Christmas Charities

Christmas gifts are not meant to be given only to one’s family and friends. And a Christmas gift does not have to be a tangible object wrapped in brightly colored paper. The most wonderful gifts are helps given to those who need it most. You can help the needy by giving them financial support or by sparing a little of your time and energy for them.

Be an Elf

Be an Elf is a charity run through 75 postal centers. It is a Santa Clause program started by the United States Postal Service about a century ago for helping needy children. During the season thousands of children mail letters to Santa addressed to various post offices. The employees at each postal center collect the letters and read the contents. They then shortlist the children who appear to be most in need of help. Volunteers of ‘Be an Elf’ can visit different post offices and give their gifts or money, which the post offices will then divert to chosen children according to their need. The donors are not allowed to contact any child directly.

Toys for Tots

Marine Toys for Tots is a nonprofit organization that distributes toys for children whose parents are unable to buy them the toys that they yearn for. It is run by the reserve force of the United States Marine Corps and was started in 1947. The members of the organization start collecting toys from the beginning of October, and make sure that their collection reaches the needy children before Christmas. Children are also encouraged to participate in collecting toys so that they understand the importance of caring for others and sharing the good things of life with them.

The Holiday Project

While many people are celebrating Christmas all over the world, there are also plenty of people trapped in lonely worlds of friendlessness and ill health. Giving your time, money, or energy to any one of them can be a most fulfilling Christmas gift. There are people confined to nursing homes and hospices, with scant hope of ever being able to come out of there. Many of them have either no relatives to visit them, or their relatives and friends have abandoned them. You can spend as much time as possible with these unfortunate people during the Christmas season. Sing to them, or read to them, or listen to them if what they want is to unburden themselves. If possible, even try to make a lasting relationship with one of them, and make the evening of his or her life as painless as possible.

Make a Wish

Make a Wish is a foundation working to help children suffering from terminal illnesses. The members of the organization encourage these children to express their desires, which could be things like a visit to Disneyland, a day with his favorite movie star, a cruise, a mountain trek, a visit to a country, or being on stage with his favorite singer. Donations made by people all across the world are pooled to arrange for the child’s wish fulfillment. The gift will make the child immensely happy and he or she will get a short respite from their painful life.

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