Christmas on a Budget

Personalization MallAs the holiday season gets underway, shoppers are sitting on edge trying to find ways to save money while still maintaining the Christmas spirit.  We all know times are tentative as it relates to the financial situation for most Americans; however, there are ways to be thrifty with one’s cash and get everyone something meaningful.

Fill the Stockings

Treats: Everyone loves edible presents.  Every year M&M gets everyone in the holiday spirit with their themed chocolates.  Also mints, gum, and little beef treats (believe it or not, Slim Jims are quite popular to fill stockings with) are great for the holidays.

Toys: For the kiddies, there are small toys that can be put in stockings.  Hot Wheels is always releasing its famous toy cars for the little gear heads out there who can’t get enough.  Lego has also released small boxes full of their blocks for creative children who love to build their own mini-fortresses.  For the girls, there are small dolls that fit perfectly in stockings.  Polly Pocket, Bratz, and other assorted dolls are on the market for all the little girls who need new characters to add to their doll menageries.

Gift Cards: One can never go wrong with gift cards.  They allow for the receiver of the gifts to decide their fate.  Almost every product has a gift card for it –from restaurants to electronic stores, the options are seemingly endless. Apple has also gotten in on the gift card gig, creating the iTunes card in increments of $10 and upwards of $100 for those who buy their music online,

The “Next-Best” Tactic

Not to imply that one should get a “knock-off” of a popular brand; however, there are plenty of companies releasing their answer to some big-named corporate product.  For instance, when it comes to mp3s, everyone wants one.  In this day and age when everything is on the go, mp3 players are a must.  When shopping at Target or Wal-Mart, looking for an mp3 player that holds a fair amount of music is just as valuable as, say, an iPod.

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The bottom line is there are hundreds of ways to be economical this Christmas.  The main thing to keep in mind is that not everything has to be top-dollar, just meaningful.  It’s literally the small things in life that mean the most –to your family, and to your wallet.

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  1. Angie Says:

    I love these tips. It seems that people really like thoughtful gifts more than expensive gifts. One of my tips for an inexpensive gift is to reuse things that you may already have in the house. Gifts made from “trash” are not only inexpensive and very heartfelt, but they are also “green”!

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