A Blooming Christmas

Among other decorations, Christmas flowers always bring a different kind of amusement and satisfaction. They can bring beauty, warmth, joy and smiles to everyone around them. As the saying would go

“People from a planet without flowers would think we must be mad with joy the whole time to have such things about us”. Iris Murdoch, A Fairly Honourable Defeat.

The power of flowers are that they can brighten up the mood of anyone, add light to a room and then to simply add fragrance and beauty to our lives. Flowers are indeed special creations of God. Flowers exist for a unique purpose especially if they’re Christmas flowers.

Christmas flowers

Christmas flowers are unique and definitely intriguing. They hold a certain magic that shows the people that they are special. Some of them are even considered special due to the fact they only bloom during the wonderful season of Christmas.  Some of the more popular flowers are the Poinsettia, Mistletoes and the Christmas rose.

The star shaped Poinsettia was discovered in Mexico where it was considered as the symbol of the Star of Wonder or also known as the Star of Bethlehem. Its leaves were said to be the brilliant rays of the star. Contrary to what is believed, the Poinsettia’s flower is not the beautiful red or white leaves. Located at the center of the leaves is the tiny yellow poinsettia flower. The Poinsettias are known to change from green to red or white during the holidays.

During Christmas when sweethearts want to steal a kiss, some would then look up to find the mistletoe. This tradition has been practiced since the olden days since the mistletoe was considered a plant of peace, fertility, and good will. It is said that a maiden standing under the mistletoe can’t marry if she remains un-kissed. A kiss under the mistletoe symbolized a deep romance, lasting friendship and good will.

The Christmas rose or the Snow or White rose is regarded by some as a true Christmas flower as it blooms in the mountains during winter. Legend has it that, while the three kings were on their way to visit the child Jesus they passed by a shepherdess who wept at the thought that she did not have a gift for the new born saviour. An angel took pity on her and brushed away some snow to reveal the Christmas Rose to her.

Christmas bloom

Flowers and plants of Christmas hold deep meanings behind all their beauty and magnificence since the color green represents life and our relationship with nature. Aside from their individual representations, Christmas flowers also hold that same meaning. They show that a life that is lead with care and compassion will definitely bloom beautifully in the end.

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