’s head must be glued last on the lantern.
  • The lantern’s legs can be done by cutting 4 strips of paper with a 35 x 2.5cm dimension. You may fold it after accordion style 9check illustration). Two strips must be stuck together at right angles. At one end of the strip, place a foot cutout while the other strip’s end must be attached to the lantern. Drill holes at both sides of the lantern’s top where the wire loop will be attached. Illuminate the lantern using a flashlight.
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