Christmas Gifts for Less than $100

Christmas GiftsGiving gift sets or memories are Christmas gifts ideas that add that extra value while furthering your budget.

Although traditionally one reason expenses skyrocket during the holidays, Christmas gifts ideas don’t have to be costly. Especially under the current circumstance of an economic recession, everyone is looking for ways to make the household budget stretch a little further without sacrificing quality of life.

The best principle to follow when giving gifts on a budget is to give either give presents that carry some emotional or sentimental meaning or to give multiple smaller gifts. The best examples of each of these are the giving of gift sets and memories.

Gift sets

Giving gift sets adds extra value to the present in one of two ways: they help the receiver to have a complete experience of the gift or they show that the giver made the extra effort to not only buy a gift but also to think about how the item would be used.

Perfume gift sets fall into the first category. Most high-end perfume brands can be purchased for under $100 but once the holiday season rolls around, many are released in packed sets. These sets usually come very well presented in a nice gift box and include not only the fragrance, but also bath gel and lotion in the same scent. Such a gift pack is not only giving a bottle of fragrance, but is actually giving the gift of the scent experience.

Presents in the second category are usually more practical items. What makes these gifts special is the extra effort that the giver makes to again give the gift of experience. Along with the present itself is included some other item that shows how the initial present is to be used. For example, gourmet coffee or tea may be given with a personal mug or tea cup and will brighten up anyone’s day. Gardening gloves are made more special when they come with the plant or seeds that they are meant to help nurture. Home-baked bread is charming to receive anytime, but becomes very personalized and homey when the giver’s secret recipe is included.

Give memories

Memories make very inexpensive gifts, yet are always treasured. Make a collage of special pictures or mementos. Make a tasteful copy of a couple’s wedding vows or the story of how they met and have it framed. Make reservations for a camping site, give the information to a friend along with a disposable waterproof camera and give him the gift of a nature weekend for Christmas.

There are numerous ways to tweak these ideas for family and friends. Just remember that giving experiences and memories are inexpensive ways to give meaningful gifts.

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