How to get Financial Help for Christmas

Many people find themselves in a financial bind at Christmas time and not just when it comes to buying Christmas presents. You can get help. You just know where to look.

Christmas seems to come earlier and earlier each year and with the current economic crisis in full swing, many families will find themselves struggling just to pay their bills let alone be able to purchase presents. Charity doesn’t have to be one sided and if you are in a bind this holiday season, you can get help paying your bills, getting food in your home, and even getting presents for your children so that they have a good Christmas.

Christmas charity

There are many social service and charity organizations that can help you during this rough financial time and beyond if your situation warrants it. They will take a look of your financial records for you and help you determine just how much assistance you need to make sure your bills are paid, there is food on the table, and presents for the kids. Many of these organizations will also provide gifts for your children if you qualify. Clothing sometimes is also offered and distributed.

Christmas help organizations

If you think you will need help, contact the organization as soon as possible to make sure there is plenty of help available. The sooner you contact them, the more chance you will have to get help. Remember that families who need the help the most will take priority. Some places, such as food pantries, soup kitchens, and other charity meal providers need only proof of your financial need and they will distribute food to you.

How do you contact some of these organizations? The first place to start is your local Department of Health and Human Services which is run by the state that you live in. They will help you determine if you are eligible for temporary state aide such as food stamps and other monetary assistance. They will be able to point you in the right direction for assistance and aide if they cannot help you.

Local utility company

Your local utility companies have assistance programs as well that will help you reduce your monthly bills on a temporary basis so that you pay them and keep your lights and heat on. If you are a member of a church or religious organization, speak to your pastor or rabbi about your problems. Many times they will offer you money that is not expected to be paid back in order to get you through difficult times.

Toy charity

Organizations like Toys For Tots will help you get toys and gifts for your children, and the Salvation Army can assist with clothing and toys as well. All you have to do is ask, and there is nothing wrong with asking for help when you need it.

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  1. shawna Says:

    I as a mother of 4 was happy to know there are places that help . The only problem is I live in South Carolina (not lots of help here). I was told to go to the Salvation Army for help they informed me that on the 6th of Nov you could show up with proof of children (SS cards) income and proof of where you live. When I got there i was blown away 90 people waited in line. They could only help 60 family’s .I am happy for them lucky 60 but I was discouraged at the fact that 50 of them had gold teeth. How can they help people with means? Gold teeth are not a necessity.Maybe they sould take out one of them teeth and get some things for there kids.Then the people that really needed help can get it. are we are out of luck when it’s first come first serve? So i try to be happy and give thanks for my kids but who really thinks of the kids? Sorry about the negitive tone but frustrated.

  2. selena thomas Says:

    Hi my name is selena,and i really need help for my children.I have type1 diabetes and i have been going threw some hard times.i have a 16yrs old daughter,a 13yrs old son,and my first cousin that i take care of.if my help is granted,i will love it dearly.the children are in need of clothes, coats,boots,a few gifts,etc.if my gift is granted,i will love it dearly.thank you and maygod bless you.happy holidays.nov 21,2008

  3. kathy phillips Says:

    I am a single parent with 1 4 yr old. I’m unemployeed my unemployment has been exhasted..I have no money to buy my daughters and grandsons anything for christmas…. Is there any help I can get, and how do I apply?

  4. dionne small Says:

    I need assistance with Christmas to buy my children some clothes and the things they would need. I do not know where to go


  5. marlene Says:

    I totally agree with Shawna. While I am very happy for the people that truly need help and get it, I think a lot of people don’t need the help but get it anyway. I think a lot of people get assistance and use the money that they earn for things like gold teeth, jewelry, cigarettes, alcohol, cadillacs, etc. I am frustated because I am a 35 y/o single mom of a 12 y/o daughter. I work everyday, full time, but only make $11.00 an hour for 40 hours, my job will not allow over time. Okay, I could get a second job, but for one, who will stay with my preteen while I am working at night or on the weekends (this is a very hard time for kids, she just started middle school), and for two, if I get a second job, that will take a job away from someone that does not have any job at all. Now, I have applied for food stamps, I make about $50 too much per month, yet I have not bought new socks for myself in over a year. The people in front of me at the grocery store the other day paid with food stamps, a few hundred dollars worth, they were dressed very nice, the woman’s wedding ring could have paid my rent for a few months. Salvation Army would not help me, they say I make too much money. What do I have to do to get a little help? I have never asked for help before but I need it very badly this year but can not seem to find anyone to help. Please, someone tell me.

  6. Dana Says:

    I have a similar problem. I am working a full time job and I have three children. It takes every penny that I make just to survive. I have no extra bills, no credit cards or anything like that. Yet frequently end up in the hole each month when it comes to basic living expenses. I have asked for help but I make too much for most organizations, and others have honestly told me that I don’t make enough to qualify for assistance. They told me that they can’t see how I will pay my bills the next month so they can’t offer me help. I don’t know what to do. I want to be able to pay my bills and get something for my children for Christmas but I don’t see how it is going to happen. If anyone has any other ideas please pass them on because I am at a loss.

  7. Anikka Says:

    I recently lost my job.. I struggled 4 the last few months to take care of my 5 year old son. I am a single parent doing the best that I can do to make ends meet I’m behind on my bills I recently applied for assistance through the county I get enough to barely pay my rent I am very grateful for that and I just need help my son will be 6 firs wk in December and then christmas I need help can someone out there please give me some insight on who can help me!! Thank you!

  8. Casey Neely Says:

    Hello I’m in dire need of help providing Christmas for my children, I am a 35 year old male, I have 3 Boys and 2 Girls, We also have an adopted girl that we took from a very abusive environment…Also our oldest daughter (17)just gave birth to a baby boy so now we have a total of 7 kids. My wife and I was working, But I have been recently let go do to massive kidney and back problems. Ive been seeing a doctor and now my insurance is being canceled do to being fired. My wife bless her heart is trying to carry everything she can but we are getting further in the hole… Ive applied for grants and been turned down. And to make things worse on our family we have been notified that our house is being sold out from under us. We have desperately been looking for a new place to live in our price range but have not had any luck yet. My wife and I are so sad because our kids are going to have to go without any kind of Christmas. Please someone point us in the right direction we need what ever help that we can get.

  9. michelle Says:

    Well I do not agree with marlene or shawna. People go through ups and downs in their lives and just because at the time a person has gold in their mouth or jewelry on does not mean that they are rich.I am a very educated female who has gold in my mouth which cost less than someone going and getting dental work done on their teeth. I have had very good jobs and was fortunate to be able to afford things for my kids as well as myself. When hurricane Ike hit Houston I lost my job do to my situation that arose from Ike.(no lights for 16 days,sewer backup in my home etc). This put me on the other side. I needed help at this point to catch up on my rent until I got another job. So I ended up in those long lines. The whole point is please stop judgeing people on the way they look. I am sure their are people that may not need it as much as the next but who knows what they look like? Think about it, the richest people in the world have pretty white teeth not golds. If you must judge someone try to judge on character of an individual and not their look. You can never judge a book by its cover.

  10. Katherine Says:

    Hello my name is Katherine Morales-Perez My husband is currently deploy to iraq , So this time is just the kids and me for christmas i want this christmas to be great for my kids since there dad is not gonna be here but financially i’m not so good i was wondering if i can get some help i saw this website hopefully i’m write to the right place ..

  11. stephanie jackson Says:

    My name is Stephanie Jackson I am a single mother of five children. My children and I have recently gone through some tragic times. I went through a rough divorce my x-husband ran with all of our belongings and left us with nothing soon after that I lost my job and two weeks after that I lost a child. This year has been more than tragic on my children and me if there is any thing you could do to help my family have a good Christmas this year we would be forever grateful. It would mean so much to them and take some of the stress of all of us thank you god bless

    [email protected]

  12. j y reynolds Says:

    i need help im so broke wanting to buy my son christmas i only got on check i was in the hurrican in houston fincal busted me please hlp me

  13. Pamela Says:

    I am a single mom of four boys ,I just have a tree no lights on some list,people were giveing away I am glad to have it .I have nothing ,and cant aford to bye bread ,more less presents I dont whant Christmas to be sad for my boys.but what else can I do ? If you can help me wiyh imfo please let me know.
    Than You *

  14. Granny Says:

    I live in a small town in Arkansas and just called all the numbers I could find that might offer some type of help for Christmas. I must say, I am very disappointed and sad that there is none available. I don’t care about myself (though I have so many needs it’s pitiful); it’s my granddaughter I care about and I have no money to get her anything for Christmas (after I pay what I absolutely have to pay to survive, there’s nothing left, not even for food . She’s only 5, so she’s still too young to understand.

  15. Darlene Says:


    I’m a single mother of two kids and I recently got laid off from my job. I need help with providing a decent christmas for my kids. My son’s birthday is Dec. 17th. and I find myself struggling to provide him with a “happy birthday” too. My son is going to be 7 yrs. old and my daughter is 10 yrs. old. If any one can help in any way it will be a true blessing. Thank You and God Bless.

  16. Mrs.Carter Says:

    Hi I am a single mother of 3 children. I lost my job about a month ago and I am now trying to play catchup I am trying to get some type of help with christmas presents for my children. if anyone can help it would be greatly appreciated. I have tried to get help and unable to do so due to a custody type situation. if anyone out there has any ideas or any suggestions i would love to hear them

  17. nat Says:

    I am a single mom of a 4 year old I have been out of work for 8 months I have found i have mineres disease and it is realy hard to live with but I hate to ask for help from anyone it makes me feel bad so I got my tanf 120 dollars and bought my kid a couple of gifts and one gift for a child who needs it

  18. JENNIFER Says:


  19. sheila Says:

    my name is sheila and im realy having a very hard time this year i have 2 daughters 1-14&1-16 ive been looking for work for a while its realy hard i live in one of the worst hard hit areas ohio,
    were losing are place to live because the land lord lost the house he didnt tell us he lost it back in feb of this yr and he colleceted the rent and didnt tell us we were going to have to move any dayb i hope to make it through christmas ,i get foodstamps but no cash help at all i work 4 days a week part time i cant get my daughters anything i feel so bad,
    thers a whole lot more to our story you wouldnt belive if anyone could help please get in touch .


  20. Belinda Says:

    I am a single parent of two kids 12 and 10 years old. I have been out of work since October 2008. I fell at work and I have no income coming in. I have no money to get my kids anything for Christmas. I need to find some kind of help. Not many agencies are giving out help. By the time I hurt myself it was too late to sign up for any Christmas help.

  21. rachelle gulledge Says:

    I am a single mother who resentley lost my job because of family problems i cant afford anything for christmas this year and it hurts cuz i have 3 beautiful children. please help me. My kids father does not help me at all but keeps pulling me into court i was in georgia but now back in michigan i had to spend all my money to get here please if you can help contact me on email [email protected] thank you and god bless.

  22. lizbeth rodriguez Says:


    May god bless everyone at this point iam stressed christmas is here i welcome home my stepchildren which were given to my thru (child protective services in texas) realy my gift to the kids is to have electricty right now is disconnected but since iam the only one working cannot buy gifts iam moreworry on having my light my children will celebrate christmas with a hug if anyone can help send me and email

  23. lizbeth rodriguez Says:

    May god bless everyone at this point iam stressed christmas is here i welcome home my stepchildren i have a total of 5kids at home which were given to my thru (child protective services in texas) realy my gift to the kids is to have electricty right now is disconnected but since iam the only one working cannot buy gifts iam moreworry on having my light my children will celebrate christmas with a hug if anyone can help send me and email

  24. Misty Says:

    My name is Misty, I have five children: A boy who is 8, two girls 6 & 4, and two more boys 20 months & 4 months.I recently had to have Tyroid surgery , I had a thyroid nodule the size of a softball in my throat. I live in Huntington, WV and could really use some help with Christmas. By the time this all happened, the Salvation Army had stopped taking applications.NEED HELP.

  25. RACHEL MATUU Says:


  26. Rick Says:

    I am writing on behalf of my little brother, Jason. On December 5, 2008, Friday morning at 07:00 my brother became a widower. Jason not only lost his Wife of 12 years, but his best friend, lover and the Mother of four beautiful daughters. The family has been through absolute misery this year, Jason is disabled with a spinal cord injury, as a result from falling from is truck bed at work. He has had two major operations on his neck/spinal cord this year. His only source of income is and will forever be Social Security. The family did not have life insurance for his Wife, Kristina. Jason is a young 32 years old, Kristina was 34. The girls ages are 7, 9, 11, and 12 years of age. Jason is a proud man, he took what little money he had and paid the costs for Kristina’s burial. She was memorialized on Wednesday, December 10, 2008, in Altamonte Springs, Florida. I know Jason can not provide this holiday season, he would never request for assistance of any kind, so I am on behalf of his baby girls. I am his oldest brother, I will help him with other critical costs, but I cant do it all. I need to know if anyone has any suggestions for me to help him with this time of need. Any ideas or solutions could or would bring a smile to the five broken hearts that I need to help heal. I want to thank all that took the time to read this request, and anyone that can point me in a direction to help this broken heart of hearts. In closing, all of this story can be proven, it is all now public record, Kristina’s death and Jason’s injury. I felt the need to disclose this as fact, unfortunately we live in a world that may take advantage of those with kind hearts that give to those in need. Please, if you would be so kind and pray for my brother, Jason and my nieces; Emily, Rebbecca, Lauren, and Caitlin. Thank you, Rick

  27. Rene Bostick Says:

    Hi Iam experience some financial differicult this year, I have a 10 year old, and a 17 year old that are about to graduate this year. all my bills are behide we are struggle this year if any one could help me and my family please do we need your help whatever you can do to Be a Blessing for us. I didnt get help from the salvation army or no other organize i dont know where to go Please some body help

  28. Sandy Says:

    My name is Sandy and I am married with 3 kids.
    This has been a rough year. My husband and I are disabled.
    Something happened this month that took most of our money. We couldn’t pay all the bills, buy food or get gifts for the kids.
    We really need help.
    God bless everyone here.

  29. Erica Says:


    I’m a single mother of 2 kids who also needs help for Christmas for my 13 yr. old daughter and 9 yr. old son. I was in a car accident last year which changed my whole life. I ended up with 2 buldging discs in my neck and 3 in my back, alot of nerve damage and muscle denervation. I had to resign from my job because of my injuries which left my bills being behind and my car being reposses. I know this is short notice but if their is anyone out there (In the name of Jesus) that can help us please respond to me at [email protected]. Thanks to All that have read this and God Bless.

  30. amy Says:

    I am a single mom with 2 little boys they are 4 and 5 yrs old I lost my job and I cant get them Christmas and my rent is due I dont know what to due I have been everywhere looking for a job please help!!!

    Thank You,
    [email protected]

  31. Mary Says:

    I’m a single mother of a 6yrs old boy and since October 21th got lay off from my job.

  32. Mary L Says:

    Hi my name is Mary and I got a beautiful daughter name Kiara right now I had problem with my rent only. You see her father you use paid at on time but right now is so behind with the child support money so I owe my landlord a lot money 4.900 so I don’t want to lose the house because is good deal for my daughter and Me and praying somebody to help please. I work to but is not enough. My number is 863-253-9476. please I need help.

  33. Gigi W Says:

    Well I decided to go ahead & start early looking for a little help for Christmas or any other winter help, knowing how my current financial state is. Somebody told me that the salvation army could help with winter coats, it’s called Coats for Kids. Well the one in my town doesn’t do it & the one in the next town, (but the same county) told me they only help people that live in their town, why aren’t we the USA? I have 4 kids & 3 live with me. I live in NY state so you know how bone cold it gets here, so I decided to say forget Salvation Army I can figure something out, so I applied for food stamps & was approved & so excited to get them. What I’m trying to say is don’t let anyone set you back, pray for the answer & it WILL come.


    Hi my name is Stephanie I have a 6 yr old daughter with down syndrome its very hard my husband job barely pays the bills. I stay at home because i have to do LOt of things to get my daughter to doctors and those kinds of things. I dont know how are we going to buy her anything when my bills are so backed up. please help my number is 973-980-8060

  35. Rhonda Morris Says:

    Hi my name is Rhonda Morris and I have two children ages 16 and 7. I went PRN at my job because my mother that is 58 years old had a third stroke. I take care of her Monday through Thursday 7am- 5pm. I don’t get to work much at my job because I don’t want to put my mother in a nursing home at such a young age.
    My sister pays me a little to help with mom while I care from her so she can go to work during the day. I was wanting to see if I could get help with gifts for my children. I have never did this and really feel funny bout it. I was told about the site so I wanted to share my story. I’m worried about their christmas because I’m so far behind on all my bills and I have more bills than I do income.

  36. amber Says:

    i am a mother of 2 boys ages 8 and 11 that got laid off and just know i will have nothing at all to give to them at Christmas and it is haunting me. they do not even have Halloween costumes with i am not really worried about because i can find a way to dress them up. i have been married for 11 years. 10 days before our first kid was born my husband had his first back surgery. then after 5 years he had his 2nd. i have always worked with no problem because i know that he could not. but ever seance i got laid of i do not know what to do. i live in melrose Florida and i have even put posters up for work doing house cleaning and yards and whatever. i am just so scared that i am not going to be able to give them anythig for christmas and it breaks my heart. if there is anyone that is able to help me please write, call , or email me asap because i was told that if i do not start sooner then i would not get help. god bless all of your loving hearts!!! please get in touch if you or someone you know will able to help my boys out. no matter how small all i want is help for them and that is it!!! once again god bless
    amber and family

    [email protected]

    amber currie
    po box 534
    melrose fl 32666

    amber currie 314 country living circle
    melrose florida 32666


  37. Beth Says:

    I am looking for help with Christmas this year. I have 5 kids and my husband lost his job in August. He has gotten another one but it pays a lot less money. I cant work cause of medical problems and all it would really do is pay the day care! If there is anyway I can get help I would be so thankfull. My email is [email protected].

  38. Ana Says:

    Hi my name is Ana I am a mother of eleven whom is living right now thru something really awful, that i dont wish on anyone. I no longer have my husband whom was the soul provider for all of us and i am unemployable due to health reasons. If anyone knows how i can get help for my children this christmas please let me know. I tried the salvation army. But was turned away when i got there me and lots of other people. They said the applications had finished. I never thought i would ever have to ask for help but here i am asking for help. And i’m not embarrased. I will do anything for my children. Anyone who can help or knows of an agency that can help please contact me at [email protected]



  40. Tracy Says:

    Hello, my name is Tracy and I am a single parent of two. I just moved and it seems like nothing is going right for me since I moved.The second week of my move, someone broke in my house and stole money and jewery from me. Shortly after that I lost my job because my car broke down, I don’t have any money to get my car fixed and no food. I tried to get my case switched over to where I am living now so that I can continue to get food stamps and I haven’t heard from them at all. It has been a month and I haven’t heard nothing at all from them. I have been so stressed out and I don’t know what to do. If someone can help me just this one time, I will gladly apprieciate it. Thanks

  41. Brittany Says:

    I am a mother of three little gurls ages 4,2,1 and i want them to have a great christmas. But i am scared because i cant make that happen I am so backed up in bills that me or my husband can not afford christmas gifts this year. I want my kids to have a great christmas.All though christmas is not about gifts They dont know that yet. I want them to look under a christmas tree and say wow mommy and daddy truely do love us and we are blessed. So please if there is someone out there that can help us this year with gifts and food please give us a call or write us at 607 Seventh Street North Apt 3 Northwood,IA 50459. Cell 641 903 1076 thanks and god bless

  42. Angel Guido Says:

    Hi My name is Angel. I really should not be here. I am a single mother of twin girls age 3. They are really great little people. I am also a Social Worker, so I am the one helping others every year to have a great Christmas, and it is a pleasure. I have always been alone, but am so grateful to have accomplished getting a Masters and lisence by myself. This year I made my first investment and bought a house. I was so happy to have my own place with the girls. I never had problems with money. this past month, my hot water heater and my sewer pipe broke costing me thousands in damages, including the girl’s gifts for Christmas. It has been rough, and I am now behind in other bills due to this disaster. I need help, any help. I want the girls to have a nice Christmas. My email is [email protected]. Thank-you for listening

  43. Lucinda Allen Says:

    please help us!!
    my husband recently had surgery and lost his job! i dont want my children to go with out a christmas!! may my help be returned some day for some body else when we get back on our feet!
    thank you.. and god bless!
    my number is 720-998-7722
    Lucinda Allen

  44. wendy Says:

    i am a single mother of two teenagers i cant work due to being disabled and i really dont want to let them down another year .. i love them can anyone help it would be very greatful .if anyone can please let me know my address is 318 east 5th street Cushing, OKlahoma 74023 god bless you

  45. matthew Says:

    i am a father of five and this year is rough. i just started school and my girlfriend just had our last baby,Aug 30. She had many problems whit this pregancy and could not work this year.i lost my job around the same time. so christmas time is near and i just want to give my children a nice Christmas . if anyone could find it their heart to help.i would be very thankful. please contact me by email [email protected]
    thanks a million
    matthew clifton

  46. Tracy Merkerson Says:

    Hello, my name is Tracy Merkerson. I am a parent of two lovely children. For me I am a single parent. My family income is low and the funds are two. I was wandering if someone could help with the Christmas. Last year the funds were great but this year they are looking bad. My number is 404-691-5886. So if someone who would like to help just call the number on the screen. May god bless and thank us.

