The Brilliant Star

One of the most memorable miracles that happened together with the birth of Christ is the appearance of a brilliant new star in the sky.

O star of wonder, star of light
Star with royal beauty bright
Westward leading, still proceeding
Guide us to thy perfect light

Some of the people who saw this new star were awed at its magnificence and dazzling light. Some on the other were scared for this was something that was definitely out of the ordinary. In some kingdoms, there were those waited for years for the appearance of a new star, for it signified the coming of the saviour. From then on, that glorious miracle with its perfect light was called the Star of Wonder.

The guiding light

Stars have always played a big role in the skies. Aside from their beautiful twinkle, stars are greatly valued for their great contribution in navigation. Sailors, travellers and other wanderers have always found their ways through their guiding light.

During the birth of Christ, the Star of Wonder was so bright that the shepherds who happened to gaze at it became scared. But when the angels of the Lord appeared before them, they looked at the star with renewed eyes. When the angels told them to “Rejoice, for he is born the King of Angels” they were enlightened. They immediately got up and went to the King of all kings.

A guided path

The Light of the brightest Christmas star was so clear that three kings from three different kingdoms found their way into the small town of Bethlehem. At first, it seemed like their journey was endless for every time they got nearer to the star it appeared to move farther from them. But with their pure determination and trust in their Lord, they followed a guided path toward their saviour.

The Star of Wonder, the mighty Christmas star. No matter what name is applied, it’s clear message to all will never change. A person’s location, occupation or race will never be forsaken, if they follow the guided path of the king towards His perfect light, they will always find our way. The Christmas star can even reveal life’s main road.

Stars of wonder, stars of light

In this lifetime, that marvellous Star of Wonder may never be seen again. However, that does not mean Christ left man in the darkness. Look around, everything that can be sees is a blessing, God did not leave that single star, he blessed His people with numerous stars! This Christmas time, All His blessings and sacrifices can be remembered.

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  1. Andy Hayes Says:

    Loved the story. Like a nice history lesson, onlly better!

    Editor, Travel for Christmas.

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