The Perfect Christmas Feast

It takes a great deal of effort to prepare for Christmas –what with last minute shopping, wrapping, and tree hunting being top priorities. But keep in mind the family will most likely want food with their holiday cheer. Preparing the perfect Christmas feast isn’t incredibly taxing on the mind, but it can be a bit of a hassle of not methodically thought out.


The most important thing to consider is what kind of meat to provide. Though tradition calls for a Christmas turkey, one can never neglect the other members of the poultry family. A full chicken is a good choice. Cornish hens provide great variety. Being substantially smaller than chickens and turkeys, they are less strain on the back when being put in the oven and can also be prepared rotisserie style. A rotisserie is always a fun and time effective way to get the family involved in Christmas dinner.


Never neglect to have bread. Wheat rolls provide a tasty alternative to yeast rolls. Potatoes go great with any sort of poultry. Try for a spiced mash as opposed to one full of butter and gravy. Even better are potatoes au gratin –the sharpness of the cheese compliments the subtle sweetness of the potato. For a fun alternative, try yams as they’re richer in nutrients. Always provide a variety of vegetables. One can never go wrong with greens –perhaps steamed broccoli, or for a heartier meal, try leafy greens like cabbage or collards.


Fruit is a delectable addition to any Christmas feast. The best fruits for the holidays are pears, grapes, and apples. For a choice a bit left of centre, try mangoes or pomegranate. The earthy sweetness of mangoes is perfect for Christmas. The crunch of pomegranate seeds is interesting, but the main attraction with these fruits is the lack of sticky juices on the fingers.


Pies are perfect for the holidays. Preferably something fruit based like apple or rhubarb. Pumpkin pie is a Christmas treasure –the nutmeg and cinnamon leave the taste of Christmas on the lips long after cleanup.

A Christmas feast not only fills the home with sweet aromas, it brings the family closer together. Sitting around the table is the perfect way for parents to interact with their children, reminisce on Christmas’ past, and be blessed in the company of loved ones.

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  1. Guillaume Says:

    Hey great blog. This helped me alot. Keep on writing

  2. Matthew Orley of Akron, OH Says:

    As long as its not the turkey that Clark Griswold cut open, or sharing eggnog in a moose mug with Cousin Eddie, you will be OK.

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