  47. carolyn Says:

    hi i am asking for help for my grandchildren i am working to pay my bills and i will not have anything to buy gifts for my grandchildren this year i have had two knee surgeries and am still not doing too good i go to work every day and stand to do my job by the end of the day it takes everything just to walk to the car for me to get home i am so afraid i may need another surgery in my other knee i am afraid i will not be able to walk anymore but i want my grandchildren to have a good christmas so if anyone can help me it would be greateley appriciated at this point i may not have any utilities with in the next week or so i owe so much money my electric is over 800.00 and my gas is over a 1000.00 but me and my husband are trying to keep our rent and car insurance food and pay on our utilites there is just not enough money god bless you all thank you

  48. Lynn Says:

    Hello my name is Lynn I have two beautiful girls ages 14 and 16 I am in need of help this year with Christmas.. I had an arm injury and had surgery and it did not correct the problem only made it worse and now I will be having another surgery to try to correct again this month I have been out of work for a year now and in between all this was laid off and can’t get the doctor to release me back to work yet the bills are behind I keep food on the table I just would like them to have a Christmas if there is someone out the willing to help please contact me [email protected] or by mail 3899 Midway Rd Carthage, Ms 39051 thanks in advance. My girls like all the things the normal teen girls like clothes and cool things they say.. Thanks and God bless….

  49. Farrah Says:

    I’m a mother of 4 wonderful boys, and I need help for my children , I mean any type of help so my kids can have something this christmas , I’m a single parent and it haven’t be easy for me this past few month , my bills are behind, and i don’t have nothing to even start buying my kids anything for the holidays….I am desperate, confuse , depress and so helpless that i can’t even describe it…. I will appreciate any help …. Thank You and God Bless You

  50. Janean Dunbar Says:

    I am a single mother with 4 beautiful children. Unfortunately I’m not working this year and i am in need of some assistance for my babies if there is someome out there a lot more fortunate than we are god willing please assist me with providing elijah 11. janiyah gabrielle 5, miah,3 and alliyah who’s 2 with a lovely christmas were located in newark new jersey #973-350-6526

  51. sonya proper Says:

    also if anyone can help out it would be appreciated
    email me at [email protected]

  52. christina coffman Says:

    Hi, my name is Christina Coffman I’m a single mother of three.I need hlp with christimas for my kids Chasanique age:13/ Raven age:10/ Jeriah age:5.We live with my mother times are really hard ,I lost my job three weeks ago.I really just don’t know what I”m going to do.If any one wants to help please call 832-297-8392 thanks

  53. Luisa Says:

    Just looking for help with Christmas for my 2 kids. Our girl is almost 9 and our boy is 7. She loves dolls, art, reading, games, and outdoors. He loves video games, hotwheels, transformers, Movies, and outdoors as well.

    We are strapped for cash this year which is really gonna hurt our christmas but our kids arent greedy they are satisfied with anything. We had a small business that failed this year and caused our credit to be shot and us to lose almost everything we have. We are now living with family and sharing a room as we look for a home.
    We live in a small town and havent found any places that help. Anyways if anyone can help or know anyone that can, i will include our postal address along with email. Thanks alot for taking the time to read this.

    P.O. Box 652
    Rye, Texas 77369

    [email protected]

  54. Mary Says:

    I am looking for help for Christmas for my 3 children ages 9,10,11! I tried my local salvation army but they only took the first so many people and I wasn’t one of them!! I have been laid off since jan of this year and my unemployment has ran out it takes every bit of my husbands check to pay our bills! I have never asked for help before and other than the salvation army I have no where to turn to!! so if anyone knows where i can look please let me know!! thanks and god bless

  55. avis evans Says:

    My name is Avis Evans. And I am a single mother raising 8 kids; age ranging from 9 months to 16. One of my children is mentally handicapped she is a 27 yr old with the mind of a 7 yr old. I am also disable and I am unable to provide my family with food nor toys this holiday season. every holiday season I am unable to really had fun and smile because I am always depressed about how am going to make their holiday wishes come true. I have two teenage daughters who are in college and am raising there children to help them have a better and a more stable life then I had. This along with many more other unfortunate events this year have set me back from granting my children’s holiday wishes. Bills along with buying food takes up all the money I have. many times leaving me in the negative. which mean I wont be able to buy them anything at all for Christmas. I know there are many struggling families out there who need as much help if not more then I do; but please if you can help me to put a smile on my children’s face on Christmas morning. They don’t understand money and how this world works yet, some of them have already given me letters to mail to Santa. How do I tell them Santa not coming. They are good kids and i don’t see why they should have to suffer because of my short coming. If you can’t help and you please forward my letter to some one or organization who you believe can. Thanking you in Advance.

    If you have any question
    or need more information please contract me at
    (407) 219-6203 OR (407) 545-9704

  56. Heather Says:

    I have a 13 yr old son…in July I had a seizure that lasted 7 hrs, When I finally came to 4 days later I awoke with a pacemaker, as I had gone into Cardiac Arrest and actually died on the table. By the grace of God I was resuscitated! I have a second chance to raise my child!!! That itself is a blessing this Christmas, however with medications and medical bills and living on disability I am not able to provide a Christmas for my child…if anyone knows of any help that I might be able to get (hard to find here) to give him a gift this year please let me know. Thank you, and God Bless Heather

  57. cindy Says:

    hey i don’t make any money cause i can’t work and my child and her to kids live with me and my husband make just anothe money for all the bill so who can help and were can i go

  58. Casey Miller Says:

    Hi i would like to know if there is help out there for Christmas? We have 5 children A 12yr,10yr,9yr & 4yr old boys,& a 4yr girl. We have a hard time as it is now with getting are bills paid and foood on the table. If anyone could help we would be greatly thankful for your help. Happy Hoildays!!

  59. Casey Miller Says:

    My email is [email protected]
    My address is P.O.B 134 Bowerston, Oh 44695
    Thanks Casey Miller

  60. Patty Dixon Says:

    Christmas is on it’s way, and I’m just not in the mood this year. Wondering how I will be able to buy ANY gifts! Working on getting my unemployment and foodstamps through at the same time! In the mean time, I’m getting behind on bills, that will have to be caught up as soon as I get my unemployment through, which could be 3 more weeks! If anyone would like to adopt my family for Christmas this year, that would be the best gift ever. I have a 15 year old son, and a 10 year old daughter..I don’t need any gifts..thank you.. you can contact me at [email protected]

  61. Jaylee's mom Says:

    I am a single mom of a 2yr old. I live with my parents but its no different than livin on my own, i pay rent and pay my bills. They help me by putting a roof over our head and watch my daughter while i am at work. I work 20 to 25 hrs a wk 8.90 an hour but i am suppose to be full time. I need a second job but my parents can only watch her for so long and i cant afford to pay a daycare. I am struggling with my medical bills cause state cut me off of medical cause i make “too much”. I will not be able to afford presents for my daughter and my parents cant afford to help. This yr my daughter fully knows what christmas is and i dont want her to miss out on what its like opening presents in the morning of christmas. I am glad to know there are places that are willing to help out, and for the people that abuse the right to get “help” when they dont actually need thats not right. there are people actually struggling to survive.

  62. rachel ehren Says:

    hi my name rachel i have two boys one will be four next month and the other is in te nicu i had him at 28 weeks and i am going through a hard time right now and i need help for christmas and i have not idea where to go

  63. rachel ehren Says:

    i live in woodbridge va my number is 803-530-7622 if any one knows where can help my email is [email protected] please someone

  64. Kristina Says:

    Hi I am a mother of two wonderful children, a 10 yr old boy and a 1 yr old girl that may not have christmas. I pray everday for a miricle to provide them with gifts. I thought we would be ok this year but i was let go from my job i have had for 6 years and my husband has to pay out over half his wages in childsupport then what is left we have to pay bills with. I just feel like I have felled as a parent I have never had to ask for help but times are tough and I need a helping hand….

  65. shaquanna mccurty Says:

    i have six kids im a grandmother i need more help then i thought my mom passed last month and i dont have no one to help with dinner and no one to share the love. but with my kids

  66. michelle hill Says:

    Hi I am a 39 year old single mother with 3 children and I also take care of my disabled parents. I suffer from lupus which makes it hard to work. My childrens father was killed 5 years ago and it has been hard on all of us. I bearly pay the bills, and i dont have any way to buy my kids gifts for christmas. As a mother it hurts so much,and i cant imagine them waking up with nothing on christmas. Any help would be so appreciated so much, God Bless and thank you Michelle HIll

  67. Tonya Says:

    I am in desperate need of help for Christmas for my two children this year. Not asking for anything expensive nor anything extravagant. Just a little something to have for them Christmas day. I am in the process of getting my disability, my husband lost his job in January due to company cut back. We have managed with Gods help throughout the year, but there is just not extra. If someone could just help give us a glimmer of hope I would be forever grateful!

  68. Linda Alicia Says:

    i am Linda Alicia…if anyone reading this, has ever been in the position, where they just needed a little bit of assistance, to turn this around, please do what you can to help…i am worth the help. my daughters, are worth the help…i never did anything like this before but i need desperate help….i have been layoff and not much of an income coming in….i have utility bill and food bills racing up…with numerous termination notices in the mail…it would be great full for any help i can get via my PayPal email-address holdingon2009 AT gmail DOT com … gas $31.04, water$27, electric$22.19,food$$$$,….please…….my 2 daughters will also be vary grateful….it will help with clothing as well as bills and food…yes, i can receive money from you via my PayPal email address [email protected] ….The reason I want to use PayPal instead of a direct credit card is that PayPal is free of charge…i wish everybody a happy holiday…thanks for your time….

  69. dina Says:

    please i really need some help with christmas for my 3 kids i have no job and no money im a single mom and i cant see my kids having nothing for the holidays please help me out i live in chicago my zip is 60609 if someone could find somewhere that i can go for help with food,gifts,medicaid and help with my bills please

  70. cynthia Says:

    Hello im a struggling mother of 3 boys 3,5,and 7.. im struggling allot dont make enough to cover all my bills every month i have to pay what i can when i can.. and now here it is less than a month from christmas and i dont have the money to buy any gifts for my kids they are young and dont understand that mommy doesnt have the money to buy anything and they still believe in santa so what am i supposed to say when they dont have anything under the tree ive contact several places in my area and either no one helps for christmas or they cant help me.. if anyone can help i would love it extremely and my kids would greatly love it too.

  71. Jill Says:

    The holidays are such a tough time of the year. My mother died this year and I lost my job during the year. The house I was renting, the landlord foreclosed on the property and I was notified when they were set to auctioning the home. I have had to move into my mother’s house which is up for sale for time being. So I have gotten behind in bills and my wish this Christmas is for financial help to ge caught up with the bills that are behind. I know the Lord is watching over me but I am in hopes that some one might be able to help this Christmas.

  72. Jill Says:

    My email address is [email protected]. May God Bless You!

  73. Renee Says:

    I just have one little girl who is 9 and ive never had to ask for help before but the company I was working for filed bankruptsy ant the end of last year and i was unable to find a job until october, to begin on november 9th. They called and postponed the start date until November 30th. In the mean time I lost my apartment and car. My daughter’s father has never made any attempt to support my daughter and the state has been unable to locate him for child support. A friend of mine took my daughter and I in on a temporary basis until I could get back on my feet with the new job. 3 days ago, I received a phone call saying that “due to low call volume” my start date has been posponed indefinatly! I new that I wouldnt be able to get much for my daughter for christmas this year but now i am unable to get anything, not even a tree. I didnt know where to turn for help and the few p[laces I was able to find told me I have missed the dead line. If anyone knows anywhere at all that I could go for some assistance please please please let me know. Any thing at all would be such a big help. Merry Christmas and God Bless!

  74. Renee Says:

    my email is [email protected] I didnt realize that you could not respond to the messages. please email me if you know of any help. Thank you so much!

  75. Miss Tjomas Says:

    Hello I am the mother of two awsome kids who desreve everything I can not give them…They do so good in school and they help me out at home with everything and all I want is for them to havve a wonderful holiday and presents they deserve…I need help if anyone can please hel with cash thank you your a lifesaver….

  76. Thomas Bruggner Says:

    I just recently lost my job due to a medical issue that luckily is nowbeing addressed I have 4 children 3 girls ages 9′7′6 and a son 1 1/2 my wife is haveing a realy hard time finding work before christmas and we realy have no family out here in new mexico any help that could be given would be a God send. If anyone can help it would be a greatly appriciated blessing……………Thomas

  77. Michelle Says:

    To all of you in need of help, I can not offer you money or gifts as I’m not able to provide for my own family but I can offer you some advice.

    1st and most important…please think about where you are posting!! Do not post your address, last name or phone number on the internet, you are trying to get help for your family but you may end up attracting the wrong kind of attention.

    2nd…I don’t think that too many will find gifts on this website, it’s more for suggestions of places to go to look for help…here are some places for you to look…
    locate your local salvation army
    Call 211 and ask about Christmas assistance or whatever other assistance you may need (great place to unload some of the stuff your kids have grown out of and also obtain gently used stuff for them for free with no financial restrictions)

    I hope some of this will help some of you and wish you all the best of luck. Times are rough for a lot of people right now so it’s important to remember to appreciate what you have. My family will be doing a sort of reverse Christmas this year. Instead of my kids asking for toys we’ve decided to go through all of their clothes and toys and things and give them to families who are in a worse situation then us. Instead of receiving gifts we will give them and remember the true meaning of Christmas. God bless you all.

  78. Noelle Landry Says:

    Hello, my name is Noelle Landry. I am a mother of 2 boys (8 & 2)and I need financial help for Christmas. My boys are sooo special and they deserve the best. I am hoping for a miracle during our time of need. Thank you

  79. julie napolitano Says:

    My name is Julie Im a single mother of 3 children and also have custody of my 2 neices. I am not working at this time. my fiance has been laid of from his job and we had to move out of state so that he could get a job that is not even paying all the bills.1 of My neices mother died at child birth ,than her grandmother ,my mother passed away and I have been caring for them its hard enough to take care of my own children but canot bare to not have my neices with me we are all they have.Im not sure were to go for help or who to aks without being judges,i do not want my kidsa to go to school and be the poor kids.

  80. angie v Says:

    hi my name is Angie i have 3 children a 15 year old boy, a 5 and 4 year old girls, and one girl on her way, my children are always talking about what Santa will bring them for christmas, and it breaks my heart to see their little faces light up when they talk about christmas, they are so excited, and i feel bad knowing that i wont be able to get them anything this year, their father is not making much, but is trying to save his pennies to buy them something, does anyway know were i can get help at least just for a toy? thank you and may god be with you all, merry x-mas [email protected]

  81. carol peterson Says:

    i really need help with christmas presents for my kids and rent electric anything will help,i go to bed crying,wanting a christmas for my kids i love so dearly,no income can’t pay the rent,or electric,please please some one help me.

  82. carol peterson Says:


  83. ALMA DANIELS Says:

    hello I have 1 daughter 9 yrs old and I am having a hard time this year because my hours have been cut, and I really cant afford christmas this year because our rent is behind and we are close to beening homeless if I dont get up this rent.So that why I could really use some help bad this year for my child.

  84. Patty Says:

    My name is Patty. I have a mildly retarded daughter who is 19 yrs old. I can’t get any help for her through social security or DFACS. I only make minimal wage and this is the first time since I had her that I can’t afford any gifts for her due to being out of work for surgery. We live paycheck to paycheck. If there’s anyone that knows anyone that might can help me get her a laptop for Christmas, PLEASE, please let me know. You can reach me at [email protected] Thank you & God bless.

  85. Rebecca Says:

    It seems like a lot of us are in the same boat. I’m a 26 year old mother of a 3yr old boy and 5yr old daughter, and will be declaring bankruptcy come 2010. It has been pretty hard to get any church charities and what not to be willing to help us, but I do not know how to approach these charities as I am not a member and have not been bold enough to try before. If anyone knows of an alternative route, please let me know. This year could turn out pretty ugly for my punkins :(

  86. jennifer Says:

    I am a 21 yr old mother who is married with two small children! Joshua who is 3 and Mikaylah who is 1 and 1/2! We really need help with out childrens chritmas this year! I have called different places for help and they have all told me something about the local school are picking the children who they believe are in need. I also tried to contact toys for tots and Harrison county is n ot covered! What am i suppost to do?

  87. marianne Says:

    Hello to whom it may concern:,

    my name is marianne, I have 5 children, I have been to several places that are supposed to donate or help with Christmas gifts, I have been told on several accounts that I was too late and theyre is nothing that they can do to help me. Ive been to the salvation army, Good Will, local dss office, and another place downtown where they are supposed to help with stuff too. I either got told that they are out of funds or I was too late. My Husband has not worked in over a month going onto two mo. How in the world can you as a parent tell your children that they wont be getting any gifts from SANTA? If there is anyone who can help me, I would greatly app. it. I myself usually is the one who collects donations to give to needy families,I have been doing this for the last 8 yrs, but this year the shoe is on the other foot, and I now need help. I thank you for taking the time for reading my comment, may god bless you all.. thank you.
    sincerely, marianne

  88. jenn Says:

    hi, there are so many people out there that need help this year, including me. i was also turned away from charity do to to many people in need. my husband was laid off this year. I have four girls 7,10,11,14. they understand the situation and that christmas will probally not b the same this year. its so very hard to get help i hope you all get help , i hope i do too. If not lets just all remember christmas is about family, love, Jesus and good spirit. If anyone just needs to talk or some support email me at [email protected] believe me i understand what its gonna feel like to tell ur kids there wont b a santa this year(i have to do it too) wishing all of us a christmas miricale bye guys.

  89. shelby Says:


  90. Amy Says:

    I am a single mother of two ans recently found out I am pregnant. After a bad fall at work /i started bleeding heavily and am now on bed rest indefinitely. I have no income now and Christmas is right around the corner. My kids are so excited and I have nothing for them. I have no family to help me and cant get around because of my condition. Where can I seek help without having to drive around too much? I am at my wits end.

