Most Popular Christmas Gifts

Corporate Gift BasketsEvery year, there are certain items that make it to the most popular Christmas gifts list. For Christmas 2009, technology seems to be the theme, both for the young and old.The most popular Christmas gifts tend to change with each year. This is but to be expected since trends follow a cycle. Some might think that it might be a bit too early to go around buying Christmas gifts. Then again, it is already October, which means that there is less than 3 months for people to complete their Christmas shopping. Armed with the knowledge that a lot of people tend to leave Christmas gift shopping till the last minute, it is but rationale to start early and avoid the rush.

So what should you get for friends and family members this Christmas? If you find yourself quite unsure as to which gifts will make the people close to you the happiest, then take a look at the list of some of the most popular Christmas gifts for 2009.

Tech gifts

  • PlayStation 3 Slim – Sony recently released the newest version of their popular video game console. It is smaller and lighter but no less powerful. It has the added plus of using less electricity, making it more environmentally friendly.
  • Video games – from Wii games to PlayStation games to Xbox games, these will surely be a hit for people who own a video game console. One of the most popular titles is The Beatles Rock Band, which has just been released.
  • Apple iPod – everyone wants an iPod! There are countless models to choose from, but the new iPod Nano is a very popular choice, with its FM radio and video recording capabilities.
  • Universal remote – techies who are homebodies will definitely appreciate having a single gadget to control most of the electronics at home. You might even want one of these yourself!

Gifts for kids

  • Hannah Montana stuff – little girls will love you all year round if you get them something Hannah Montana. Whether it’s a simple bag, a CD, or clothing, Hannah Montana merchandise is always a hit!
  • Lamaze toys – these toys will make you a hit with parents who have infants or those who are expecting. The Lamaze Philosophy of Parenting has become accepted by many and their toys are selling like hot cakes.
  • Caster board – boys and girls alike are writing Santa to give them a caster board. This is a variation of a skateboard but the rider does not have to take his feet off the board to make it move. It’s self-propelled, that’s why!

Gift Baskets

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6 Comments about “Most Popular Christmas Gifts”

  1. Nick Says:

    I cant wait till xmas! best time of the year

  2. The voyager Says:

    Why don’t we think outside the box when shopping for Christmas this year? Maybe recycling packages to make lamps, jewelry and cndle holders.

  3. K. Wiliam Says:

    I agree with the idea that technology will be huge this year. As in past years, video games and electronics in general have sold extremely well. With recent price reductions on every next gen console, these will sell even better. On top of that, the biggest selling game in history was released (COD MW2)and huge selection of hot sequels are available.
    The majority of gifts on my list this year, as well as the childrens’, are either video games or electronics. Guess I’ll see you in line. Good Luck.

  4. James Whitson Says:

    I’m hoping for something like the ps3 this year.

  5. Isabel Says:

    Im hoping for the ipod touch (its awesome)

  6. Isabel Says:

    i mean really awesome

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