The Bells of Christmas

Some people believe that the cheerful jingling of the bells have the ability to drive out the old to bring more magnificent things in the world.

In the past, Christmas was celebrated and enjoyed by all by making lots and lots of noise and merriment.

Children loved ringing their bells since they were fairly easy to make, can be carried anywhere while carolling and the parents and other adults approved of the sweet and happy tune that they produced. In the long run, the bells of Christmas were often heard with the melodious songs of the carollers and the solemnity of the mass.

The first ring

In the olden times, people feared the coming of the cold season. They believed that as winter came and the cold settled in, all the evil spirits came out to play. They wreaked havoc and harmed the people around them.

So to drive the spirits away and protect themselves, the people in the past created ceremonies and certain traditions. One of their common practices was to create as much noise as they can. Bells were especially chosen for they were believed to have the power to drive away all the evil spirits roaming on their lands. The bells became a common article used in their other customs till eventually, they adapted more significant and brighter roles.

In the development of the celebration of Christmas, bells were then used or modified in the Christian celebration. Their vibrant and sweet sound became the announcer of important events like the birth of the saviour and other happy occasions like weddings and parties. For kids the jingling bells are the elusive sound that Santa’s reindeers brought along with their reins and bobbing tails. As they try to stay up or lie awake on their beds, the ringing of the bells will always leave their hearts aglow.

The tolling of the great large bells also became the protector of all by warning everyone of impending danger. The people gathered at its sound and prepared for the battle ahead. It was very much like the coming of the saviour to the world to redeem mankind.

A new season

The arrival of Christ is represented by a lot of things including the powerful ring of the church bell. As traditions changed and converged over the years, people found out that the bell was too fun and beautiful to be used only for the evil spirits. The people ultimately acknowledged the sweet and cheerful ring of the bells during Christmas time. With renewed vigour everyone realized that the jingle of the bells on bobtail ring will definitely make spirits bright.

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