  91. Strugglin parents Says:

    Hello, as I read these, I think I do not have a leg to stand on here, everyone needs help, most everyone is a single parent. I wish I could be on the other end of this feed, and help everyone of you out. I, unfortunately, am on the same end as you. I was a waitress, making good money during the summer, got laid off in September. I have three children, and a husband that works a salary job. With our income, he makes ‘too much money’ to get state assistance or anything like that. We have 5 people in our family. We stay home all the time, and find ourselves scrounging for change to put gas in the one vehicle we have to have him make it to work. We are looking to provide a Christmas for our 3 children. A little girl that is 7, and year old boy, and a lil boy that will be 2 in January. I have never asked for assistance before, so this is really crazy, and I feel dumb, and awkward asking for help. We are in a similiar boat as the one person I read earlier. Our tree, is leaning against our wall, because the leg is broken, we have broken beaded necklaces as garland, and we have one working light in our entire house. With all the bills and shut off notices, I am going down a depressed road. My kids open the pantry when it gets close to dinner, and my 7 year old says, “mom, there is nothing in here.” It makes me want to cry, but I know I have to be strong, and try to make the best of what we have. There is always someone that has it worse than I do. I am just looking for a little bit of help this Christmas. I never thought about the paypal account. I have one of those. The address for it is [email protected]. If you have a few extra dollars to help us out, that would be great. I would use the money for the children’s needs, and for a little bit of food in our house. I would greatly appreciate any help we could get! Thank you again. We would also take suggestions on anywhere else to go. Everywhere I have tried, (DHS, Salvation army, and food pantries) we make too much money :/ I do not know what else to do. My parents would help me, but my dad just had a total knee replacement so they are backed up as well. I am just so lost, and don’t want my children to see me cry, I need to have a miracle. Please help me and my family have a minor Christmas. Thanks!!

  92. Jennifer Says:

    It breaks my heart reading all the comments from people who are struggling. I’m a nurse, but was laid off a few months ago and I’m currently on unemployment. I’m also the single mother of a little boy. We aren’t going to have a lot under the tree this year, and instead of buying the clothes as we needed them I decided to wait so that the tree looks more full. However, we do have family and they will be giving us some small gifts as well, so I’m content with having some good food and company, and I know my child will be happy to decorate, listen to Christmas music and have hot chocolate. I realize we live in a nation of consumerism, and that some kids are looking for an xbox or a blackberry this year (I have one of those cheap prepaid phones for emergencies, but that’s it, and guess what? I’m happy with that!) however, there are ways to take the focus off of all the expensive crap that you don’t need and just have fun. Christmas may not be the same, but that doesn’t have to be a negative thing.

  93. Jennifer Says:

    PS. Remember The Grinch Who Stole Christmas, be like the whos!!!

  94. Sara Says:

    I have 3 kids who will not be opening not 1 present at all this year!!It breaks my hurt to know that I can’t give them anything!!!This is the first time we are going through this.I lost my apt. and my car.I see that it is hard on alot of people this year.All I ask for is lots of prayers for my family and I!!!I will do the same for everyone in need.Just remember as long as you have your family and there love and health than you should be bless and thank god for that!!I know you can’t tell a child that because they don’t understand but us grown ups, just try to MAKE IT THE BEST WE CAN FOR OUR KIDS!!!

  95. zack willner Says:

    i am my mothers payee and she is going through hell without my dad my job only lets me work 2 days a week and they pay me $46 a day i’m losing the house and the car the only thing i have left of my dad he was my friend and i was his i feel so lost with out him and my mother is going crazy i’ve stop my mother from joining my dad a few times she needs a shrink and i think i do to its been almost a year and i’m going crazy. if ANYONE can please help please let me know thanks. and may the best of you past be the worst of your future. your friend Zack i’m at [email protected]

  96. Annie Phillips Says:

    I am a mother of one and a step-mother of three children. I have been out of work for a while and have been unable to find a job. My husband is on disability, which barely pays our bills, and has recently found out that he has cirrhosis of the liver. We are unable to buy anything at all for our children for Christmas this year. I tried but have had no luck. If you are interested in looking, you can read my post at
    If anyone could find it in their heart to donate, we would greatly appreciate it.

  97. myneakka Says:

    my name is myneakka green i have a five year old boy. i was working at Frisco ids when they laid me off. i have no money no car and job. we stay in a cold basement until we can find something better. if you no of any job please, let me know thanks all and happy holidays [email protected]

  98. eva Says:

    i need some presents for my dauthers one is 18 years old the second one is 12 and the third one is 11 i need help plese i dont have a job and i live in a shelter home

  99. Klarissa Says:


  100. Teressa Willard Says:

    I would be so happy to be able to give my two a Christmas present this year! Last year I was in an auto accident on I-95. My 1st surgery was Nov. 08, I was able to give them 1 gift each. 2nd surgery was 12/31/08 & last was 7/31/09. My surgeon would not release me to go back to work due to my 25% range of motion in my neck that’s permanent. My employer held my job for 1 year then on 10/17/09 I lost my job & have been denied SSD. My son & daughter are full-time college students going on grants. They both work & they both help pay our bills! They truly deserve a Christmas present this year & I do not have any money! When I do, one thing is for sure….I will spread the wealth!

  101. Monica Wech Says:

    I am a mother of 6 children and need help with christmas this yr I have 1 boy that is 16 yrs, 1 boy that is 13 yrs, 1 girl that is 6 yrs, 1 girl that is 5 yrs , 1 boy that is 3 yr and 1 boy that is 7 months old please help us…

  102. Debbie Hagelgans Says:

    I am probably too late for help, but I will try anyways. I am a disabled mother of two disabled children. My son is 16 but is autistic. My daughter is 14 but has a very rare genetic terminal illness called mitochondrial disease. There is no cure or treatment for this disease, they can only treat some of the symptoms. Because of this she has epilepsy, cerebral palsy, and mental retardation. With great fatigue issues. My husband lost his job like everyone else in this economy. And the small amount of money we receive in unemployment, and disability is enough to pay the bills, put gas in the car and then whatever little we have left over goes to food. There is nothing left for Christmas, and it breaks my heart that we can’t provide. We never know from Christmas to Christmas when it will be my daughters last one, and any help that I can get would be ever so appreciated. Thank you

    God Bless,

  103. Toni Vaughn Says:

    I need help to get presents for my three kids. I,m on S.S.I and i can’t afford any presents. I have 3 girls and 1 boy. I would appreciate it if you can help me in this time of need. Thank you for your time and god bless you.

  104. Ann Says:

    Hello viewer,
    Out of all of the things that I can think that my children and I want for Christmas this year-here’s what comes to mind. (Everything) Here’s what came to mind with what we really need. We are in great need of a career. I went to school and I obtained an M.B.A in HRM and it seems as though you must know someone in this field in order to get a fair chance. All-in-all, I would like to make at least 47K and enjoy what I do. Merry Christmas!
    Memphis, TN

  105. Ann Says:

    I am willing to relocate.
    Memphis, TN

  106. Angela Says:

    I have 2 beautifuls daughters (ages 11 &13) and need help giving them a Christmas.My(what was supposed to be)soon to be husband took off 4 days ago and took every penny I had saved and scrapped together for Christmas.I have no family to help and just dont know what to do.If anyone knows of anyone or anywhere I can get some help with Christmas I’d greatly appreicate it..Merry Christmas and God Bless…I can be contacted at [email protected]

  107. sarah Says:

    hello. im new to this. i’am needing help with toys for my grandkids. i have 4 three girls and one boy. girls ages are 1. 10. and 8 the boy is 5. i can’t aford to get tem anything right now. my boyfriend is barley working and he build houses. and the weather and rain is making it hard on him. the toys can be barbies. bratzs. 2 games. disney moves any kind. boy likes spider man anything, trucks cars. hot wheels. also im asking for help to get a kind size conf. for my son’s bed. if anyone can help me please email me at [email protected] thank you and God bless you all. merry christmas. sarah.

  108. sarah Says:

    sorry i ment to say girl ages 12. 10. 8.thanks

  109. MOM TO 6 Says:


  110. Lisa Adams Says:

    Hi, I really wish me and my Mother could have a christmas this year we are staying in a shelter right now and have no money for gifts at all for eachother or anyoneelse for that matter.
    And it really stinks.” because christmas is such a magical holiday of miracles but yet there doesnt seem to be one for us.”I really would like this to be a goos christmas for us because this is the first christmas with out my moms husband for her they are seperated at the moment. And its been really hard for her because she got laid off of a job and so did I.

  111. Lisa Adams Says:

    please help thatnk you and God bless!

  112. HEIDI Says:


  113. Sarah Burgoyne Says:

    My Name is Sarah, I am a 31 yr old Single Mom of two children and a survivor of an abusive marriage, I have struggled to be a good provider for my children and do the best i can to survive. I am best qualified for retail management and working in this feild allows me to scratch out a meager living while not qualifying for public assistance or healthcare……I was recently fired from my Company for an illness and not having Health Insurance I was let go for absenteeism….Unemployment was denied and I have been plummetted into a deep depression and struggle daily to feed and clothe my children never mind holiday preparations…..I am dreading christmas and the dissapointment of my children…..Love and togetherness should prevail buit in this modern society outside pressures still affect the spirit….anyone willing to help in any way…..I am not above begging for the welfare of my children i live In albany Ny and am willing to do any work to repay any kindness or be legally bopund for repayment of any help offered…..I do not like the position I have found myself in and know there are many others in similiar or worse situations but I am highly motivated not to be here again and ask only for help bringing smiles to my beautiful girls faces this christmas…they are 11 and 5 my address is 120 S lake ave Albany ny 12208 [email protected] PLEASE….I have hope that all is not lost and that I do not suffer alone and that there are good samaritans out there….Were I to have the financial ability to do so and someday I will I have hope…I would and will help.

    Merry Christmas to you and yours!

  114. katie Says:

    hello I have 3 girls that really need help for christmas. In jan. my 3rd child was taken by c-section and was almost 2months early. having a premature baby has really taken a big chunk of money from us this year.If anyone can help out with ANYTHING please email me at [email protected]. My girls are 7yrs old, 4yrs old, and 11 months old. They will play with anytoys.

  115. Dawn Says:

    As I read all these posts I realized somethings. I am a mom of 4 wonderful children. They are 8,10,12,14. My husband was out of work this last October for the whole month. Unemployment wouldn’t pay him, because CA stinks. We have been fighting for back pay for over a month but there is noone there to help. Then when the rain came he was out of work another week. The week we were finally caught up on bills and were going to get to go Christmas shopping. We were 3 months behind on our car payments & so when he began working we had to pay out $2100 to catch up our car payments. We haven’t paid rent since September & I have only gone grocery shopping 2 times since October. Somehow we have managed to survive. Actually it is our faith in God that keeps us going.

    I have been feeling bad that I can’t get my kids any gifts this year. It has been very sad for me. But as I read these posts I see that we are not alone, first. And second that Christmas has become so commercialized. We feel the need to spend & buy and go. But that is not what Christmas is truly about. We have lost the true meaning of Christmas.

    I would love to give my kids some gifts under the tree. (we told our kids there was no money, so they wouldn’t be getting anything from us. Since that was the case, did they still want to buy a tree. We had a few dollars to buy a tree (since they are only $20) and the kids said yes. So we got them a tree). I am totally not in the mood to celebrate. It has been hard. My family can’t provide Christmas gifts for the kids. My husbands family doesn’t buy anything they would like so I feel very bad. But why? It isn’t about the gifts. It is about celebrating the birth of our Savior. It is a ‘religious’ holiday and it is not a ‘commercial’ holiday. We will leave that to Halloween.

    For all of you who can’t afford gifts, make it a special day some other way. Make it a family day, play all your favorite christmas movies, make hot cocoa, play some games together. Just celebrate each other and don’t feel bad for not being able to provide gifts under the tree. This is supposed to be a happy time, not a mournful season. Let’s not let the media tell us we are awful parents, grandparents, friends, aunt’s or uncle’s for not providing expensive wrapped presents under the tree.

    Maybe there are things you can make with things around the house. It may sound cheesy, but at least if you can have something to open, the kids would be happy. We can redeem the holiday, we just need to be creative.

  116. david Says:

    my name is david and i live in jacksonville florida and me and my wife lives together and we are behind in bills bad and i kno we will not have a christmas together because she had to take her check and pay all the bills i am currently not workin and havent been in 6months.i have did many applications but no one has called me back from either job that i have applied for and when i call them they tell me that they are not hiring at the moment we dont have any kids together.but i would like to be able to give her a gift for all the hard work that she has done to keep us together.we are fightin to keep food in the if i could just get a little help so we can have a nice christmas together. thank you and god bless you

  117. david Says:


  118. Debbie Says:

    I am trying so hard to find Christmas and hope for my kids this year. I am a single widow and I have gone back to school for a better life.In the mean time wow I can’t do anything for Christmas for them and I am having a very hard time with crying and not feeling to good cause if it. Social sec. took my rent and Christmas money away.Please help me make smiles on their faces. Thanks for hearing me out. Debbie Gamble, Delray beach Florida

  119. Amber Wash Says:

    lost every thing I worked so hard for have nothing now and trying to find a stable plase to live a car to suport my 4 year old and new born that will be here in septenber 10,2010 just started a little job making less than I did fore months ago and car was stollen please I was just in need for help for this up comming december My little girl is well mannored and well behaved she deservs it please help us. Thank you for your time. Amber Wash

  120. Michelle Bullock Says:

    Michelle Bullock:

    Have been hanging in there since my parents past away while I was pregnant with my now 2yr old. I lost my job during the economic crunch and have not been able to get back on my feet. My husband lost his position also and is about to finally graduate from ITT in December but that doesn’t help my children on a every day basis, let alone Christmas. For the last two years I have had to tell my children they have been wonderful but there are other children out there that are worst off, which is true. When am I going to be able to give them a little taste of Christmas the way it used to be. They are too young for me to tell them there is no Santa. How am I going to get awawy with it this year? Oh! Help me, please! I’m at my witts end. I can’t get work till my husband graduates and we can afford daycare so I can look for anything to do. I need help to make them feel like they are special and that there is a little magic left in this old world.

  121. patti andrew Says:

    My name is Patti, I have been raising my 7 year old Autistic grandson for 4 years. He has no contact with his mom. Recently I have been given custody of my 1 year old and 3 year old grandsons. I do work a part time job (all that I can find right now.) I need help with christmas for these little boys. They have been through so much and I just want them to have a good holiday. Please if anyone could refer me for some help I would greatley appreciate it.

    [email protected]

  122. Sally Says:

    hi everyone im also a single mom and dont really knw what to do my kids had no christmas last year but were younger and werent in school yet so didnt know they had missed anything but now my son is 4 and daughter is 2 and they are in school so they know about geting gifts for christmas now so im trying to see what i can do to create some sort of christmas for them. can anyone give me any advice plz?

    [email protected]

  123. annette crane Says:

    hi my name is annette im a mother of two pretty girls right now i am not working i have been out a job for 3 months looking for something but i can’t seen to find a job i really need help with my kids christmas i dont wont to look in there eyes and tell them that they wont have a christmas i know god wont put much on me that i cant handle im asking can some one please help my kids have a good christmas.

  124. crystal betley Says:

    My husband and I have 6 wonderful boys our youngest is 1. I took time off of work when he was born to be home with the kids. My husband was our provider but 3 1/2months ago we found out he has leukemia and is not able to work full time right now. We are strugling to pay the rent and utilities. Christmas is so soon and I don’t know what we are gonna do. If anyone can please help us or knows where we can get help I would greatly appriciate it. THANK YOU FOR YOUR TIME AND HELP. MAY GOD BLESS YOU. My email address is [email protected] if anyone is able to help.

  125. lauri manley Says:

    My Name Is Lauri,
    I am fortunate enough to have a husband that works every day, and does well for us as far as meeting our bills and rent. I am looking for help w/ christmas gifts for our Grandkids mike 12, and alyssa 10. They have had to come live w/ us as of 2 yrs ago. we amke rent and bills, but it doesnt leave much, and all I wish is to allow them to enjoy the same xmas as friends and family members. I just would like to apply somewhere for a little help in their gift recieving. Last xmas wasnt very good, as I just didnt have the money, we have 3 kids, and 7 grandkids. the other grandkids do well, as they have family to help, the 2 we have do not. no parents to buy, so its all up to myself and my husband. know wher i might find this help?

  126. Leota Tittle Says:

    I have custody of my two grand children 5 year old girl and a 4 year old boy . i am in a bind for christmas for them i am not working as of right now due to medical and i am having a hrad time with getting what they need for christmas if i could get help That would be great . i could even pay small payments to pay back please let me know … Thank you very much . [email protected]

  127. Kristy Says:

    My name is Kristy
    My husband was injured while working on a job (he works as a subcontractor- no workers comp) and was out of work for 3 months. When the doctor told him he had to have surgery and would be out for at least another 6 weeks we thought it was going to be tough. One week later I was laid off! That was 2 years, 2 months and 1 day ago. My husband had not one but 3 surgery’s but I was lucky enough to get 400$ a week in unemployment. By the time he was ready to go back to work there was nothing- the economy had bottomed out and no one was looking to paint their house or add on an addition. He picked up odd jobs here and there and we cashed in all our life insurance, my 401K and every last bond we had. By mid summer this year my husband had roughly 30 hours of work per week and things we looking better when his father was diagnosed with throat cancer. He flew to Florida to be with his dad during a very risky procedure and that drained our bank account again. Not to mention that with me no longer getting unemployment he was our only source of income so with him in Florida not working we had NO income for 2 weeks!
    Now we’re so far behind on all our bills that we rob peter to save paul every single week. Winter has historically been a rough time for us and this year it’s even worse. We’ve lost our house to foreclosure and my car, we have no health insurance because we can’t prove what my husband makes, one of our children is on medication and we can’t afford it anymore, food stamps wants the same proof of income and so we’ve lost those and now I have to think about Christmas?? UGH! I would love to buy my kids something really nice- just one thing each. But what I’d really love is a job. I would love to get paid every week again, and have health insurance and contribute to this family like I used to. I know there are a million people and counting out there who are in the same and even worse shape then us, but it’s so hard to go from owning a home and going out to eat to applying for foodstamps and begging for the electricity to not be shut off! My kids deserve better… And I feel like a horrible mother for not being able to provide it for them.

  128. melissa tristani Says:


  129. Kim Land Says:

    My name is Kim and I am a grandmother who is raising 5 of her grandchildren I have 4 girls 10,7,6,5 and 1 little man age 3. We have had custody of our 10 yr old for 5 yrs after her Mom signed her over to us and the other 4 got them in Jan. of 08 took custody of them in June of 08. We gave our daughter 6 months to get herself straightened out and unfortunately that did not happen. I left my career in 09 to care for them on a full time basis cause child care was so expensive:( we now live on my husbands income which barely pays our bills but we keep moving forward. I know there are lots of families out there that are struggling and my heart goes out to everyone that has to ask for help cause children are a blessing and deserve to have a good christmas. Thank you for all your help in years past and the years future. Kim Land

  130. taina lee Says:

    hi i have 6 kids anthony boy16 nicory boy14 jonthan boy13 christain boy9 tatiana girl6 alexander boy4 my husbean only makes 350.aweek and i am pending m ssdi but havent got aproved yet i suffer depession and other things but i just hope someone can be kindand help us out the kids ask me for all kind of stuff all year round and i always say i dont have money ringht wait untill christmas now on christmas i dont want to desapoint them please help and thank u

  131. TANYA RAYMOND Says:

    hello i really need help got a 13 boy and i cant get him nothing for christmas and it breaks my heart im fighting for disability please help me out any one my e-mail is [email protected] if you want to talk about anything thanks

  132. Shyla Says:

    I have never been in a situation like this where I’ve had to ask for help. I’m a single mother with four beautiful girls ages 10, 9, 5, and 9 months. I have recently lost both my jobs, my car and I’m about to get evicted from my apartment. I have no where to go and have no idea what to do, but I do know my girls deserve a Christmas and I’m not sure I can provide it for them. If there is any help out there can you please inform me. Thank you and God Bless.

  133. April Gonzalez Says:

    hi my name is april gonzalez iam a single parent with 2 children a boy who is 12 years old and a daughter who is 3 years old i need help iam barely making it with my ssi checks living from check to check i dont have extra money to buy my kids any presents this year is there anyway u can help even if its clothing for them something is better then anything! thank u for your time and patient god bless u

  134. mary tallman Says:

    grammy’s wish is for daughter et grandkids to have christmas, special christmas this year. daughter scrapingto make ends meet.make my wish come true

  135. Quin Says:

    Hi my name is Quin. I have 4 children and haven’t been able to get a job for months. I have a 16 year old son, 6 year old daughter, 4 year old daughter, and a 1 year old son. I tried the Salvation Army but they weren’t accepting any more applications.

