Christmas Gifts with a Personal Touch

Gift BasketsPersonalized gifts are unique and hold a special place in the bearers’ hearts. Hence, why not try something personalized as Christmas gift to your loved ones this season and put a smile on their faces?

Magazine Subscriptions

Knowing a person well enough also means knowing what he/she reads. So, a surprising favourite magazine subscription is a great option for personalizing Christmas gifts. Not only it is personal, it is also useful and practical at the same time.

Gift Vouchers / Certificates

These vouchers or certificates allow a person to be more flexible with the gift. A favourite diner, book store, art store, holiday destination and aircraft discounts are great ways to personalize a gift. By making the correct choice of gift vouchers or certificate, maximum satisfaction and personal fulfillment are guaranteed.

Personalized Bags / Tees / Jewelries

Be it a bag, a simple custom made tee shirt of school bag for the children, name carving services are readily available. Ask around or Google for shops that provide this service. Moreover, the technology has advanced so much so that name carving can be done on almost all types of surfaces, from rubber to cotton. A personal item which bears the name of the owner is a great way to personalize Christmas gifts

DIY Gift baskets

A smart way to personalize your gift is to go online: - DIY Gift Baskets offers chocolate Christmas baskets, gourmet gift baskets, Christmas towers and unique holiday gifts.

    Massage Therapy

    Everyone needs a break once in a while. Treat loved one this Christmas by purchasing massage therapy at a health spa. Therapies can be soothing and relaxing. A twist to this idea would be a free visit to the nail parlour, facial saloon and health boutiques. This type of gifts can be thought out for the dearest ones, especially women, to show them appreciation and love on Christmas.

    Personalized Mini Album / Note Book / Album

    Now, this is another great, memorable gift for Christmas to go along with the main gifts. Something simple, and yet personal, it will go a long way to earn a special place amongst all the typical Christmas gifts. Though cheap, it is also practical for daily use.

    Zodiac Signs

    Zodiac signs can be another personalized item to add to the gift cart. These signs, especially if it comes with birth dates can hold a very special meaning. Look out for watches, blazer buttons, mugs, photo frames and even pen drives that bear these zodiac signs. They vary gift option, providing flexibility in choosing personalized yet useful gifts.

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