How to decorate the outside with Christmas lights

Christmas Outdoor Lights in South-HungaryTo decorate the outside with Christmas lights has become an integral part of Christmas decorations and traditional decoration has now been extended to include the exteriors. Householders love to decorate the outside of their homes because this is what everyone sees and appreciates. Homes lit up (along rooftops, windows and doorframes or even netted around tree trunks and bushes) with lights of all different colors and types look most attractive. If you are confused about the kinds that best suit your home here are some helpful hints to guide you along.

Some suggestions

  1. Both the style of the house and the variety of trees and shrubbery in the landscaping are things to consider when designing an array of outdoor Christmas lights.
  2. Lighting for different houses will be different. Victorian homes demand elegant lighting, a ranch style house needs more lights around the roof, columns and pillars while a multi storey flat looks best if lit up along its lines. (roof, columns, porch etc.)
  3. The pitch of the roof, the height of trees and the general atmosphere of the house (elegant or casual) has also to be taken into account when lighting the house.
  4. Try to get ideas from magazines, from different home stores and also from other houses in the neighborhood, to do up the lights of your home.
  5. Use a strong ladder and take someone else’s help to put up the lights. Then again, do not try to accomplish everything at one go, do things in separate phases or else you will be washed out before you are done.


  • When putting lights on trees and bushes wear long sleeves or even gloves to protect your skin from the needles and thorns.
  • Put only some figures outside (Santa, reindeers etc.) especially if the yard is small because small yards tend to fill up quickly and look overcrowded.


  • Don’t overdo it. Keep the decorations simple and elegant rather than overcrowding the front yard.
  • Avoid blinking or flashing lights because these can be very distracting to passers by.

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