Very Expensive Christmas Gift Ideas

Exotic and unique Christmas gifts tend to be very expensive. But hey, you and yours are worth it right? Here are a few very unique ideas for Christmas.

Face it: buying Christmas presents for the family gets harder and harder each year. But if you have the money and feel like being a little outrageous for Christmas, there are quite a few unique – and very expensive – Christmas gifts you could indulge in this year.

No matter what you and yours enjoy, each of these unusual Christmas gifts will make every other Christmas that came before and after this one will pale in comparison. While some people may prefer a simple gift, getting one of these gifts for Christmas just once would be a downright blast.

The Harlem Globetrotters

Everyone should know who the Harlem Globetrotters are, and just in case you don’t, they are a basketball team that has been around for over eighty years who are known for their fast, quick, and tricky plays on the basketball court. Fred ‘Curly’ Neal, Meadowlark Lemon, and Hubert ‘Geese’ Ausbie are just some of the names that you may remember from the Globetrotter’s golden days. The team is still going strong and this year you could buy a Globetrotter’s fan – or maybe just a basketball fan – a chance to play with them during one of their 2008-2009 games for $110,000.00.

Life-sized Lego Replica

Who doesn’t like Legos? Children of all ages love these snap together toys that you can make just about anything with. Now you can make a life-sized replica of you or a loved one by sending a picture in to Legos and hiring artist Nathan Sawaya to design you…well…you. In Legos. Each Lego person costs $60,000.00. We’re not sure if it’s sent to you already put together or if you get to put yourself together instead.

Million Dollar Fishing Lure

There is no doubt the fish will wonder what you’re dangling in the water with this little gem of a Christmas gift, all puns intended. The Million Dollar Fishing Lure costs…a million dollars, and it made from three pounds of gold and platinum with 100 carats of diamonds and rubies. That’s 4,753 stones if you want to keep count. It’s considered a big game lure, is over 12 inches long, and is handcrafted by MacDaddy’s Fishing Lures, Inc. They recommend using the Smartlink Ultimate Lure saving system. We agree.

Guinness Home Pub

Finally, the anglophile in your family would happily enjoy having his or her own Guinness home pub complete with a year’s supply of fresh Guinness beer on tap for their imbibing pleasure. With dark wood walls, a beautiful bar and comfortable tables and chairs, all you need is the big screen and you can hang out with your friends and family watching the football – American or European. Price tag to have your replica pub? $225,000.00.

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