  136. Kiera Says:

    We are a struggling single income family with 4 children under the age of 6. We never know weather or not we will need help until just before christmas. unfortunately at that point there are no places offering christmas help for us. We do not want to take away from another family who truly can not get a christmas for their children. We will most likely need some help this christmas with my husband being self employed and things have not gone well once again this year. We will do our best and give our children what we can. I hope that everyone needing help gets it!

  137. Destini Says:

    I am 22years old and a single mother of 2 boys i’m unemployed I have been looking for some help with Christmas coming around i’m not sure what I will do in order to get them gifts if anyone can help me and my family out I would really appreciate it.
    Thanks Alot

  138. Charlene Northup Says:

    Live in NKY cincy area, can’t find any programs that arent already full. Please email with any advise. 2 boys 3yr. and 5yr.old [email protected]

  139. audrey Says:

    hi my name is audrey me and my husband both are disabled we dont have any income we have a 16 year old daughter and we would really like some help so we can get her a really good christmas we dont like to ask for help but like other people we really need it thank you very much if you can help please let me know at [email protected] and again thank you

  140. Heather Smith Says:

    I am a 16 year old, teen mom. No job, but been looking like crazy. I have a 8 month old baby boy. I want his first christmas to be great! i need help

  141. linda Says:

    My name is linda i have three kids 8 boy,7 girl,5 boy.I am a singlel hard working mom. I need help with gifts this year and were i live there is no help with gifts. If anyone can find it in there heart to help my kids and me out I thank you from the bottom of my heart. God bless. my number is 219-380-2322 And again thank you for even reading this and taking the time out of your day.

  142. Vivian Says:


    My name is Vivian & I live in Lee’s Summit, Mo, I am a single mother of 2. My daughter is 18yrs old & son is 15. And I am without a job and no money. I can not afford to purchase christmas. I really do not want to go to an organization for help because they do not give you the gifts that your sponsor person purchased. I just need help. Thank you.

  143. Joyce Crandle Says:

    Hello my name is Joyce Crandle and I am a single parent with 4 children. Their names are Najea 6, Miracle 5, Omarion 4, and Kevin 3. It has been a struggle for me and my kids but I try to maintain somehow. I love my kids with all my heart and nothing means more to me than for them to have the best Christmas but I don’t have the money. I appreciate anything that you can do for me. I would truly love to see their faces light up with smiles and learn the true meaning of the holiday.. to give love and share. I truly thank you from the bottom of my heart and may life bring you joy and prosperity. My e-mail address is [email protected].

  144. Debbie Sprauer Says:

    Hello i am disable i do recived 600 a month from ssi i moved to tn raising my 2 grandaughters Daizy age6 in kindergarden, and Adrianna 4,,, i do get food stamps and 140 from state aide(human Resources)bills come to729 a month and rest is for tp soap ect .. all i am asking for is present for girls and clothes i try toys for tots and angel tree guess i am 2 late,,,, also we will take used stuff in good condistion we moved here all my stuff got left we have a love seat, and card table for kitchen,, 2 beds ,, so if anyone can help with funiture we would be gratefulll….i tryed free cycle but here in clarksville there nothing … please feel free to email me ty for reading this
    god bless you all

  145. Brandy Says:

    I am a mother of two and i have one disabled little girl and a son and I need help but we live in the state of Ms so there isnt much help and i just dont know what to do i need help to get my kids some christmas because they are to young to understand that momma and daddy just dont have the money.. I just dont know what else to do thanks for the time for me to beable to ask and if someone can please find it in their hearts to help..

  146. Roberta Says:

    This is not for everyone; as many people do what they can. However, this will be the 2nd time in 14 years that we were not dirt poor and barely hanging in there….and not just at Christmas time. I have two children, and was behind the 8-ball financially since they were toddlers.

    I managed to provide a modest Christmas every year though! Cut your internet. Do you really need cable? Water is free and healthier then all the soda. I know I sound horrible with that; but its true.

    I hated not having the non-necessities, but it provided enough money to shop clearance sales throughout the year so there would be presents tucked away for birthdays and Christmas. My kids never got the expensive stuff, but were always happy to have some board games we could all play, a gift certificate to the dollar theater, books, or whatever odds and ends were on sale.

    I’m grateful not to be in this position any longer; but it makes me angry to know that I went without 99% of all non necessities for 12ish years and never asked for help. (I will be honest and say that one of those years my older son’s second grade teacher dropped by with quite a few nice gifts for both kids; but we did not ask her to do so.)

    Turn off the internet for a few months. The library allows you to get online for free. Spend a dollar for some teabags and make iced tea instead of all the soda; and drink water. Learn to cook meals from scratch and cut all the grocery expenses associated with the “easy” meals, and fast food. Get rid of cable and check out movies at the local library for free as a weekend treat. People lasted generations without a cell phone. It is still possible today. Get rid of it.

    It is amazing how much money you save weening yourself off the above. Its not easy, but it works. Watching your kids opening presents you were able to provide by not pouring your excess money into crap feels pretty great too.

  147. Holly Miller Says:

    Hi my name is Holly and Im a single mother of 3 children and I live in Michigan. I am disabled and unable to work. I really need help at this time for the Holidays. The father of my children left us and moved to Florida with out even telling us and didnt call home for a month and has not been home since and has sent no money for our children ages 13,8 and 18months. If you know anywhere that could help us please contact me. [email protected] Thank you so much for your time and God Bless

  148. carolyn Says:

    To WHo it may concern: My name is Carolyn , I have two beautiful, children , 14 year old boy and a 10 year old daughter.. I have never had to do this.. But my husband has been laid off and had emergecy surgery . My income is only one provideing..Christmas is around the corner and have no extra for christmas for my well deserving kids..IT breaks my heart because they do deserve a christmas..but i have no means..just wondering if u have any ideas of help we could get for them for christmas..I know u probably get alot of letters and people asking the same but hope u take the time to contact me..

  149. Jenne McNeil Says:

    Hello my name is Jenne I’m 22 year old I have 6 daughter 7,5,4,3,2, and 1 I really need help for christmas I’m trying so hard to get them something for christmas I been looking for a job it hard when I go to school I just need help please help you can e-mail at [email protected]

  150. Ana Says:

    Hi,I need help for christmas this year because I have a lot of kids and no income my husband was the provider and he is not here now, my kids and myself have been thru a lot of things, things that are inimaginable, things that I woldn’t wish on my worst enemy if I had one, which thanks God I don’t. I know that some day I will be able to help someone out there, but for now I wish someone can help us. My kids are going thru so much now, and the last thing I want, is for them to not have a good Christmas. God Bless and thanks for any help we can get from anyone.

    [email protected]

  151. Le'keisha Davis Says:

    Hello my name is Lekeisha Davis i am a single mother of two boys age 11 and 4 years of age. I am currently unemployed and need help with feeding clothing and toys this year for them both. I’ve been struggling trying to take care of them both being they are both born with an illness. PLEASE HELP US WE WILL GREATLY APPRECIATE IT. Thanks! please email me [email protected]

  152. kimberly Says:

    hi im a 20 yr. old mom with a 4 year old and a new born thats due anyday and i cant get either one of them anything for christmas!!!! i didnt want things to come to this to get help from people i dont know but i cant let my kids get up on christmas day and look under the tree and there be nothing there but the tree skirt. can someone please help me on what i should do to help gets my boys something for christmas please email me if anyone can help [email protected]!!!! thank you so much

  153. Mary Nedved Says:

    Hi My Name is Mary and I need help with chrismas. I have been unemplyed for 1 year now and i can not find a job. My boy is 13 and all he whats is food to be on the table most of the time. He just whats clothes and food. please help out family. you can email me at [email protected] thanks and god bless

  154. David Thompson Says:

    Its quite humbling but i need help. I am a father of 3 and do to some poor choices in my past I have not been able to work. Through Gods grace I have been sober for 11 months now, obtained my G.E.D. and I start college Jan. 3, 2011. I know my children should not have to pay for my mistakes. Only swallowing my false pride for them. Thank You David Thompson

  155. Michelle Says:

    Hello, My name is Michelle Wilhelm, I am desperatly writing you in the
    hopes of help. Me and my fiance Jason Waulk have four children all girls ,
    three of them are his from a previous marriage we have permanent custody of
    them..we gained it a few years ago after there mom lost them to state for
    good and we stepped up and did what we had to do to get them from foster
    care to our home. His children are in therapy once a week, and see a
    psychiatrist once a month..They all three are on lots of medicine because
    they are ADHD, have sleeping problems, attachment disorders, anger
    problems, and just some problems as a result of being put in foster homes a
    number of times while living with their mom and then being taken from her
    completely and being told they would never be able to live with her again.
    Our middle daughter Jenna also only has one hand she was born without fingers on the other so things in general are hard for her plus she has been made fun of alot. They have numerous problems as a result of all the have been through they
    struggle in school at times, they have behavior problems which is natural
    for any kid who has gone through every thing that they have, they now only
    get see there mom every other weekend and the courts put visitation rights
    on us because she technically has no rights to them but we allow her to see
    them but have the right to stop visits at any time if we feel necessary.
    They are also in the process of the divorce proceedings which will finalize
    everything but is tough on the children because they now understand mommy
    and daddy will not get back together. Since we have had custody of his
    three children we have tried to provide them with a stable home with love
    and structure to get them back on track. They are getting better with time
    but still have problems but our at least happy now and know they are loved
    and in a home where they will be taken care of. In the past year though we
    have fell on some hardships last december I became pregnant after being
    told years prior that i would never be able to get pregnant due to large
    amount of cysts on my ovaries, but as a suprise and miracle I did become
    pregnant. Unfortunately during this pregnancy I became high risk with a
    variety of problems and was not allowed to work, was limited to how long I
    could be up. My fiance was the only one working trying to pay all our bills
    we had to move from a house to an apartment where we lost alot of space, he
    worked as many hours as possible but only making 7.75 an hour even working
    over fourty hours a week we still got behind. On top of all this our cars
    transmission decided to stop working all besides first gear so we dont have
    a car we can drive. So we have to rely on cabs or others or mostly walking to get where we
    need to go. We do not recieve any child support from his childrens mother
    because she will not keep a job once they start making her pay. So we soley
    rely on his income to support our house hold. On september 11 I gave birth
    to our daughter by emergency c sections because of complications she is now
    seven weeks old and doing pretty well. Unfortunatly after seeing my doctor
    for my six week check up they found some complications and will only
    release me to work no more than twenty hours a week when I am released. Unfortunatly with four kids and only him working and trying
    to get caught up and keep our bills paid. We find ourselves in the holiday
    season with no money to buy christmas gifts for our children. They are
    great kids who have been through alot and have been trying hard to behave
    and do everything can to help out with home chores and everything. They
    have even been trying to improve in school and are just getting settled
    back in to a normal life again. We do not want to disappoint them without
    being able to provide a christmas because they deserve one we our just
    finacially not able to do it so we are asking for help. We do not have a
    car so we can not get to a place to sign up for help. We know
    you all provide help to families in desperate need . I was wondering if there was a way
    that you all could help us since we have to walk everywhere and this is our only hope to provide our kids with something. I can send who ever all
    the information on the children or family any information
    at all you need i can provide…I am just begging for help because I have
    no way to get to anywhere to get some…I am desperate please help us
    provide a christmas for our children. If you can help in any way please let
    us know I will get you any info needed. Also my childrens names and ages
    are Haley Jo Waulk age 13, Jenna Lynn Waulk age 10, Kaitlyn Paige Waulk age
    9, Caliah Trintiy Nicol Waulk age 7 weeks and we live at 575 main st apt 4
    Lawrenceburg Indiana 47025 I am a desperate mom and I just dont want to see my kids faces on christmas morning when they have nothing. you can contact me at [email protected] if you can help

    Thanks and God Bless You,
    Michelle Wilhelm

  156. Jamiliah Says:

    Hi my name is Jamiliah I’m 22 a single mother of two. Javon 3mths and Kamarah 4yrs old. My son is serious ill in the hospital as we speak my daughter is living wit friend untill my son get released from the hopital, we dont know when that would be he has a baterica virus and since he’s so young all they can give him is antibiotics. He;s in so much pain he just fusses all day long so we all praying for him to better. I havent even seen my daughter in over a week due to me helping out my son. All I really want is for my family to be together for christmass and for my kids to have christmas help. But I am unable to provide them I currently not working and I unalbe to afford my rent and bills. This would be my sons first christmas so I want both of my kids to remeber it. I really am in need of someone help please help and pray for my son. [email protected]

  157. bobbi Says:

    my name is Bobbi I am a single disbaled mom of 3 2 girls 12 and one who will soon to be 5 Dec. 21st and a boy who is 8 I have searched for places in my area for help with Christmas funds and I have found none I live in Newnan Georgia. I am totally lost if anyone can help me find places or can help my kids with Christmas this year please let me know. Thank you in advance and God Bless You All.
    [email protected]

  158. Christina Says:

    My name is Christina. I am from Minnesota and I have 5 children and a disabled Husband. I am writing here for any help I can get. We are unable to get any gifts this year for our children or other family memebers. We are living on a very low income. We are about to lose our house. I am very sorry for those of you who think that people like us are in need of help even though we are able to work. Well in some peoples cases like mine I am able to work but when you have a Husband that is Disabled and Children that need you in the home you have no choice but to stay and take care of them. We do recieve food assitance from our local Social Services. But when you are living only on V.A benifits (and believe me it’s not very much) and a ex-husband that is not paying child support you have to go and get all the help you need. I am very sorry for venting here but it’s the truth!! I love my kids very much and would do anything for them. Our kids from oldest to youngest is Shilo age 12, Shawn age 11, Damien age 9, Matthew age 8, and Jenny age 7. These are my little angels. I just want them to have a good Christmas, they haven’t had one in a long time. I left this post/message looking for any advice or help PLEASE!! If you have any advice or help of any kind please send me an email at [email protected]

  159. Tiffani Says:

    hey my name is Tiffani. i have a little gril. Her name is becca when she was born on 9/5/2009. as soon as she was born she had to have sugery on her nose she could not breath. so she was sent to TC. she stayed their for about 2 months. it was hart breaking. but now that she is a year old i dont have the money to get her anything for christmas. my husband dont work anymore. i stayed @ home with her while my husband went to work everyday. one evening he got a call from his work and they told hime not to come back. so now we got bills to pay we have rent that is $450.00 a month and cant seem to pay it. im just asking for your prayers to bless my husband to get a job and help us out with christmas for my little gril. all i do is cry thinking about not having the money to get her anything. i just hope that you could help me out. thank you.

  160. jennifer mccarthy Says:

    hi my name is jennifer i am 19 years old single mother of 3 wonderful babies..that i cant aford to buy christmas for do to no job and welfare has cut me off cash aid so i dont have money..if there is someone out there that can help i would realy enjoy to see my children smile on christmas..thank you

  161. sherry Says:

    just wanted to know how to get help with christmas presents for my kids i have 3 kids 12,9,4 an we are having a hard time were low income family

  162. Nancy Cardwell Serfass Weiss Says:

    i’m here to say there is no place to get help where we live, we r grandparents and don’t have the money to buy for them,this hurts so bad,we have no car to go see them,so what r we to do

  163. Tina Lillie Says:

    Hi My name is Tina Lillie
    I am a grandmother to 2 lovely granddaughters and 3 grandsons. My husband and I are on disability and we just found out that we owe $1000.00 back rent. I know that my husband made a big mistake-I didn’t know about the rent problem. I have been praying that their will be a mircile for christmas and that we can get help for christmas. I want so much to get someting for my grandchildren. I do love them with all of my heart. Please,please help me find someone to help us. Or even more than one person or agency. If we don’t get the help we might be evicted before the christmas even comes. Thank you My email address is [email protected]

  164. stephanie Says:

    im a mother of 5 and im really haven a hard time i was in a bad wreck a year ago and just now got better i dont have themoney to get my kids anything for christmas and its hurtin me really bad i have a son that was born on christmas and one born onthe 22 of dec i just wont all 5 of my wonderful kids to have a christmas thaey r the most inportant thing to me i cant stand to see there heart broke my plz help me god bless u

  165. stephanie Says:

    sorry i posted earlier i only told bout my 2boys i have a 15 yr old who will b 16 on christmas a17yr old a 9 yr old a 10year old who will be 11 dec 22 they r all boys and i have a 12yr old daughter plz find in ur hearts to help us i dont wont to see them sad we have went with out alot god bless u

  166. christina elam Says:

    i am a single mom to 3 kids. i need help to get my kids what they need for christmas. i work but all my money seems to be going for bills right now

  167. tanisha mccollumn Says:

    i will start off by giving thanks to my lord and savior i would just like to say that i am doing this for my kids i can get by with what i have already had to do without it is hard but there is a time and place for everything i have just learned to trust god i have five resposibilities ages 2 3 9 11 and 13 and we have been through a whole lot starting with 2007 i had my 4th child which almost cost me my life she is now 3 but when i had her i had a incident i somehow how a stroke and two brain anorisms and was in the hospital for a few months i had blood clots in my legs it was a horrible event in my life and i had all kinds of wrong done to me but by the grace of God im still here struggling but here social security keeps denying me but im going to keep praying i just want my kids to have a christmas this year thats all hopefully someone can help make that possible god bless

  168. tanisha mccollumn Says:

    we r praying for this year in 2010 to be our season our family has been through so much from me having a stroke and two brain anorisms in 2007 living without an income because of this horrific event that occured in my life from someone running a red light in feb 2010 totalling my 98 dodge caravan that transported my family from point a to b to being left with absolutely nothing if anyone could help put a smile on our familys face this holiday please contact me at [email protected]

  169. jane mccarthy Says:

    I am a single mom of 2 boys I just need a little help for Christmas. I work but my hours were cut the child support stopped and my house is in froclosure.My bank account is in the red and i have no money to buy food or pay my bills. I am trying to find a second job but my car died and i can’t seem to save to get another one. Thank you for your time jane mccarthy

  170. Michelle Says:

    I am a single mom working a full-time job with a 11 year old and a 2 year old to try to raise the best I can.Christmas is a depressing time of year for me because I don’t have money to buy them gift’s and keep up with the bill’s as well. If anyone knows of where to get help or anything else, please help me.I need to get them a few things for christmas.I tried going to different chairities in the area and I am unable to get help,they either say their list of helping people is complete or,we will call you back if we can help.Then don’t call at all.My e-mail is( [email protected] )if their any info available. Wish you all a Merry X-Mas and pray your children don’t have a disapointing holiday.

  171. jackelyn mccann Says:

    My name is Jackelyn Burkeen. My husband and I had been living paycheck to paycheck, doing okay until we both lost our jobs, and were both denied unemployment. As the time gets closer, we are more and more worried about giving our 2 yearold daughter (and my 7yearold step-son who does not live with us) presents for Christmas. We barely have the money for gas to get to job interviews or to keep food on the table. Any help for us would be SO greatly appreciated. They are such wonderful, happy, unselfish children and they deserve the best..far more than what we can give them right now. We can be contacted at email address [email protected] or phone number 908-943-7295. thank you<3

  172. CERNA GARCIA Says:


  173. Need help Says:

    I am a single mom to one daughter. daughter is 4years old.
    I was left from husband 5 month ago.because Domestic Violence…
    and We went to Shelter.We lived shelter about a month.then I found job.I left and moved here.But My dauther was ill she was in the hosplital 3days…so I was absent 3time and I got notice from company and lost job about 2monts ago.I am appling job everyday.but I still can not get job.
    I can not pay bill,can not get christmas present for my daughter,even We dont have furniture,tv,,,,,
    I am getting food stam and TANF for daughter
    I am imigrant so I can not get TANF and Medicade…
    I am not get child support.
    I want to give her to christmas present.
    Please,please help us find someone to help us. Or even more than one person or agency or hire me.
    Thank you.

  174. Need help Says:

    sorry I forgot my email add is
    [email protected]
    Thank you again.

