Christmas Gifts from the Heart

When thinking of what to give the boyfriend or wife, think outside the box and create something that you put your heart into.

The most meaningful Christmas gift is something handmade.

Homemade Cards

Card Making Programs: One of the most popular is Microsoft’s Publisher program.  Every year it’s updated to include more themes, colours, and designs to craft your cards.  There are also online card creators such as Crayola and The PCMan Website.  If these two don’t capture your fancy, a quick Internet search will bring up hundreds of free card printing options.

Message from the Heart: The most important aspect of the homemade Christmas card is its message.  Store bought Christmas cards are generic and oft times predictable.  To convey your feelings honestly, it’s paramount to have complete creative control.  One may be so inclined as to write a meaningful poem from the heart, or perhaps the message comes across better in the form of an inside joke.  Whatever your feelings, no one says it better than you.

Free Design: Designing a card with your own ingenuity and creativity shows the person receiving the card that they mean more to you than just a cute little card covered in stale glitter.  That isn’t to say that glitter isn’t a great idea for creating the card.  But that’s precisely the point.  One’s allowed to go as wild or stay as mild mannered as she chooses.  The idea is that your personality shines through the card design, giving each Christmas card a personalized and meaningful touch.

Christmas Treats

Cookies: Let’s face it; an edible gift is the gift that keeps on giving.  Making the one you love personalized Christmas cookies is a tasty, meaningful way to show the holiday spirit.  Sugar cookies are great for customized decoration, especially with the whole family.

Snack Packets: Basically, making a package of everybody’s favourite snack such as peanuts, cashews, candies.  Put everything in an inviting plastic bag (for an added touch, use a small paper bag and decorate it yourself) and leave it under the tree with your loved one’s name on it.  It’s a gift that shows a deep understanding of the person for which it’s intended.

Personalized photos on canvas

There’s nothing quite as impressive as someone going through the trouble to create a meaningful gift.  It shows thought and heart.  One is must connect with the receiver, giving a meaningful gift that will never be forgotten.

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