Holiday Vacation Packages

Trying to get away this holiday season, perhaps a vacation to someplace away from the frost and chill of winter?Even better, go someplace that offers incredible holiday perks like skiing and multiple flavors of hot chocolate.  Whether flying solo or with the family, a vacation could be the perfect way to celebrate Christmas in style.

The Best Warm Weather Getaways

It’s not cold everywhere come Christmas time.  A vacation to a beautiful beach-laden paradise could give Christmas a little spice this year.  In places like Greece and Jamaica, winter is anything but brittle.


With beautiful white beaches this is a perfect Christmas vacation escape.  With its Montego Bay package starting at around $2950, a stay includes a gorgeous deluxe hotel on the beach for two nights and roundtrip airfare.   One also gets the pleasure of some of the most beautiful beaches in the Caribbean, golfing in Jamaica and St. Lucia, and unlimited premium drinks.  Some rooms have butler services, there’s nothing but the finest dining available, and there are many activities at your doorstep –scuba diving and multiple water sports.

European Getaway

Thinking of Europe for your Christmas vacation?  Christmas in Rome offers a 10-day escape, complete with sightseeing tours in Venice and Rome to the Vatican Museums, the Basilica, and the Coliseum.  Three meals are provided including a Christmas Eve dinner with wine in Rome and New Year’s Eve dinner with wine in Venice.  Starting at $2100, this package gives a Christmas never to be forgotten.

Wish Upon a Star

Perhaps Christmas at Disneyworld is just what you’ve always wanted.  Luckily, a regular Disney pass is enough to enjoy the electrifying atmosphere offered at Disneyworld during the holidays.  This year Disney is offering the Osborne Family Spectacle of Dancing Lights.  There are Christmas lights as far as the eye can see and every 15 minutes synchronized lights swirl to a Christmas medley.  Also for family fun there’s Mickey’s Once Upon a Christmastime Parade and Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party.  Tickets begin at $55 for adults and $49 for children.

Keep in mind what kind of budget you’re willing to put aside for this alternative Christmas.  Prices fluctuate.  The sooner one reserves the package, the better the price.  Wherever in the world you celebrate Christmas, what’s important is it’s time spent with the family.  Wherever the Christmas spirit is, it will always feel like home.

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