  175. Morales Says:

    hello I am single mother of two boys 8 and 4.. I have no support from any one, my oldest son ’s father serving a life sentence and the 4 year old serving a 3 year sentence. I work for a minimum wage and going to school part time, this year will be another sad x mas, where i cant get my kids what they really want, which my kids understand mommy sometimes dont gave the money for it, but it really breaks my heart, last x mas i remember asking my 8 years old son what did he want for x mas, and he just looked at me and smile and said nothing, and i said what u mean nothing??? and he was its okay mommy i know u dont have no money its okay, and that just broke my heart and i couldnt stop my tears, since who would ever think of an 8 year old not wanting anything for x mas, but i would appreciate it any one who can help.. my email address [email protected].. Thank you all

  176. mindy smith Says:

    hello i am a mother of 4 kids and my boyfriend has one of his owe and he’s the only one working right now i am looking for work but no luck right now.we are trying to make ends meet and its hard are wish this year is to make our kids happy and to see them smile again that would be the best gift ever.

  177. dionne felton Says:

    i am a single mother of 3 children. i have no job, i have multiple sclerosis & hiv. i receive unemployment benefits but when im done paying bills and my rent, i dont have money for the rest of the month. with xmas coming up idk what im going to do for their xmss gifts. my youngest is 11 months old & his birthday is dec. 23rd. please, if someone can help me with their gifts & my baby’s birthday, i would be very grateful

  178. Courtney Geary Says:

    I have an 8 month old daughter this is her first christmas…I am unemployed at this time..I need help getting gifts for her..PLEASE PLEASE help…Thank you..

  179. Adam Miller Says:

    Tis the season not to have a tree and no lights With that no smile delights from the kids faces, i am trying different places to see if there help to get some gifts under the belt time is getting near so please be so dear to lend a helping hand with a smile and hope this Christmas ends very delightful…..

  180. michelle Says:

    Hey I can’t get out to the local charities for just had a baby march 2th, I have a hard time walking on a bad leg and foot. It 1/4 mile to the bus stop and two of the kids have asthma and getting them out in this tarrible weather makes them worse.I am on FIA but can’t get help with no transportation.

  181. sharnell Says:

    Hi my name is Sharnell and i have three kids 2,4,8 and i am a single mom who don’t get nothing from the dad and i dont get alot of money i get 397 a month from DSHS for my kids that’s not enough
    so i really need your help.

  182. kathy smith Says:

    my name is kathy im a single mom of 2 kids i have a 14year old and a 11 year old and this month my daughter has a learning diosbility and back in june she get ssi and back in june they need some papers sent in and i did now they took her check for decber saying the didnt get it i said why they wate so long to tell me that they didn get it so praythey get it backnow i want get my kids nothing fro christmas and the department of social services wont help i just dont understan whyh they cant i work and payed all they taxes in now when need help its not ther mad

  183. michele henson Says:

    I am 54 and have Multiple Sclerosis, I work 8 hrs. a wk. and I would like to give my granddaughter a nice X-mas. Can I get help? Thank You, Michele Henson

  184. michele henson Says:

    Any help would be appreciated.

  185. Genevieve Hobb Says:

    hi I need help to buy gifts this year i have had 13 surgerys and lost my job I don’t know what to do my son is not working at the moment and has four kids and my house is having flood problum’s because the sewer needs to be fixed please help us if you can. have am feeling really ashamed because i have always been
    able to help others and now I can’t my gob bless you

  186. Ora Dorsey Says:

    Hi my name is ora I’am a mother single mother of two wonderful children, and can’t afford to get them anything for christmas. Iam working a part-time job which give me not enough to pay the bills or all of the rent. I have been trying to find a full time position but it had been very hard to do so. Please help me to make their holiday be bright

  187. Ora Dorsey Says:

    You can email me at [email protected]

  188. Valerie Says:

    Hi my name is Valerie and I’m a single mother of 3 she’s an9,7 and 1i have no money to get them anything for Christmas and all I go us cry everyday. they ate the best kids gets great grades help me. I suffer from fibermyalgia and sometimes can’t even move. I have no family or help and everywhere I called said I was to late. What am I going to do. Please help me email me at [email protected]

  189. jessica williams Says:

    I have one daughter she is 3 years old i can’t pay the rent let alone gifts i just want to know where i need to go to ask for help every year we donate gifts for toys for tots but this year we need the help i’m 25 and i’m a single mother and need the help of other please let me give her 3 gifts and i will repay toys for tots or anyother who can help when i get back on my feet

  190. ray stofko Says:

    i worked 27 years as garbage man now my unemployment ran out . i hav a 13 year old daughter that has seizers . and i gave my landlord my last check and still ow him 450. he served me with eviction papers. i sold my desesed dads julerry. i tryed so hard to get work. i cant beleve we might be homless for the holidays after i worked all my life. i am now 44 year old dad i cant even get a tree. someone please help for my daughters sake. i do not want to tell her we hav to take her cats to the pound for christmas. if anyone can give me work , i will do allmost anything to stop the pain . ray stofko po. box 634 shirley.n.y. 11967

  191. pat Says:

    hi my name is pat i am a single grandmother trying to raise seven grandkids from the age of 3years old to the age of 17years old. the reason that i have them is that there parent leave them in a house in north carolina i has to go and get them . i dont get any help for them because i am waiting on all of there paper work from n.c. we live on my income of 965.00 a month.they want thing for christmas but i can’t afford anything for them because after i pay the bills i have nothing. i call places and they said because i don’t have all of there paper work i can’t get help. i only had them for about two months and i am not going to be able to get them anything for christmas. if there are any one out there that can help me please e-mail me at [email protected] i will give you the imfortant of if you live in the Austin,tx please help us God will bless you for all of your help again thank you

  192. Kristin Says:

    Hi. I need money to get away from my ex with my 2 children and pregant with another. He abused me for almost 3 years. I have a plan to leave I just need help with being able to get out. The money will be for movers, a rental and an apartment. I dont have any family to go move in with or any friends (i am not aloud to talk with anyone), and I once I leave I wont be comming back. I have hit my rock bottom. I need an act of GOD! SO please I hope this wish comes true.

    Iam a single mom and I have 2 children. I am a online FT online student going for my Bach Degree with a computer that doesnt work. I am hoping for some help for my children for xmas. I wont be able to get a tree but maybe some presents. I am to late to try and get Toys for Tots so here I am. My son is 2 he will be 3 Jan 4th. He loves MIckey Mouse ClubHouse, cars, trucks, Bikes (motorcyles.) and football (Ravens). My daughter is 19 months and she loves Elmo, babies, pretending cooking, and playing kitchen. My kids believe in Santa and I have a little countdown thing we do every morning. It would be a dream to have them open something on Christmas morning. Mommy wants an Ipad BUT Mommy will wait. :0) thanks for listening.

  193. Kristin Says:

    Iam a single mom and I have 2 children. I am a online FT online student going for my Bach Degree with a computer that doesnt work. I am hoping for some help for my children for xmas. I wont be able to get a tree but maybe some presents. I am to late to try and get Toys for Tots so here I am. My son is 2 he will be 3 Jan 4th. He loves MIckey Mouse ClubHouse, cars, trucks, Bikes (motorcyles.) and football (Ravens). My daughter is 19 months and she loves Elmo, babies, pretending cooking, and playing kitchen. My kids believe in Santa and I have a little countdown thing we do every morning. It would be a dream to have them open something on Christmas morning. Mommy wants an Ipad BUT Mommy will wait. :0) thanks for listening.

  194. meranda Says:

    Well hello, merry christmas. Im not looking for toys or food. Im looking for help to pay mortage payment and buy medicine, or cash for dry goods{tp, tooth paste, soap}. If there is help out there, I need it. We are unemployed and living on disability. We have food stamps but nothing else. Santa can find me online @ [email protected]. May God Bless Us All.

  195. Joseph Says:

    I am a father of four children, two daugthers 2 and 6 and two boys 8 and 13. Due to hard times and trying to keep food on the table, roof over our heads and all the utilities on, I will not be able to provide my family with a Christmas. All my children need are winter clothes. I am blessed to have children that don’t expect a lot but, they deserve it. I tried to pick up a second job but jobs do not come easy these days. My wife and I have sold everything we could, even our wedding rings, to keep us a float. Next is all our furniture. I have been blessed with great in-laws that have helped us but they are struggeling now too. I really do not know what to do. If anyone could help that would be a blessing. If possible I would love for my wife to have something to open too, she deserves it.

  196. lakesha Says:

    i am a single mom with 5 kids 2 girls 15 & 17 and three boys 8,11,14. it’s hard right now for me, haven’t had a job in a year and i just want my kids too really be happy!! so god can you please send a angel my way!! thanks and god bless!!!

  197. Heather cusimano Says:

    Hi i hope someone is there to get this, my husband and i had saved every last dime to make Christmas work for my 4yr old son cjay and my lil’ girl adryann 3yrs old im not asking alot just for their smiles that morning

  198. Dana Says:

    Hi,I was wondering where to get help for christmas also?I am a single mom of three who works and I am also in college and it seems to me the ones who try can not get any help but the ones who sit around and wait for a handout get all the help they need.I think if somebody can’t find a job they should be required to go to school to get any help that way they improve their skills to get a job.

  199. Maleena Says:

    We are a family of 6 and we are struggling to keep our heads above water this xmas we have 2 young childres a girl age 14 and a boy age 5 with a new morgage and we are having trouble with buying presents for the 2 young ones we also have 2 older boys in there 20’s but they are not the one’s im trying to buy prtesents for if anyone can help us or give us some suggestions as to where to go it would be greatly excepted. we live near Helena, MT in a raul area and deperatley need assistance this year. i can be reached at [email protected] or [email protected] thanks for your time.

  200. arianna Says:

    My sons christmas gift recently got stolen annd I am unable to buy another gift,I would really appreciate any help that I can get,my children are 7 and 1 years old.


  201. DONALD Says:


  202. brandy Says:

    i am a single mother of oldest is 19,next 12,and my youngest is 5yrs old.i left an abusive relationship over 4yrs ago and i have been struggling ever since.i work fulltime,but i work for tips.the tips have been bad for abt a year now.i am very tired and just dont have enough to buy christmas gifts for my children this ex took everything we owned and put us through complete children are very good kids and have been through so much.i want them to be happy on christmas so im asking if there is anyone out there who is able to help a family for christmas,that they please consider helping us?i dont know where else to go,every place i’ve looked for help cant help anymore people.i know there are alot of people who need help this year so i will be a very lucky person if someone sees this and can help…i also know my chances are slim to none..but i have no other option but to try!or if anyone sees this and knows of a place still offering help please let me know?thank you!!

  203. brandy Says:

    for the comment above…if someone is able to help me to give my 3children a few gifts for christmas,my email address is.. [email protected] thank you from the bottom of my heart!!

  204. shari reid Says:

    hello my nam is shari reid and this year for christmas I am not able to do for my children the way I usually do!!! It hurts so much to know that I cant provide for them I really would like to but I know it wont be this way forever but to see that look on my 5 year old daughter and my 1 year old son face when christmas morning comes and they have nothin!!! I need some help and a few blessings for this christmas and the year to come

  205. Melissa Says:

    My name is Melissa, I am married and a mother of four children, ages 1, 5, 15 and 17. My husband has been unemployed for the last year and receives no unemployment compensation. I am disabled and unable to work. I receive a small SSI check every month but this is not enough to make ends meet, let alone provide a Christmas for my children. I have looked for local organizations to provide assistance and have not found anyone that can help. I’m humbling myself to this website hoping and praying that some kind soul will read this and give my kids a Merry Christmas. The little money we receive goes directly to bills, which we are behind on also, so money for gifts is just not there this year. If there is legitimate and sincere help for my family, please email me at [email protected].

    God Bless and Thank you.

  206. Erin Says:

    I am a single mother of 4 and my granddaughter lives with me. My unemployment has been exhausted and I have a parttime job at a grocery store. I have no money for bills much less Christmas. Could someone point me in the right direction? I can not find anything but I know there is help somewhere? Thanks

  207. Rebecca Williams Says:

    We are looking for a family in need to help this Christmas. We have been through the hard times and needed the extra help this time of year. We have been blessed and want to give back to our community.

  208. Nina Says:

    I entered this blog to tell my story. I’m so saddened by all the other comments, that I cannot ask for anything. I pray all of these families will be blessed in some way. If I had the means to help all of you, I would! I will now be gratefull that we have a roof over our heads and food in our stomache! Thank you God, that our basic needs are being met! When my two girls gave me their Christmas wish list, I let them read this blog! It really puts things into prospective.

  209. Nina Says:

    I just wanted to leave my email address incase anyone needs to talk or pray! [email protected]

  210. Melanie P Says:

    I just started a new job and don’t get paid till the 29th and can’t afford gifts for kids if anyone can help me out I really apreciate it. I have a Boy 12, Boy 11 and Girl 10. You can drop them off at 1324 Massachusetts Ave Lorain, Ohio 44052. Thanks and have a blessed day

  211. yvonne a ortiz Says:

    I am a single mom with a daughter (17) I have been unemployed for two years, I was recently in the hospital for bleeding ulcers, I cant afford christmas for my daughter this year.

    Can you help me!

  212. april Says:

    i have a family of 6 and my husband is the only one working because i had to quit my job cause my 17 year old son was shoooting up herion.i quit my job because nationwide childrensdidnt have bed for him so iam taking care of him at home

  213. lorie ungaro Says:

    im a grandmother helping my girls rais their toddlers my older daughter nikki is disabled n has a 2 year old son my younger daughter has a 2 years old daughter and is pregnant i have a 15 year old son .and mu husband is disabled as well he is suffering from polysystic kidney desease and goes three times a week and cannot work at all. we rare in need of help with christmas and cant find help if anyone knows where i can get help close to 77546 area of friendswood pkease let me know as soon as possible and godbless you all. merry christmas.

  214. LaTaura Says:

    Hi, my name is Lataura..I am from Birmingham, Al. My husband and I both find ourselves in need of help for this christmas. I first being laid off my job has had it hard to find a steady job to keep the bills paid, Heon the other hand got recently laid off this month..which would have been okay if we didnt have two other little mouths to bathe,clothe,and feed! Not only that it’s christmas time. We never had kids of our own so I adopted his two kids, Deundria(10) Montez (2). I “we” love those kids, and I as a woman who came from a household where I had everything I could possibly want for christmas. I just want this christmas to be one we can remember..I know it wont be the best, but we hope to have or even make a smile come upon there face! I also know it’s a little late, but I know with your help we can make it happen. Please if you can do anything at all feel free to contact me..anytime day or night. We Thank you in Advance, [email protected]

  215. Susan Smokin Says:

    I have 4 children under the age of 12 . I have never felt more helpless or alone then i do right now. I have called many different #’s for a little holiday help for my wonderful children only to be routed somewhere else and in some cases just an out and out flat non caring “Sorry we have already picked the families we can help this year ” So as it gets closer to Christmas i keep imagining the sweet faces christmas morning so dissappointed because no christmas presents and no christmas dinner they will be lucky if we have aqnything better then some dry cereal for christmas dinner…I want to cry at how bad i feel right now and i wish i could do something for my innocent sweet children. There unfortunately is no help out there and i know i am not the only parent out there so desperate and depressed at this time which is even sadder!!!


    ANTHONY says:


    I have fallen on hard times,and behind on bills,I have three
    children age 3,7,and 9.I would like to see them have at least
    a blessed christmas clothes and toys.kenndy a girl age 3, kendryck my son age 7, and kenya a girl age 9. I live In ST.
    LOUIS, MO. My e-mail is [email protected]

    Thanks for you time and my god bless all

  217. Kemal Cetinyalcin Says:

    Hello There,

    We’re family of 3 me my wife and my son which is he is 6, we have a very low income and my son loves christmas and we do not have enough money to buy and food or Christmas tree this year…We do not have any families in US, just 3 of us, we need some help for Christmas, god bless and have a wonderful Christmas to all..

    Kemal C 510-418-7039, Maryland.

  218. Kemal Cetinyalcin Says:

    Hello There,

    We’re family of 3 me my wife and my son which is he is 6, we have a very low income and my son loves christmas and we do not have enough money to buy and food or Christmas tree this year…We do not have any families in US, just 3 of us, we need some help for Christmas, god bless and have a wonderful Christmas to all..

    Kemal C 510 418 7039, Maryland.

  219. bonniekadlec Says:

    Hello my name is Bonnie, and my world is falling apart, I am having Major medical problems, everyone depends me on keeping everything together, my mom is in a nursing home now and none of us on this side of the family can really help with anything and I feel helpless for not being the one to help, we already went without a real Thanksgiving and I can’t go for a broke Christmas too..please help I have my grandkids 10 and 12 my daughter and son.

  220. Jamice Says:

    Hello my name is Jamice Nelson I am a mother of four and I have no way to get my children anything for Christmas their father lost his job right before Thanksgiving and he was taking care of the bills while I attend college but now we have nothing we don’t have a tree and though I understand that I had to pay the rent my children are too young to understand I don’t know what to do or where to turn please help!

  221. Crystal Says:

    Hello my name is Crystal and I have 3 children boy 6yrs old, a daughter 3 1/2 years old and a 17 month old. Im looking to get help but every time I turn around no one can help us. Im currently unemployed and going to school while my boyfriend tries to work as much as he can just to pay the bill and rent. I tried going to Salvation Army but they wouldn’t help us because we live to far north of the cities and that is pretty much the problem I am running into. Christmas is getting closer and we still have nothing under our tree. I am getting to the point where I have to break my kids hearts and tell them that Santa really isn’t real and we won’t have anything this year and I really don’t want to do that so if anyone knows of somewhere I can go please let me know. Thanks so much.

  222. jose loredo Says:

    i have tree kids two grils and boy grils are 12/ 13 and boy 8 a need help for chrismas please help

  223. jose loredo Says:

    i have tree kids two grils and boy grils are 12/ 13 and boy 8 a need help for chrismas [email protected]

  224. Erica Fonda Says:

    Hi, I am marrried. together my husband and I have 6 kids 2 grls (3 & 6mo old) 4 boys (11, 5, 3, 2) We currently areseeking help to provide our kids with sum type of christmas. neither one of us is working. My husband has exhausted his unemployment and public assist. is no help at all. We hav gone to the couple local agencies and all said tht we had missed the deadline, same goes for toys for tots. If sum1 could help us out in any way it will be greatly appreciated. it will b our 20mo 1st real christmas. Pls help him to nt forget it.. Thank you very much. my email is [email protected]

  225. shanita morris Says:

    hello my name is shanita im a 30 year old parent of 4 all gurls a 15 year old that has cancer.a 10,year old,a 9year old,and a 7 year trying to get christmas for my a single parent at this time their father got hit by a car just woke up out a coma.have to learn how to do ery thang ova im running bac and forward to the hospital with hym and mt daughter.even spend some nites there,either of us have been able to work for the past 6 months.i really need help to make my kids christmas possiable wateva u give is needed use new it dnt mtter just want my kids to wake up wit something they nt use to this cause we alwasy now i no wat it feel like nt to.cause the last couple of months it felt like my family,life and every thing shattered b4 my eyes…so plz wat eva u can do im nt askindg 4 money im here sking for gifts for my kids so they can b happy for christmas… if u wnt to help us i can b contacted at 9107094572 9103361529 9103361545 9102422161 [email protected]

  226. melissa Says:

    I am the mother of a 4 yr old little boy i am currently unemployed and so the only income we have right now is my husbands and we have hit a rough patch so any help we could get for christmas would be greatly appreciated thank you

  227. Alicia Gilmore Says:

    who do i contact to get help for my 3 boys for christmas,i’m stressing on how im going to get their christmas presents this year, i have no car or money to help get them their presents. plz help.

