New York Christmas Decorations

Rockefeller Center Christmas treeChristmas is a time when all of New York sets out its best decorations for visitors to the area during the holidays. This is a time when skyscrapers are lit up along with the city’s streets for the best in holiday entertainment.
New York is America’s city and the center for finance, culture and entertainment on a year round basis.

Christmas Trees and festivities

The city boasts several lit Christmas trees to visit, primarily at the Lincoln Center, The American Museum of Natural History, the Rockefeller Center, The South Street Seaport and the Metropolitan Museum of Art, among others. All share in the festivities by having their own tree decorated and lit up at night for the best viewing. Some of these sites offer Christmas performances by artists, bands and orchestras to brighten the holiday spirit.

New York Christmas Shopping

For shoppers, expect to find many of the main stores to be fully decorated for the Christmas season. A few of these amazing stores include Barney’s Holiday, Lord and Taylor and Bergdorf Goodman. It is specifically designed to have shoppers be in the holiday spirit while shopping. Stores like Macy’s, Bloomingdales and Tiffany’s are also finely decorated to spruce up the holiday spirit. Buy some chocolate as a gift or eat some yourself at the many festive chocolate shops scattered about the downtown area.

For those who are hungry after shopping, take in a drink or a meal at one of New York’s finest restaurants, clubs and pubs–all decked out for the holiday season. If you hit it right, you can enjoy a holiday themed meal from some of these places.

Macy’s Parade

Don’t forget the annual Thanksgiving Macy’s day parade that kicks off the holiday spirit. Bring the kids in your life to experience a one of a kind holiday experience. Christmas decorations last from Thanksgiving in late November through until New Year’s Day.

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