Christmas in the United States

Christmas in the United States places Santa Claus amid the center of the celebration. Many children believe that during this occasion, he will come down from the chimney bringing lots of gifts consisting of goodies and toys. The tradition may vary from one state to another mostly evident in the kind of Christmas trees that the households have. For example, northeastern States usually have fig trees for Christmas trees while those in the south prefer using palm trees.

Christmas dinner requires no typical menu but the most prominent of all is roast beef. Oftentimes, some of the most common main courses may include a smoke salmon and hors-d’oeuvre of different flavors and varieties. As for desserts, delicacies may also vary depending on each state as well as that of the cook’s specialty. What makes the entire dinner truly Christmas is how the foods are garnished with the different colors of the holidays.

“President’s Cake” is served in the White House following a tradition that has been transferred from one president to the next starting with Abraham Lincoln. The recipe is a well-kept secret and it cannot be found anywhere else.

On the contrary, eggnog is a special kind of drink that is served during Christmas. It is rich, creamy and thick and flavored with rum. For a different kind of twist, it is sprinkles with nutmeg or cinnamon. It is offered to every guest which is symbolic of hospitality. A large eggnog bowl is also in hotel lobbies for guests to partake. Usually, it is conspicuously placed in a well lighted area near the Christmas tree.

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