  228. Julie Says:

    I’m a single mother of two kids.
    i have no family here to help me,was raised in the orphanege.i have a daughter & son. my daughter’s father died when she was a baby, then years later i fail inlove & my son father left me when i was 3 months pregnant after being together for 4 and a half years for another woman.i was homeless living in my car for 2 months while pregnat after he left me.i struggle alot facially because I have always worked little jobs here & there. things has been slow lately. My jobs doesn’t cover my rent,bills,gas and it’s hard to buy them clothes or put food on the table at times. my little old car has alot of miles and its breaking down, the head gasket is bad they told me at the shop. but i don’t have the money to fix it. i did not get a chance to get an education because i was always too busy working to survive. i am a certified personal trainer now, and the gym has been slow lately. things has been pretty scary for me. i keep thinking positive as much as i can, hopefully God will shine the light on me one of these days? i just really need help right now,I have no money to buy my kids anything for christmas because i am very much behind on my bills, not even sure if i’ll have my rent this month. i cry myself to sleep every night because im scared of being homeless again, and i can’t give my two angeles christmas this year.
    thank you for your time.
    happy holidays.

  229. robert feugill Says:

    hi, been trying to get some help with a gift or gift card i could use to get my 3 year old a gift for christmas, places around here in salem nh its to late to get help, i recently lost my job and money that i do have is going towards food,diapers and bills this year, just wanna try and make the best for him this year, if anyone is around salem nh area or could mail something that would be so gratefull, thankyou god bless

    if anyone can help me out thankyou so much

    Registry ID

  230. Cindy Says:

    I am a mother of 3 boys, 8, 11, and 15. I recently lost my father to cancer and with all the expenses just to get home for the services took every penny we had for Christmas. Many of our bills are past due or already shut off. I too have come across the problem of making too much money. But these places don’t consider unexpected expenses that you can’t control. If you know of anyone who is still helping with Christmas presents for kids please, please let me know.


  231. Cindy Says:

    If you can help please contact me at [email protected]


  232. Nicole Wise Says:

    My name is Nicole i am 35yrs old i am a single mother of 2 children my son who is 15yrs old my daughter. I am currently on Social Security for health problems and also i am enrolled in
    a college course where i am studying to be a Medical Assistant i will be graduating in June so i can better my life for me and my children.
    If there is anybody that could help me it would be greatly appreciated!!
    Sincerely, [email protected]

  233. James Prettyman Says:



  234. lama Says:

    hi lam from jordan a married women with three children l dont know if you can help mewith this(l pray by the name of jesuse that you can) please you must belive me l am so tired l need help very much god only know how much l am suffering l am christian beliver l pray from the first of my problem and evrey time my lord save me at the last moment l pray that you can safe me now l am very inneed to amount of (ten) thousand doller very urgent or l will be in a big problem l dont know what to do l try evrey way that l can get help from l pray for my lord and l trust him and l know that every thing will be for my best may be the answer of my prayers is in your hands (if god wants that )and this money will be as alaon and l can pay you back in a monthly amount by god help with any garuntee you suggest so if you can help me please reply me as soon as you can and if you cant please tell me if you know any side that can help me l am realy tired please pray for me and thanks alot for your time

  235. jose paredes Says:

    my name is jose i am a 34 year old father of four kids. my sons and daughter keeep writing to santa clause for there wishes to come true we are unemployeed parents and we whish for them wishes to come true my sons jose 13 yrs,manuel 9,yrs,my dauhter 8 yrs old, not forgeting my 2 month old baby will appreciated santas gifts.MERRY CHRISTMAS
    [email protected]

  236. vicki Says:

    i have a 12 yr old son and hes getting 2 gifts total for xmas.i just dont have more to give him.its become a choice of paying rent or this.i just have to hope he will understand the roof over our heads has to come first.if u know anyone who can help me id sure be grateful



  238. karen hall Says:

    I am a 24 year old single mother of three two boys ages 5 and 6, A little girl age 4. I am seeking help for anyone who can help me for christmas. I work very hard at a under paid grocery store and go to school full time. I am not looking for a hand out, I am just trying to get a blessing and find a break.
    If there is anyone welling to help please contact me at [email protected].
    I will truely be thankful.

  239. Jessy Says:

    Hi, I am a single mother of 2. I have a 7 yr old and 3 yr old, both girls and both are the love of my life. This is their first offical year of christmas. I haven’t been able to provide them with one since the bills always come first.
    Being blessed my bills are covered well ahead but sadly I am out of work. My income was cut off August this year. I was recieving income from my school but had to withdraw to be able to afford to cover my bills at home. They were my sole income at the time till my youngest daughters grandfather started to pay the bills for me.
    Right now like I said before, my bills are caught up and taken care of. I am asking for any kind of help I can get. I have their christmas list of what they really want. I would love for anyone able too, to help us this year. Please contact me at [email protected].. I can give out anything that is needed. Please contact me if your able to help!

  240. jenny Says:

    I’am a mother of 3 teen age boy and i need some help this year not working at the time.I live in Baltimore do anyone no any places that help teens.

  241. Earnestine Brown Says:

    I have a 4 year old son and a 2 year old daugther. I need help with x mas gifts for my chidren. Seen i fall at my job i have not been able to work i love my childen and want them to have chirstmas gifts but can not aford them this year.i just need a hand. god bless

  242. Earnestine Brown Says:

    313/442/5568 or [email protected] a hurting mom have a 4 year old son and a2 year old daugther i love and i cant give them a chirstmas this year. 313/422/5568

  243. monnie Says:

    i am a single parent looking for work an i have a 13 year old boy a 10 year old son an a 5 year old daughter an we are homeless i want to pray for these families that are having a bad time this year i told my kids mama dont have it this year an it breaks my heart that i can not give them anything so if there is anybody out there that could help us out we would love to work it off an help other families in need god bless to all my email is [email protected]

  244. margaret colburn Says:

    WE need help !! have a disabled son, and 3 grandchildren. My husband is in chemo for lung cancer and just finished his treatment. he had his right lung operated on in middle of Feb.
    they are living with me and my husband and there is no money to pay all our bills.
    Its a lott of work but very rewarding. I just keep getting further and further behind on everything
    but we want this last possible Christmas to be a good memory. thank you, Margaret Colburn

  245. Sarah Moore Says:

    I am a very stressed out wife and mother. I have 4 daughter ranging in ages from 14-7. April 25,2011 my husband suddenly became disabled and he was the bread winner of our family, my full time job doesn’t pay well so when he became disabled not only did we loose most of our income but also our health insurance. I have never had to ask for help I usually could make things work out on way or the other but this year is completely different. My pay checks don’t even cover our normal monthly bills, we are getting ready to loose our vehicle and our home. It hurts because there is no way my husband can help many days I have to lift him out of bed and basically take care of him like a infant. I you can help or lead me in the right direction please email me at [email protected]
    Thank you and God bless you for taking the time to read my story.

  246. sharon mcconnell Says:

    i am a single mother with two kids ages 11&13 i am not working at this time and cannot afford to get them gifts this year any help would be greatly appreceated thank you and god bless

  247. heather tyre Says:

    im a 27 year old mom with a 13 year old son and 6 year old daughter I had to have foot surgery and that put me out of work for two -three months and we just moved in to a bigger place so christmas is going to be rough my boyfriend and sister are the only two with income. and that pays the bills. i really wish i could get them gifts but i cant and i cant find any place here that will help.
    806/292/9303 or [email protected]

  248. Leticia Says:

    Hello I am a single parent of three I have two girl and a son my kids are 15,13,12, my son he is the 12, years old and my oldest daughter is 15, and my other daughter is 13. The reason I am asking for help me and my kids have been having a hard time for two years last year they didn’t have a christmas and I look and look for help and no one would help me and my kids. All I wont for my kids is to have a christmas this year and I no I can’t help them I have been looking for a job every day and I have not found one yet all I do is keep praying and beliving that god will make away for me and my kids. I would just like them to be happy this year and to injoy christmas so if you could please help us and I will be so bless for your help.God bless you all and I pray that you could help.

  249. mayte Says:

    Hi my name is mayte I have two beautiful kids 14years old is a girl and 11 years old is a boy they are good kids they good student and also great kids.But this year I loss my jobs and I don’t have money to by the Christmas present this year.I’m a single mother that take care a four kids by my self I staring going to school so I can get a better job and better future for me and my kids.if u can help me I appreciate.Thanks U can email me at.
    [email protected]

  250. Ashlee Says:

    I’m a mom of 3 kids just found out that I’m about to have another baby :( I’m happy but with this econamy I must be crazy lol.I lost my job a month ago and could not find anything yet and for the 1st time in yrs I was hoping to give my kids a good xmas and now that I lost my job its going to be very hard.I’m looking for some help with toys for my kids I get them things like clothes but be nice if they can get some toys on cristmas as will.Thank you for reading my story.<3 follow your heart <3

  251. crystal Says:

    my name is crystal this would be my first time asking 4 help i just lost my sons ssi and im not working and my finance has asthma really bad so he is also not working it is hard 2 find a job where im living i really need help i have a son he is 3 he was born 26 weeks early and weighed 1 pound 14 ounces but now he is health 3 year old and need help with Christmas 4 him if you could help please let me no i had no wear else 2 turn thanks crystal

  252. stephanie garcia Says:

    I’m the mother of five me and my husband are separated he’s not working I’m on SSI I have no money to get my kids anything for Christmas already called salvation army and to late to sign up for Christmas I don’t know what to do if I could get any help for my kids please email me

  253. natasha cooper Says:

    Help Please
    I need help Christmas presents for my two children Bryan 7 and Levi 6 I am not worried about anything but them to be able to have a wonderful Christmas. This Is the first Christmas I have been with them in two years because of legal reasons I really want it to be a good day. Finding work in this little town is hard and I could really use the help I am not expecting a lot anything would help. thank you

  254. althea Says:

    yes my name is althea and im a mother of four and i wanted to see if there s a way to get help with getting presents for my kids i dont have alot of money and bills have really done it this year so please im asking can i get help thank you my number is 2592228 and that is 660

  255. Victoria Graham Says:

    Hi I’m Victoria 26 years old a mother and stepmother of 4 childrren 2 girls and 2 boys, 12yr girl (step) 6yr boy 4yr boy and 5mos girl.. I love them so much!! we have hit the hardest point in our life, I can’t work due to a bladder diseases called IC/BPS and trying to save my right kidney I’m in pain most of the time,I went to the doctor yesterday and was told that i have to have a Hysterectomy before I can take anymore of the meds that i need due to that it makes me bleed very bad. I am so down I lot my mother at 10 she was 31 due to the same problems so i am very scared, I’m on 7 different meds, I feel useless cause i can’t work to help pay bills. hope i can find some help for christmas for my children. thank you for taking the time to read this. god bless you!

  256. monica Says:

    Omg this website breaks my heart! I have had a very hard time this year as well. I had to have emergency surgery back in february. I was off work for 2 months. Then I jist got laid off. My bills are more then my income. Every week I get paid I have to bounce a check or they will shut off a utility. I also make too much for assistance. What is this world coming to!? I have 2 daughters ages 14 and 17. I’m a single mother. I tried the salvation army, but they only do gifts for 12 and under. Sooooo, if ur child is older then 12 are they just supposed to understand that u can’t afford to give them any gifts?? I just don’t understand it. But I want to suggest that this time of year, if u listen to the radio they usually give away stuff for christmas. I know, the odds aren’t good, bit seriously, most radio stations try to help people in need. Good luck everybody! My heart is breaking for all of you alo in the same situation. God bless

  257. lena Says:

    My name is lena and i writing this letter because i have four beautiful children at home that i loue so much they are are my world to me i need help this to buy gift for my kids and i dont know what i going to do i have health problem that so bad i alway in the hospital i got copd.asthma.heart legs hurt so much i cant get up i would like my kids get some gift for christmas i hopee you can god bless i have two boy and two girl lena email is [email protected] lena

  258. Jena Says:

    In regards to everyone talking about The Salvation Army. I myself is not happy with the way they help people. I have had to go there myself a couple of time’s over the years. I go and sign up and they tell me ” We don’t usually do for teen’s because no one ever picks them. People would rather get for little ones, so don’t get up set when your teen don’t get.” The very first time i signed up they had there pick up process so messed up that as soon as they opened the doors people ran in grabbed what they could and ran out the door. They didn’t care if it was for their kid or not. Now mind you i had a 5 month old baby and a 7y/o. When i got there to pick up for my kids only my 7 y/o got. I said wait I signed up for both of my kids where is my babies stuff. They made everyone stop and searched everywhere and then said ” I’m sorry you did but when we first opened the doors people ran in and took before we knew it someone stole your babies presents. I’m so sorry but there is nothing we can do.” Don’t get me wrong I was very thankful for getting for one but i was also so ticked off that someone could steal from a 5 month old. I guess they needed more than i did but then again they might not have even had a baby. I need help badly again this yr and i call to see when the sign up is and they have a answering machine you leave your name and number and they will call you back. Well to my surprise still no call back they never answer the phone and now they dont even have the answering machine set up. I’ve tried other places and they all say the same thing ” I’m sorry we don’t help.” or ” I’m sorry we can’t help anyone else.” This has been on bad year for us. I’m at the end of my rope. I just don’t know what to do now.

  259. Stephanie Says:

    Hi, my name is Stephanie Hart age 37 and this is going to be kind of long.

    My husband and I married at 16 (together at 12) and have 3 wonderful children, Johnathon, 21, Jamie, 17, and Jacob, 9. We bought our first house at 18, but within 2 years we out grew it. We had a lot of financial problems, but my husband would work 2 jobs and overtime whenever he could, even with only 4 hours a day. He wanted me to be able to stay home with the babies. Once the 2 older children started school, I went to work. Then Jacob came along, (I was told I couldn’t have anymore children). I stayed home with him for 2 years, but he was a real sick little baby, with asthma and other conditions that confused doctors at Vanderbilt and Cincinnati Children’s hospitals. As he got older he got better, he is now doing really well with just the occasional problems with his Asthma, allergies and reflux. The swollen glands, neck swelling and etc. has stopped finally. He has had to have 5 surgeries on his ears with the last being this past summer. We lived in a 2 bedroom 1 bath home from the age of 18 until 3 years ago. Now we live in a nice area in Wilson Co., it has 3 bedrooms and 2 baths. We both make good money, and had to recently get a new car, we haven’t had a car payment in about 3 years until this summer, but we had to have a reliable car that would hold our entire family. Now this is where it gets sticky.

    My son Johnathon, who is 21 this last September, is living in our 500 square foot bonus room that is the only room upstairs. That wouldn’t be that bad, but he has his wife of 1 year and their 2 year old boy and 1 year old girl along with another girl to be delivered any day. She can’t work obviously and they haven’t had a car in 2 years now. We have tried to help them with the car situation, but my husband and I both work full time and some. Johnathon does not have a job and we live in Gladeville and he can’t walk to work. He is getting a little bit of help from my uncle who works for himself doing flooring and when he needs help he will work Johnathon, it is not very often. My husband and I thought when we upgraded our house that since we were making good money we would be OK. We are supporting 91/2 people on 2 incomes. They have tried to get help so they can help us and they have been turned down for TennCare, food stamps, and WIC and every other aid they have applied for, more than once. The babies have no insurance and neither does their pregnant mom. This is the first time since we have been married that we are not going to be able to buy Christmas for our children and now grandchildren. It’s not fair to my 9 year old or my grandchildren. I would appreciate any help, they needs clothes so bad. My 9 year old is wearing pants to school that are high waters and the babies walk around the house in a diaper. They grow so fast. I have asked my family to not get the adults anything to just spend for the kids, but most of my family is poor, and my husband only has a sister and a few distant relatives left. Thank you for reading about my life, I didn’t think you would want to hear everything but let’s just say I could write a book… Have a happy holiday season, God Bless. email is [email protected]

  260. Sandra Longan Says:

    I am a single mother of a young child in need of help on Christmas! I am unemployed and my son’s father is terminally ill with Luekemia! My unemployment has ran out and am having problems looking for help! I live in Sacramento, California! Please call me at 9169120681 or email me at [email protected] if your able to help us!

  261. sandra Says:

    I am a mother with 2 children at home my son is13 and my daughter is 5…I live on $322.00 a month and out of that $158.00 goes to rent and the little I have left goes to my electric bill every month….I have H.I.V and cervical cancer…I am awaiting a decision on my ssi claim which may take up to 6 months…All my son wants is an art kit because he wants to be a cartoonist and my daughter wants the littlest petshop toys…..thats is all they have asked for other then me to be in good health so that i can be here for them….We need a blessing somehow if anyone can help please e mail me at [email protected] I am from the jersey city new jersey area
    Thank you and god bless you all

  262. Maria Barajas Says:

    I am a mom to 3 kids. A 6 year old boy who is special ed, a daughter who is five and a son who is 6 months. My fiance has had his hours cut at work and we are unable to give our kids Christmas gifts this year. Its bad enough that we are struggling to pay our bills and now my kids might have to go with out Christmas also. I would really appreciate any help that any one can give me. my email is [email protected] and i live in the pass area of southern California.

  263. Bobbi Says:

    Hi I’m Bobbi 31 years old a mother and stepmother of 6 childrren 4 girls and 2 boys, 11yr boy (step) 10 girl (step)9yr girl (step)8yr boy and 6&5 (step) girls.. I love them so much!! i do work a full time job so dose there dad but with rent being so high and all the other bills we have, Christmas well not really sure we are going to have a Christmas,we have looked and looked for help just to make Christmas a ok one trying to do what we can, hope we can find some help for christmas for my children. thank you for taking the time to read this

  264. Linda Holt Says:

    Hello my name is linda husband randal and i live in fort worth texas,we are needing help with christmas .we have not been able to find work.we are seeking to get financial assistance as well.our rent is 455.00.our electric bill is 75.00 i have 2 kids that i would love to atleast to have maybe 2 gifts for each of them .i would love to have a christmas tree and have the food so i can fix them dinner any help you can give us would be greatley e-mail is [email protected] thank you and God Bless You.

  265. Terry Says:

    Hello am Terry i would love one thing for this christmas to get financial help to send myself to school,i don’t need anything else in the world for christmas all i need is help to finish school,please!! someone help me.Email [email protected]

  266. Crystal Carpenter Says:

    I am a single mother of three 12, 8, and 2 years old. I work full-time and all my money that I earn goes to my rent, electric and food and the other things my children need.I am not eligible for foodstamps and we live off the cheapest food possible. i am in need of an Angel to help me with Christmas gifts for my children. I only have 80 dollars to my name and I am in need of gas for my car to go to work.I am a cancer survivor and I recently got out of a mentally abusive relationship and I am all about my kids, keeping them safe and happy.. Please Help me make my kids Christmas a happy one, If I am granted help I willappreciate anything that is given to them. My email is [email protected] and I check it frequently. Please, Please, Please my kids will be so appreciative of anything given to them.

  267. Brooke Says:

    i dont want this to sound like a sob story.. i have tried all the normal places for help for christmas but no luck, our car broke down and my husband lost his job.. my children have gone the past year without anything new and we dont have a computer at home we dont have cable or a home phone we do everything we can to keep bills as low as possible, and i just want to be able to give my kids a christmas this year.. its hard with a 15 year old girl and 11 year old boy..

  268. stacy Says:

    Hi my name is Stacy, I have been online for a couple of hours looking for different sites that maybe could guide me in a direction to get some kind of help for Christmas.
    And then I come accross this site, and I see my family is not the only family out here having a hard time.
    I am a single mother of 6 childern, but my oldest lives on his own and just had a baby. Not even a month ago.
    So I have 5 children who live with me, 16 year old girl,13 year old girl,12 year old girl,5 year old son, and a 2 year old son.
    I have never got any child support from their fathers. I was really hoping to give my kids some kind of Christmas I havent been able to give them one in about 5 years now. I cant never find any kind of help. This is the frist time I have ever looked online, and im still not finding any answers.
    I dont have a job, I just got out of the hospital 2 weeks ago, only to come home to a house with no water. It had been turned off for nonpayment. I have applied for SSI and I am still waiting, im sure most of you know what thats like.
    So like I said I did find a site letting me know im not alone out here. I haqve read all of the stories and I feel REALLY BAD. I wish I could help all of these families,and my own as well. So I will pray for ALL of our families and just maybe something wonderful will come to ALL of us.

  269. merna Says:

    Hi my name is merna could someone please help me out this christmas i’m raiseing three of my grandkids they are 11. 10 and 7 years old. I am on a fix incom and can nI live at 1845 Doris st. in shreveport . My phone number is (318)946-0022.ot afford any gifts for my grandkids . Can someone please help me out . Thank you and GOD BLESS YOU.

