Colleagues Christmas Gifts

Personalized Christmas GiftsWith Christmas just around the corner, people all over the world are busy thinking of Christmas gifts for everyone close to their heart. What about your colleagues? What Christmas gifts can you give your colleagues?

The difficulty of choosing gifts for your colleagues

You spend most of your day with your co-workers, yet you have no idea what they are really like. Also, you do not want to spend a fortune on a group of people that you are just professionally connected with. However, you want to give them something that they can appreciate, and not just opt for a supposedly useful, but impersonal pencil sharpener or desk calendar. This list will provide you with ideas that will guide you in your quest of getting nice, yet affordable colleagues Christmas gifts.

List of Christmas gifts for colleagues

A sweet surprise

Sitting in front of a computer the whole is not just draining, the routine can also get depressing. Everyone knows that something oh so sweet lifts everyone spirit. Why not give your colleagues something sweet to munch on? Something that will remind them of the good things in life outside their cubicle. Reserve a weekend to spend in the kitchen and make your gift extra special by baking your own cookies. You can present your delicious creations in a basket and give a group present to your co-workers, or take the time to pack a few cookies into separate gift bags to give to each of your co-workers individually. Either way, you will lighten up their day.

Pantry make over

Go and take a look at your pantry. What can you find? Or more importantly, what can you not find? Are you running out of coffee? Is there still enough yogurt in the fridge? What happened to the chips? Take Christmas as an opportunity to spoil your office mates with delicious snacks and coffee by filling up the pantry. Make sure to get only the best coffee you can find. Your office mates are all tired of instant coffee.

Office party

The fact that you are having a hard time finding gifts for your colleagues means that you do not know them well enough. Change this by throwing an office party. Get to know your cubicle mate, the accountant from the other room, and that guy from the other department who -til now-has only been a smoking buddy to you. Instead of spending money on gifts, spend money on a party where everyone gets a chance to chat with one another; something that your whole office will enjoy. Make sure to install that Karaoke machine!

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