Throwing a Christmas Bash

Gourmet Gift BasketsDecided to throw a Christmas shindig this year? Be sure to make it one that will cater to everyone, keeping them in the holiday spirit long after they leave. Adults are going to want to have their fun, but kids always want to be entertained. When giving any holiday party, it’s important to be prepared.

Christmas Food

Whether giving a Christmas feast or a small family soiree, always try getting foods that appease everyone. It’s customary to include fruit and vegetable trays. Offering assorted crackers –in abundance around the holidays– and chesses is a great rule of thumb. To ensure no one is left out, include a vegetarian bean dip. Throw in a couple loaves of different breads and the guests are sure to be pleased.

As far as the meal, be prepared to put in a little work. There’s nothing wrong with wanting to keep it simple: salad, grilled chicken, and a carbohydrate or two. However, if impressing is the goal, splurge a bit on a whole Christmas bird. Also provide a variety of side foods: potatoes au gratin, macaroni and cheese, and a variety of vegetables, for instance.

Dessert is probably the biggest draw at any Christmas function. Pies are all the rage during the holidays, so get a couple to fit everyone’s tastes. Fruit is a great alternative to refined sugar –spiced apples, fruit and chocolate fondue, or yogurt salad. Nothing too heavy, though, as no one wants the guests to fall asleep. Christmas cookies are festive, providing guests with a piece of culinary art as well as a delicious end to a full meal. - TGBP offers a wide selection of Gourmet Christmas Gift Baskets, corporate gift baskets, employee Christmas gifts and client Christmas gifts.

Christmas Entertainment

Christmas music is a must. It’s always best to keep a holiday mix on rotation. Every year, artists release their Christmas albums in time for the holidays, so don’t be afraid to shop. But nothing beats a classic, so dust off some of the old records.

Christmas Games

Games are a good way to stay active with party attendees. Christmas Pictionary or charades will keep guests full of holiday cheer. Board games, such as the latest Scene It ™, are highly entertaining, and everyone loves a Christmas competition. Karaoke is a fun, albeit embarrassing, way to keep everyone entertained for days after the festivities have wrapped up.

When entertaining guests remember, don’t overdo it. Keep it simple and fun and everybody is sure to have a great time.

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