  270. MARY Says:


  271. nui Says:

    hi ..i am nui…can someone donate my two 1st is 10 years old and my 2nd is going to be 1 month..i just gave birth my 2nd..this precious son had never get amy christmas present could anyone help him…thank u so much….

  272. hillary Says:

    Hello my name is Hillary, All I want for Christmas is for our so to be able to open up a couple of things Christmas morning, we are so broke this we scrap by paying some to SMUD & PG&e and hope that its enough that they won’t shut them off.So if anybody can help or point me in the direction of so help I would be grateful, I have tried the Salvation Army program. but they said my son is to old. He is 11years old. He needs a coat size 12 & some skinny jeans size10 blue or black, what e would like is some hot wheels & legislation & a Nintendo DS with the grand theft auto game because his was stolen & we haven’t had the money to replace it. That would just make his Christmas & would be such a blessing, I would be forever grateful if somebody coulld help. THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH HILLARY HAVE A VERY BLESSED HOLIDAY.

  273. Sherry Says:

    Hello my name is Sherry and i am a single mom of an 11 year old girl and a 19 year old son. In Nov. of 2009 I became very sick after having a cyst rupture due to a long history of Endometriosis. After a total of four surgeries, a colonoscopy,and an endoscopy i had everything removed gynocologically and i ended up losing my job and i am now on SSA and i do not receive any child support. I have been struggling to pay my bills and i have no idea how i am going to come up with presents for my children. I would appreciate any help so that my kids have something for Christmas Anything. My phone number is (916)459-5585. Thank you and GOD BLESS YOU!

  274. misty Says:

    Hi my name is Misty and I am desperate for help this christmas. I have 3 great children who deserve to have a good christams this year. I am unable to work due to heart failure. im in the last stage of my disability but havent been approved yet. My husband lost his job last month and we cant even pay our bills. Im very sad for my children. they are all honor roll students who work hard in school and deserve to have something to open up on christmas. We cant even afford to get a tree this year. Im not trying to make anyone feel sorry for us but if anyone could help our family this christmas i would greatly appriciate it. my email address is [email protected]. thank you so much god bless all

  275. Janice Says:

    Hi my name is Janice and I am a mother of 2 children. I have a daughter that is disabled and a teen son. I am having a lot of problems getting help getting Christmas presents for my kids this year. The medication that i have to get every month is very costly and I don’t have any money to get any presents for them. My husband works full time and I cant work due to my daughter’s condition. So My bills haven’t been paid in some time because we just don’t have enough funds to pay them at this time. If anyone knows how to help get presents for my kids and maybe help getting some bills paid please let me know. Thank you and God Bless.

  276. teah Says:

    hey i am a mother of 7 kids and due to the finacial crisis i am finding it really hard to buy for my 7 kids due to only being on centrelink… the agers of my children are 12,11,8,7,6,4,2 3 boys and 4 girls if there is anybody out there that could help it would be great and will bring a real christmas cheer thanks i look forward to hearing from u

  277. michelle Says:

    need help with me 3 children ages 3 4 and 5 for christmas

  278. Shannen Kerr Says:

    I have 2 little boys that can’t wait for Christmas but we i am a single mom and just had to spend 2 weeks there. So I am in a bind so plz help me make my kids Christmas come true…
    Thank you so much… god bless you

  279. Joanie Murphy Says:

    I totally understand where everyone is coming from. I am married and Im a mother of three wonderful children. THis year for us has been a very faith testing year. My husband was diagnosed in August with MS. Then I started having trouble with my lung collasping then had to have lung surgery on Nov 2 which was my sons 13th birthday. I have prayed to GOD several times a day to show that life will get better. I work a full time job as a teacher in a daycare. But because of surgery have been off work the past month. I am usually the person who helps out other families this time of year but this year im unable and find myself wondering how will I give my own family a christmas this year. I dont want no pitty party I know there are families out the worse off then my own. But I just wanted to share that you all are not alone and I pray that every family is able to be blessed this Christmas season and no I have not tried to find help as for I live in a very small town with not alot of resources. Merry Christmas to all and please remember to keep your faith and GOD will see you all through your time of need as I pray he does the same for my family this Christmas season.

  280. Michelle Says:

    I am a mother of 4 wonderful children 3 girls 11,10,9 and a boy 3 My husband was military for 10 years when his time was done he couldn’t find a job local so went to work for companies overseas after almost 2 more years away from us and in danger he came home for good we live in a rural area that doesn’t offer toys for tots and the work is scarce so he decided to do otr truck driving unfortunately the way this works is you go to school for 2 weeks without pay then go on the road with an experienced driver at half the pay. He got home a week ago from school and was just called for his first trip and leaves tomorrow. We have exhausted our savings surviving and now Christmas is looking bleak I have asked for help through the school but because we live in a depressed area they are not sure how much they will be able to help. I know Christmas is about being with family and being thankful for what we have but to a little kid it means more. I have explained to the 2 oldest children what is going on and they are very understanding. Any ideas of other organizations that may help out. Thank you for your time

  281. Ginny Says:

    I hope someone reads this and can help me I have two children. a 12 year old girl and a 13 year old son who is autistic. I am barely making enough to pay our bills and there is nothing left for them to have presents for christmas. Please if someone can help me i would be so grateful. They are wonderful children and deserve so much more than what I am able to do right now. If you can help you can contact me through my email at [email protected]
    Thank you

  282. God's prayer Says:

    please in the name of our heavenly father Jesus Crist help my family members wish, miracle come to reality for this year on Christmas . 2 boys and 1 girl . they are 5 and 3 months old boys and 2 yrs.old my little princess. please help me im begging you on my knees make this possible. you will always be in my prayers and send you all my blessings to you ans your family. god loves us.

    God bless you!!!!

  283. God's prayer Says:

    please in the name of our heavenly father Jesus Crist help my family members wish, miracle come to reality for this year on Christmas . 2 boys and 1 girl . they are 5 and 3 months old boys and 2 yrs.old my little princess. please help me im begging you on my knees make this possible. you will always be in my prayers and send you all my blessings to you ans your family. god loves us.

    God bless you!!!!
    email: [email protected]
    address: 8029 Roy St.
    Lemon Grove, Ca 91945

  284. Laura Cooper Gray Says:

    Desperatly seeking help for 4 lil girls christmas age3, 4, 5, and 7 I lost my job in sept and am still unemployed , I have been everywhere for help with no success.I can’t pay my bills right now let alone 4 grandchildren in my care

  285. liliana Says:

    my sister really needs help she couldn,t finish school because my mother threw her out after being raped by her boyfriend at 15, at 16 she had to start to care for me and my my younger sister. she worked overtime at whataburger and was not able to finish school. now she has 2 kids and just got let go of her job, not only that, but she coudn’t pay rent and had to ask our real mother if she could stay with her and only let her stay for a couple of weeks and now she is being thrown out with her two children and without help. please help her i wish i could, but i’m just a college student with no extra money.

  286. Angelica Stiles Says:

    I am a single mother of two great kids. I am on a fixed incomeof only 500 dollars every month. I live in my mothers basement apartment. Thank god I have her to count on because I don’t know where I’d be with out her, but anyway My son who is 4 years old is not a well boy he is a premee he was born 4 months early at 1 pound 8 ounces and since then i had nothing but problems he is a little fighter, and still fighting. He has platelet dissease right know is is effecting his life he cant play outside because he can not get hurt and get bruises. It is really hard telling you 4 year old son he cant go outside. My daughter is such a huge help with him . ANd because of bills n docters bills n medacine bills, I CAN’T AFFORD MUCH FOR THEM FOR CHRISTMAS AND IT’S HEART BREAKING . I cant even imagine them waking up on christmas n theres nothing for them to open . I am hoping there is something you can do or something you can tell me i can do to help me with christmas this year ,I really dont know what to do .Thankyou very much and god Bless

  287. Crystal Says:

    I am a working mother of four beautiful children. My oldest and only girl is 9 and my three boys are 7, 4, and 19 mths. I am like everyone else I can’t even afford all my bills much less Christmas presents, which breaks my heart. My children are so excited about Christmas and I don’t know what to do. Me and my husband have always lived from pay check to check but it has never been this bad. 19 mths ago my youngest son was born and he was born with Down Syndrome. He is a true blessing to me and my family and we wouldn’t change him for nothing, but we expected a healthy baby and a speedy trip home. That was not the case for us. We were in and out of the hospital and me and my husband both lost our jobs because of missing work. I have just now found a job, while doing online classes, and my husband has took on the home maker role. Someone has to be at home for our children, but that has left us in great debt and children do not understand financial issues. My children still believe in Santa Clause. How am I supposed to explain why Santa didn’t come? I read all these stories and it truly saddens me and I wish I could not only help my family but everyone in need, some in more need than I. My Christmas is just being with my family and seeing my childrens smiling faces because Santa left things under the tree and this year that is not going to happen if I don’t find some kind of help. I love my children more than anything and their happiness is my happiness, I truly don’t know what to do if anyone has any answers would you please pass them along and I will do the same. I sincerely wish everyone the best. I pray everyday about these problems and I will definetly add all of you to my thoughts and prayers. I wish I would win the lottery tomorrow so I could buy all of you gifts. I know Christmas is about alot more than gifts, but little children don’t understand that, even if they say they do you know it bothers them. I am like everyone else I don’t want to see my children go throught that, so please if anyone knows anything please help!!

  288. syam Says:


    iam syam from india,iam 23old,iam a pastr,i have church,we are planing to do xmas but we have no mony to do it,but we are prying to God to hellp us to do xmas,we hope God can do fainasal saport from any one.plz if ur willing to sponsar us plz mail me- [email protected] u can call me- +919010185922

  289. Sheila Pepper Says:

    Good Evening,

    I am a 32 years of age, single mom. Its been a really tough cple of years for me. My Epilepsy took the best of me, and now I am ssi, and ssdi pending. I have been fighting for disabililty since my children where young., so its hard to get around day to day Doctors don’t want me working, or driving. My doughter is 8, and my son is 10. We are going through a rough patch in our lives, and its very hard to manage and raise my children using the states assistence. I just wish my children could have a great christmas, I want to see them happy for once. Putting smiles on my chilrens faces makes life at ease.

  290. nicollette Says:

    Hi my name is nicollette reed and I have 5 kids and their ages are 7,5,4,2,10mnths and me and my husband is having a real rough time right now and we need help getting our kids a christmas if anyone can help please call me at 1-931-243-3819 or 1-931-704-5973 if any one can help plz call christmas is only 21 days away please god send me a angel

  291. Tara Gomes Says:

    My children and I came to visit from Tulsa, Oklahoma. We wound up getting stuck here. I lost my job and we lost our place to stay. Chrismas is almost here, and I have nothing for my children - 14 and 13yr old boys, and 11yr old girl. If anyone can help, I would apreciate it so much more than youwould ever know!! My name is Tara Gomes. We are staying at 4045 Collingbourne Rd Richmond Va 23235. It is off of Huguenot Rd. Thank you so much!

  292. Samantha Says:

    I am a mother of 2 and I tried to wait as long as possible to see if I could save extra money for Christmas..Well I have waited to long. I called our local assistance line and there are no longer any sign ups in my location. Does anyone know where I can call or sign up at this late? God bless..

  293. jENNIFER EVANS Says:

    Hi my name is Jennifer,
    I am a mother of four and I am in need of assitance for christmas! My family and I have had a rough year! My husband has lost his job and has had no luck finding work. Also I have been diagnosed with fibromyalgia and both forms of arthiritis and have been told I am loosing all the disk in my spine. I am disabled but have had no luck getting disability. I have had three surgeries on my knee this past year and my daughter has been diagnosed ADHD and Bipolar. I have nothing for my children for christmas and I can use all the help I can get. My oldest is Aaron (boy) who is 10, Tavis (boy) who will be 8 on Dec. 14th. Then Carley(girl) who is 6 she is also ADHD and Bipolar. And there is Keira(girl) who is 4. Please let me know of any kind of help we can get thank you so much for y’all time! God Bless! Jennifer my number is (704)730-9011

  294. Ann Marie Simmons Says:

    Hello. My name is Ann Simmons. I have four children..they are 7,5,4,and 8 months. I am in desperate need for a little bit of help for chistmas…if any body knows of anywhere or anyone that can help me…PLEASE let me know. my e-mail is… [email protected]

  295. robbie johnson Says:

    i have 10 grandkids this year has been really bad for us . im in desperate need of help to try to make a christmas for these kids. i recently got out uf the hospital,and im on a fixed income, i recieve disability which is not much.god has brought me a long way, and he always answers my prayers, so im sure this one will be answered, i hope so for the kids sake. my contact number is 254 2293791 all help will be greatly appreciated

  296. lorie janovsky Says:

    Hi everyone! My name is lorie and I am a single mom of 5 children, 3 of whom are still at home and have my grandson who is going to be 4 on Deceomber 13th. I could really use a little help with Christmas this year as I have been unable to work for a little over a year with medical issues and surgeries. My kids at home are teenagers so finding help in local area is really hard!! The twins, Dillon and Danielle also have a birthday on December 19th so this year a birthday party is out of the question!! Wishing for an angel to find this message!! Thank you and God Bless!

  297. savanah Says:

    Hi,my name is savanah i’m a single mom 25 years old my sons are 4 and 5 we really need help this Christmas i’m currently unemployed from being laid off. If I had only one wish it would be that my two sons get the Christmas they deserve please if any one can help send me a email. god send me a angel.

  298. Tracy H Says:

    Hello, My name is Tracy H. I am a single mother of a daughter. I have been diagnosed with terminal breast cancer… I want no sympathy I just don’t know what to do… I want to give my daughtger a Christmas to remember but I had lost my jobs due to being sick… I never asked for help before I was always the one helping a family with food and Christmas… I feel so bad I can’t this year… I lost my home, I lost my jobs, and Lost the chance to give my daughter a Christmas… I would go to work and do what I need to but I am to sick… My daughter wants to go to work to be able to take care of us and get us a place to stay but she isn’t able to… I never thought my life would end up like this but God has plans for me… I don’t want anything for myself I have my daughters love thats all I need… I just want to know how to get help for me to get my daughter something… I am so far behind on bills and can’t even pay for my meds but that isn’t what I want help with… I have prayed for god to just give me some how or way to get my daughter a Christmas… It is my last… I was given 6 to 8 months… I know there is families out there worse then mine and in need of more help… I wish I could help them but I can’t… If there is anyone who knows how I can get help to get my daughter something for Christmas please help… My daughter is a awesome daughter who helps take care of me she gives up going with her friends and makes sure I am taken care of. She wants to be a nurse so she can help take care of people who need help … I have nothing to give her and I will work to be able to get her some thing but no one will hire me cause I am sick… I am staying with a friend right now and she would love to be able to help but she has no money to help… As I said I am not asking for sympathy I just need help knowing how to get help getting my daughter something for Christmas… Please call 724-691-2610 if you can help… Thank you very much

  299. trisha westfelt Says:

    single mom of a 9 year old girl an 4 year old boy in desparate need. my mamaw was diagnosed with cancer. lung and bone a week before thanksgiving i had to use what little money for christmas i had saved and drive her to the cancer centers please help i dont no what to do . god bless all and hope everyone finds the angel there looking for. merry christmas.

  300. Josie alcala Says:

    Hi my name is josie alcala and i am a mother to a six year old im 23 years old and im unemployed. My husband works in construction but right now work is slow for him and were barely able to pay bills. I really dont think were going to be able to buy presents for my son and it kills to know that he wont open any presents this year. Thats why im really asking for help in the memphis area from anybody or any organization. Please help me this year. My number is 901-864-1775.

  301. april Says:

    i am a single mother of three i am barley making rent on my income all of our money gose to rent.
    i am not able to provide christmas for my children and they have done so good this year in school!
    plase if some one can help us this will make a christmas wish come true and three children happy
    thank you keeping faith

  302. nicollette Says:

    here it is dec 10 and still no help for my kids i guess there aint none out there somone plse help me

  303. Bonnie Says:

    My name is Bonnie, I am a grandmother of 9 wonderful grandchildren, and I have 6 beautiful grown children who all need a little help for Christmas. I want to help, but I am on Social Security. All my money goes to bills, I would just like one christmas to be able to go shopping to make a Christmas come true. I know that we should not put all our focus on Christmas, we should be putting the focus on Jesus, I am a dedicated christian women. All I would like to see is my family happy. Can anyone help me please.

  304. wendy Says:

    Hi, my name is Wendy i am a single mother to two wonderful girls ages 4&9 i am unable to work doctors orders due to some serious health issues…my kids father does not help and my family is not a part of my life really…have no cash and looking to at least for one year have something under the tree for my girls for christmas to bring a smile to thier face they are always understanding…but i would like for them to be happy they get something for christmas …looking for any little help someone can give please help me make this possible..God bless thanks and all will be greatly appreciated:)

  305. Pastor Prasada Rao.K Says:

    Dear Brother and Sister in Christ

    Greetings to you in the precious name of Jesus Christ
    I hope your all safe under the almighty wings of Jesus Christ. I am introducing myself; I am Rev. K Prasada Rao, President Founder of GOOD SHEPHERD MINISTRIES at Andhra Pradesh in INDIA. I have been working in JMBC Church for 33 years. Our G.S.M Vision and Motive is “He said to them Let us Cross over the other side” Mark 4:35 by on this, who doesn’t receive gospel in the villages, we will send the gospel to them. Most of the villages are Tribes (Yanadi) and they children are poor they don’t have any good shelter, sufficient food and education.
    We have several village ministry, every where we are adopting children and train up them to Way of Jesus Christ. So our G.S.M is going to starting a New Child Care Project, because our lord Jesus Christ said in the Bible “Let the Little Children come to me, and do not forbid them, for of such is the kingdom of god” Mark 10:14 And we started this for children should learn how to reach the way of god; all they are very interested to go the school for studies.
    We conduct a program in those villages on January 1st 2011 onwards. In this project we will gather a number of children’s and we are conducting a Child Care Project in every adopted village by Good Shepherd Ministries. Mainly it was evening time project; present we have children belongs to Tribes in Our Child Care Ministry. The schedule of these children from morning to evening at school after then 05:00.P.M to hours, after that we will teach the word of god from half an hour 06:00.P.M to 06:30.P.M then, 06:30.P.M to 07:00.P.M is dinnertime. The Child Care Ministry was maintaining by Grace of God
    By the will of God we started this project at Evening time. Presently we condoning in Evening time we want to run this project for Full Time and help the children in the Jesus Christ. Please help our children and join in our ministry. We have to plan to run this project as a Full time project. And we give to them Cloths, Food, Education, and Accommodation.
    I have a financial problem to run this completely, so will you please raise funds for this Child Care Project. With your help we can run successfully this project. We are waiting for you reply and I hope you may raise funds to Child Care Project.

    God be with us till we meet again

    My Mailing Address:
    Rev. K Prasada Rao, President Founder
    Kabadipalem, ONGOLE-532001,
    Prakasam (dist), Andhra Pradesh, South. INDIA
    E-mail – [email protected]
    Website – http://www.prasadaraogsm.blogspot.xcom

  306. stephanie Says:

    HELLO!!! I am stephanie. I live in beebe arkansas. I am 28 yrs old and have 3 little girls ages 10 ,7 and 3. I was diagnosed with Hodgkins Lympthoma in 2004. By the graces of GOD n prayer me and my family overcame the illness. I just lost my job on Dec.3. ot expecting this sudden change of income, we are in need of assistance for christmas holidays. I have applied for all help but will not receive any until after first of year. If there is anyone that would be able to help me help my family overcome a hard hearbreaking time i would be ever so grateful. They are in need of clothes badly. Toys would be great but not a priority. I can be reached at 501-288-3357 or just send a text to my phone and i will return your call asap. Someone please help me make my girls smile. They have been through alot with me and are very good kids.

