Choosing the Perfect Christmas Gift for your Children

Kids Gift BasketsSo, the yuletide season is here! Christmas probably tops the list of days that brings smile and joy into people of all walks of live, especially kids.

Imagine yourself as the 7 year old running down the stairs in your pajamas, eager to open gifts under the Christmas tree in the living room. Fun, eh? With the birth of new century, gifts have become a very important aspect of Christmas, even more crucial then it has ever been. If you are having sleepless nights wondering what to get your children for this Christmas, here are a few things you may want to consider before deciding on the perfect gift.

Get The Light Bulbs Flashing!

Meaning, think first before committing to buying a gift. When is it that you had the most fun with your child? When did you laugh with him/he and wished the moment lasted forever? Well, worry no more; you can bring back the sheer joy by choosing the right for your children. If you think your child enjoys beating you in a game of scrabble, then feel free to buy her more board games. If your boy loves to bake cupcakes, buy him cake mixes and baking sets to begin with. Make it a point to bake with him every weekend thereafter. Every day is a Christmas for the happy family, after all.

The Gift that Counts is Time

Secondly, remember that buying gifts for children is not the same as buying is for adults. While diamonds are you wife’s best friend, your baby girl would be just as happy if you gift a set of her favorites Barbie Dolls on Christmas. Buy something that is not only worth your money but also worth remembering as time goes by. Make no mistakes; you can ALWAYS get them chocolates. Go for something that they will cherish for a long time come, regardless of the monetary value. For example, a photo log of their favorites moments. You can get them to write the captions, when they are old enough. Bracelets (for girls) and tees (for boys) with their names ingrained in it will be another profound gift that they will cherish for some time. Personalized gift always remains top favorites!

Walk in their Shoes

As mentioned before, personalized gift always puts a smile on their faces. So, stop being a parent and put yourself in their shoes before buying a Christmas gift. Remember, a birthday gift is not the same as a Christmas gift. Those gifts under the dazzling trees are supposed to be from Santa himself. So, take some time to go out with your children and get to know about them better. Kids grow every day. Your little boy / girl is not the “kiddo” you knew from last year. Getting them something “she has always wanted” from last year is a definite no-no. Besides, no harm is done by taking them for window shopping and noting things that perks their interest and what bores them as well.

Always remember that by buying Christmas gifts and actually caring to put some consideration into the gifts you buy for your children; you are getting to know them better. Never conclude that expensive gifts will satisfy your children. A gift that has some love injected into it will always be remembered, no matter how many years pass by.

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  1. Sonya Ellis Says:

    My name is Sonya Ellis and I have 2 children living with me ages 10, girl and 14, boy. My husband and I have had a difficult time since we both lost our jobs in March 2009. We have moved 4 x since March 2009 for employment, to have the companies to let me go due to the economy. So, we decided to relocate back home close to family, however my husband has been the only one to find work and I have not been able to since we returned in April 2010. We are having a hard time just coming up with rent and trying to keep our vehicle for transportation reasons and so there will not be a Christmas this year for our family. I do not care about me or my husband because we are adults, however our children barely had a christmas last year and this year I have been so dispressed and I did find out about one organization and although I am not trying to be greedy by expecting more for my children due to all the children / families in need this year I would like for my children to have a nice christmas because they have not received all year or actually for 2 years. We have always given and never have been on the receiving end of needing. Thank you, Sincerely, Sonya Ellis

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