How to write a Letter to Santa

There is nothing more traditional at Christmas than to sit down with the sits and write a letter to Santa.
This is something that has been passed down through the generations and is sure to carry on for many generations yet. After all, how are the children going to get what they want fromSanta if he doesn’t know what they want? One of the best things that you can do for your kids this festive season is learn how to write a letter to Santa to make it as convincing as possible to bring the fairytale of Christmas to life.

Some cool and unique ideas for your letter to Santa

Something that you may want to consider doing with your kids at Christmas when you learn how to write a letter to Santa is to use email. There are plenty of sites out there on the internet where kids can bring the fairytale into modern day life. Nobody seems to write handwritten letters anymore and the whole world of communication seems to be online so why not sit down with your loved youngsters in front of the PC or laptop and create a letter that can only be described as a masterpiece?

As well as Email, you might want to consider actually giving your children a Christmas card for them to write their letter on. They send these festive cards to their classmates, their teachers and the rest of their family so it would make sense for them to write a card for Santa too. You could even sit with them and use old Christmas cards cut out and remade into new cards for a real unique appeal to the letter.

What to say in your letter to Santa

The wording of the letter to Santa is very important and can actually act as an education tool for children. Good manners cost nothing and it must be ensured that good manners are used in the letter writing process. Words such as Please and Thank You should be used and the children should be taught that without these words, they are unlikely to get the gifts that they want.

You may also suggest that your child writes down the reasons that he or she deserves the gifts that they are asking for so they know and understand the good behavior that they have performed and for a really cute effect, you may even suggest that they apologize for the bad things they may have done. This can actually teach the children great manners and also the difference between right and wrong and the consequences from their actions.

What to ask for

Of course there will probably be a million and one things that your child will want to ask Santa for this year but you might want to suggest saying that they should write the top ten or fifteen things that they really want. If you don’t do this, the letter is likely to be a rather long one!

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