  307. cetoria Says:

    HI,my name is cetoria im 21 years old and have two kids a 4 year old and a 2 year old im unemployed and have no money to buy my kids anything for christmas lost my job in july and been loooking so hard for another one and im sure ill find one but it hurts me to not be able to give them the christmas they deserve if you can please help me in anyway please email meat…[email protected] i really would be so thankful an d greatful thank you and godbless all the families that need help..

  308. Josh Says:

    My name is Josh, I “was” going to ask for a little help. I’m on SSI and have 2 kids. 11 and 16 mounths. It took me a while but I read “every” post on my way down the page. I really could use just a little help but I realise that its a frootless venture, not cause I believe there are people who need it more than me, I KNOW there are. But cause there WAY to manny people willing to “LIE” about thier circumstances to get free stuff and money. You see, I cant say that my bills are not paid or that my kids dont have anything to open on christmas. My most pressing bills “are” paid and my sons have a couple presents each. I am Sick and I am hurting badly for money. But as a father I could NEVER allow my children to go with out whats important food, warmth and a roof over our check is 636$ and I make it work, I streach that money as far as I can. This time of year is the only time of year that I worrie about money. cause I want to do right by children. This year I got them 1 real nice gift each instead of a bunch of cheap things. Yes! this was my fault Yes! it was a bad idea. but I did it anyway. I’m noy gonna say that I dont know how its gonna turn out.Again that would be a lie, in three weeks my check will come and I’ll not have to worrie again until next year. until then I’m broke no money at all. but atleast I can say that I didnt except a handout that could have been given to a person who really needed it. 97% of the posts above mine should live the rest of thier lives in SHAME for being nothing more then selfish lieing losers,! YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE! most of you can say that your kids “WOULD” have christmas if hadnt spent all your money on crack or boose or pills……..e.t.c! I know because I used to be you but I never tried to do what your doing you are the lowest for human life, and though many of you used the lords name in closeing I would bet my life that the LAST person you want to meet is God. So go ahead get what ever you can get. My kids and I will make it on our own. You worthless drug addicted low life scum!…………God bless and thanx!

  309. Carole Says:

    Timmins Area needs help all christas baskets are gone and still this family has none yet.We need the assistance for gifts and food, dippers size 6 little movers,since i got to get some stuff like a little tree and decorations and some food but still just missing like 250 just to have this home at living conditions little less christmas.I can’t strech it any more then i have we don’t arrive with christmas at all.I don’t want christmas to be detramental to my child watching everyone else have new toys and he only always get second hand stuff.Welfare sucks.

  310. Sonya Howell Says:

    I am a newly single mothr after being in a series of car accidents and survivng Cancer both cervical and Ovarian at 30 yrs. old…I Thank GoD I am alive with all i have been through but for being disabled from severe head trauma in 94 from a severe car accident i feel blessed to be alive only as i am in the midst of a divorce with only my SSI check i do all i can to live and i cannot buy x-mas dinner a
    although it has been 20yrs since i was ever in anywhere close to this ! if you feel you can help send me a txt at 305 896-0040 or to my e-mail…
    Sincerely and may god bless us all this Holiday Season
    Sonya Howell

  311. Raina Smart Says:

    WOW, somany people in need, I unfortinitly fell in this catagory also. I have 4 children and get SSd since i have been teriblrely sick, thank god that my health i s starting to improve ., hpoopefull i will be able to r to work as a nurse i miss helping people so much, ew well anyhow its to late for toys for tots , i was wondering if anybody knows of any help with clothing and food for winetert and anny xmas help in pittsburgh pa area or surrondinget . my email is [email protected] any kind of help info would be gratfully appritiated and thanked. I cant seem to find anything thats avalible since i got home from hospital ive had 14 days to work on it and keep coming back empty handed. Thank you and Happy Holidays toall

  312. Raina Smart Says:

    anyoneea else really ought to look into there local salvation army they usallcan help with emergencys and dire nessisty.y

  313. Robert Shaw Jr. Says:

    I have been unemployed since January 25, 201. I am caring for my convalesant mother who is under hospice care and I am unable to do anything for Christmas for my mom. Christmas has always been her favorite time of year and I am afraid that this may be her last one. That seriously bothers me in my heart. I have 3 herniated discs in my back and have been trying to find work to no avail. I hope everyone has a happy and merry christmas from the Shaw Family. God Bless

  314. Brendaliz Says:

    I know I might be a little late,i was hoping that the Salvation Army would be able to help me, but unfortunately they told me no, that they had a lot of families this year,I’m a single mom of 3 children, i lost my job in November of 2010, my car was booted and inpounded, its been so hard, being i have no family help, last year my kids had no Christmas gifts, told them next year would get better and we will have a Christmas, but it has been so hard to find a job, and when I did find one i was not able to take becouse i have no one that would be able to take my kids to and from school, this has been a very tough year,where there have been times we had nothing to eat, but thanking god always for still being here,all I’m asking for just one gift that my kids can receive this Christmas,that’s all, my littlest ones still beleive in Santa and I wouldn’t know what to tell them when they wake up on Christmas day and theres nothing for them to open, it breaks my heart just thinking about.

    my e-mail- [email protected]
    or you can send me a text @773-951-0322

    Thank you and God bless!!!

  315. sandra hall Says:

    Hello, i am a 51 yr old married woman, i have, well had 3 kids, on november 15/2011 my 19 yr oldson was kiled onhis way to college, it was raining out, he sruck a pole, killed him instantly. My hubby) my sons dad had a nervous breakown, which put him out of work,until furthernotice, sothis leaves us withNo money to buy gifts for our 11 yr old daughrer, i have always given to almost anyone that needs hep, well this yr it is our turnto skfor help. PLease i live in bledsoe county,no funds availabkle to help so i’m reachingouttoanyone or everyone, please help me to help rose whoi is 11 yrs old. she has lost enough this yr.


    Hi it me Jennifer,
    I am a mother of four and I am married I have a 10yr old son a 8yr old son, and two girls who are 4 and 6. My husband and I have been stuggling since September of last year. I had an accident on 9-25-2010 I shattered my knee in 8 places. Since then I have had three surgeries. The recent on was November 30,2011. My husband lost his job cause I had no help but him. He had been having to take care of me as I recover. I have only been able to buy one gift and that was for my 4yr old. I really need help as Christmas will be here in a week. I have also been diagnosed with fibromylgia and both types of arthirtis. I have a disease where I am losing my disk in my spine and I am ony 26yrs old I will be 27 on december 30th. if you can please help me my number is 704-730-9011 and my address is
    115 Ware Loop Dr.
    Kings Mountain, N.C 28086
    and my email is [email protected]

    Thanks so much,

    Jennifer Evans

  317. Dee Says:

    I live in Austin Tx. & I don’t know where to turn and am scared. I am disabled and just found out that my paperwork for medicare wasn’t filed properly and now Social Security will be taking out 300$ off my next month’s check in Jan. I went down to fix the problem a week ago and they told me it would take 45 days to fix. So the next two months Jan and Feb I will be shorted money off my check, of 718$ which I get monthly, that will cause me to not be able to afford my apartment and will get kicked out on the streets. I cannot live off 300$ these next two months. I cannot believe this is happening right around Christmas and have no one to ask for help. I am all alone and scared. I am 46yrs old and worked all my life till I had a bad inccident 8yrs ago and was shot by my husband. I have been dealing with doctor’s all these years and still am unable to work due to a broken back from the bullet hitting my spine. If you need any proof of my income or anything else like my Social Security award letter I can provide. Please if you can find it in your heart I will greatly appreciate any help. Thank you and God Bless, Dee

  318. sandra hall Says:

    Hello, i am a 52 yr old female married with 3 kids. Well on nov15th my son was koilled in a car accident, my hubby took a leave from work because of his mental state. now we have NO money at all to buy for our 2 kids, jimmy is 23 yrs old, mental retardation, add,adhd, seizure disorder, rose is 11 yrs old. little girl we have NO money at all to buy gifts. I am begging for help,any kind of help would do. we are in a very bad emotional way and are seeking help soon. please if you can find it in your heart to help, we would greatly appreciate it. rose loves makeup, qanything with zebra print. jimmy is into wwe wrestling, books, video games with wwe in them. i feel they have lost enough when they lost their brother kevin who was only 19 yrs old, if you would like to chat, my number is 423 435 7703, my nqame is sandy. please, please, anythingwould help. right now they have NOTHING under their treee, and it isreaking my heart. thank you

  319. sandra hall Says:

    Thank you

  320. Ginger Price Says:

    Hello I am a single mother of five children three boys two girls and I don’t have the money, after just moving to my new place, to get my kids any help. I would be very great full for any help i could get. my oldest son is 15 then my 13 year old son then my 12 year old little girl then my 10 year old little boy and my 7 year old little girl. I do not care if I get anything I just want my children to have something to open for christmas this year. Please help.

  321. Danielle Says:

    I am a single mother of a 9 year old daughter. I have been trying so hard to look for work anywhere right now. No one is hiring right now. I am about to lose my vehicle and then my apartment. My only source of income is a small amount of child support that feeds my daughter and I and barely makes the light payment. I have no money to get my daughter not one Christmas gift and then on top of that have to explain to her that it’s very possible we might lose everything. I feel really bad and somewhat of a failure to my daughter and myself. I just have to keep my faith and keep believing. If at all possible could anyone please help me. I would greatly appreciate any help if possible. Please call if you can at 832 837 4259. Thankyou

  322. mike Says:

    My friend is a single mother of four, andthey wasn’t able to get anything for christmas, because mother had to go to Maryland to fight for custody for her other 2 but 1 came back with her, and their aunt trying to keep son from coming home, because she got my custody back.She need to go up their before the ninth because she have to go to court for her son. She has no money or transportation because sheleaves alone andher 3 kids. She got 1 back now have to go get her son. please help

  323. amy hernandez Says:

    > I am a mom of 2, and our lives are devastated right now. I have repeatedly applied for disability and continue to be denied. I have it currently in appeals, this time waiting upon an actual hearing, in front of a judge. My 18 year old daughter is also disabled and has been since age 2. Her name is Maggie and Maggie was getting SSI of 379.00 a month. She just went for an adult re-evaluation and we got the letter yesterday that as an adult, SSA no longer finds her disabled. She has ADHD, a severe learning disability, and a significant developmental delay. The loss of her SSI is, to say the VERY LEAST, extremely devastating to us. We were looking for help so badly even before we got that news. Now, she, I, and her 12 year old sister who is in the 7th grade this year, are going to be completely without any income. The 12 years old dad is court ordered to pay her 284.00 a month is child support but he never does. He pays very sporadically and is over 22 grand in arrears. Last month he paid 160.00 only. We need your help so badly, especially now. Maggie has enrolled in business school at SCC in Dobson, and I am trying to get into graduate college too. She and I will be taking a lot of online type courses and going to the library that much is just not feasible. She has BEGGED me to help her find help to get her a laptop and we do need it. Since she was in IEP all throughout school, and she finished high school with a vocational diploma, I wasd by several people that her being disabled, we could get the laptop and financial help too. She just graduated high school and wants to go to college and take some of the online classes but we have no computer, no internet, our car is broken down and just in need of so many repairs.
    > Most days we have to go without most basic even hygiene products and I as well as my 18 year old have needs of household items and hygiene items, not to mention a lot of other things in life. I feel as if life has abandoned me and my children. I feel like I am being severely punished by God for something I did. I only know that I have lost 35 pounds in the last 4 months worrying, and have a sister in stage 4 cancer and having to deal with that and my circumstances all of it is killing me. My kids and I do not deserve this “void” “null” and non living existence. I am 100% truthful now and BEG YOU to reach out and help us.
    > I am signed up for Pell grant which basically covers my tuition and books but we were recently homeless and the apt we are in now and since Dec, is already behind 2 and half months rent. I can not find work and being disabled, its hard for me to cope too. I been dealing with enormous problems, a very serious, long term addiction to pain pills, and other drugs too. Thank GOD he has helped us in that, I have been sober from everything now almost 7 months and not one pill so far. I got served with an eviction notice by the sheriff the other day and my court date is 8/31. I don’t have anywhere to go, or anywhere else I can turn. Can you help me get the rent caught up? My daughter and I both are enrolling in online college classes and we will be getting a little bit of refunds later in September but I told the landlord and he is not willing to wait. I gave my car title to him and still he wants his money by that day he said. I have no where in the world to go, no one to help us. Please can you help us? If no, do you know where I can find help? PLEASE, we been homeless and its not fun.
    > We are 1,350.00 behind on our rent and my landlord has given me an eviction letter, my electric bill is 495.00, and our car is in dire need of repair. The check engine light is on and because of that, it would not pass inspection and now my tag has expired. A guy at the auto parts ran a computer test on it and it is needing wires, plugs, there are 2 other parts too that the engine needs and they are 78.00 for both. It also has wire coming from the tires, the alignment is really bad, and in another week and a half or so, the state of NC is going to hit me up with a huge charge of 250.00 more if I dont get the inspection done soon and get my sticker for my tag. We went homeless in September of last year and our lives were pretty awful. We actually faced having to sleep in the car for days once, as all the shelters everywhere were all full. PLEASE, we do not want to face all that again. Can you please help us at all? I will do my best to pay it back to you. There has to be some kind of program, grant, assistance, or something to help us.> mt airy nc 27030
    > GOD I HOPE THIS IS FOR REAL AND YOU CAN HELPP US. MY LIFE IS NOTHING BUT MISERY. I HAVE MADE SO MANY BAD CHOICES AND NOW MY GIRLS DO WITHOUT ALL THAT HUMAN BEINGS SHOULD NOT HAVE TO AND THEY ARE SO GRREAT. THEY NEVER ASK FOR MUCH AS THEY KNOW WE CAN NOT BUY IT. CAN YOU HELP US OUT FOR CHRISTMAS? I NEED TO FIX MY OLD CAR AND GET MY BILLS PAID UP TOO. GOD BLESS YOU SO MUCH!! We have not a dime to our name and NONE for fixing the car, paying the rent and light, much less Christmas for the girls,. My heart aches and my whole being is so depressed and sad as they suffer already and way more than they should and the really frustrating part is I can not do nothing, nothing as I am totally alone and have no support system to help out and broke and I want to have a little something for the girls for christmas and a tree and a dinner. I can not do nothing, for Gods love, can you help us?

  324. sheryl meyer Says:

    hi my name is sheryl i have a 7 yearold I cant not afford christmas for. I lost my job not quit 2 years ago do to a head on collision and have been out of work and I am unable to go back to work because of injuries and health reasons and had to file for ssi that i am still waiting to here anything on. My income from the loss of wages have stopped and i do not have any comming in. the start of this school year was hard just to get supplies and i am still strying to get warm school cloths for him we are struggling just to put food on the table let alone try to have a an ok christmas. so if someone would could help us you would be the answers to my prayer. I am a very giving person and i was always the one who helped not asked for it and this is hard. I went from a mom who was able to buy my son just about any thing to trying to be able to afford used clothing for him. thank you. and i hope you can help me

  325. martin Says:

    I don´t know what to say after all that i´ve read. I was thinking of asking for help, but, now i´m not sure. i´ll go ahead and I pray that God can be glorified thru this and not me.
    I was born i Colima Mexico. At the age of two I was taken to the U.S. I was raised there in the state of washington, did my elemetary and junier hihg school there. As I was grwing up I got involved with the wrong crowd. I started drinking, and that eventually led to smoking and other heavier thing´s, like smoking cigarets, marijuana, and even cristal meth. That´s something that I regret very much. I was not a very good person. when I was under the influance of those thing´s. this a a very long story, so I will get to the point. All this time that I was doing all of this I felt it was wrong. But there was something that kept me doing it. peer presure, it was the in thing most people I knew were doing it. Big mistake! I ended up in jail many times for thing´s I didnt do, took the blame for thing´s that I did not do. And some I did do. The whole time that I was doing all of this I felt terrible. There was a time that I ended up in jail. And I had a chance to look at what I was doing to myself and my family. God started His work in me. I felt His calling, and by His grace I was able to answetr His call. My life has changed drastically ever since. I now after accepting the Lord in my life, live in Mexico again. not by decision but because the Lord sent me back here. I was deported because of the life sin that I lived. Ican see this clearly now. its nobodies fault but mine. My life my sin, and by the grace of God I have survived here in Mexico twelve years now. Iam married have three children ages 9, 8 and 6. Thank´s to my Lord and Savior. this whole time I have been having a hard time trying to keep food on the table, and keeping the family dressed. I live in a boarder town and the violence is terrible. I have been praying to God and asking for His help. Recently we felt that the Lord was telling us that we should relocate to a small village to the south of here, and we prayed and asked the Lord that if this that we were feeling was from Him we needed some kind of signal from Him. A couple days later my wife called her aunt that lives in this in this village (rancho is what its called here in mexico)and told her of our conviction. And she agreed she felt that it was from the Lord. Everyone that we have talked to seems to agree. The next day my wife called an uncle of hers in this same village, and she told him about our conviction, and the Lord surely put this in his heart. He told her this that you guys are feeling is right. I am donating a piece of land to you guys so that you can build yourselves a house (PRAISE GOD!!). Now what are we going to do? we have no money, no job. Lets pray and ask the Lord to direct us. thats why i now am doing this. there is more to this story, but it will take me for ever to type it . It has already taken me a couple hours to do this already. I guess what I want to ank for is help. Is there anbody out there that can help us out. We need some money to move in the direction that the Lord has sent us, and start building a little adobe brick house. thats the cheapest way to build here in Mexico. If there is anyone out there that can please help us we would be very gratfull. This is my #011-52-1-877-103-6830 or u can contact me at this address [email protected] thank you and God bless.

  326. carol Says:

    Hi im carol I need help with some toys this year just makeing rent ,electris,water bills.No money for toys.I have 2 boys 5/6
    and my daughter out of work she need s help with her 3 kids 2 boys 5/4 and girl 7 Please we need help.Thank you

  327. melody blackburn Says:

    I am trying to find some knid of help with christmas.. I am raising my 9 year old grandson and its hard.. his birthday is 1 week before christmas sooo he doesnt get much and thats not fair to him…
    god bless, melody..

  328. Christal Says:

    I am the last person in the world that thought they would ever be asking for help. But saddly this year we really do need it. My husband last year was in a terrible car accident, with having to stay at home with him, I am not able to work and go to school, Well my school is paid for so I have to go to school right now so I can go and get a decent paying job. We are living off of 300$ a month right now. That doesnt get you very far when you have 3 kids that need things. I have a 13 yr old daughter, a 7 year old daughter and a 2 year old daughter. It was bad enough that they didnt get a birthday present this year because of the finacial situation but they deserve a Christmas but we just can not afford it. If someone could help even if it is just one small thing it would be greatly appreciated.

  329. Heather Says:

    Well, here goes…..I do not like to ask for help what so ever, but this year I am in desperate need. I am 27 years old and I have 2 wonderful children:) They are 8 and 7. They truly mean the world to me. For 6 years I have been a stay at home mommy to them. Up until 2 months ago I babysat my elderly step-grandmother for 18 months. She lived in Williamsport Pa, but she took a brain cell stroke and could no longer take care of herself on her own. She came to live with my mother and step-father in Scranton pa under hospice care given the impression she would not make it longer than a week, well she proved everyone wrong. My mother and step-father had to work for a living, so I was given the priviledge to take care of her while they did so. For the first two months I did it for free, and then they offered to pay me $10.00 bucks an hour so they didn’t have to hire personal care for her. Honestly, I probably would of did it for free still, because that is just the type of person I am. Family means everything to me, and she was my family!!! Two months ago, she died:( I miss her everyday! Anyways, my husband, his work isn’t in the best of condition. He works for a construction company, and he has been layed off, off and on. I have been forced to get a job. I am not making any money though, so I just got a weekend job as well to try and save up for money to buy my kids presents. It is really hard, because my kids still believe in Santa! I tried explaining to my kids that Christmas might not be as good as it has in the past, but you see we live upstairs from my sister & brother-in-law and they have 3 kids of there own. They get everything. They alway’s go overboard for the kids for x-mas, and how the heck am I suppose to explain to my kids that they got all thoses gifts and my children only have one so far that I have been able to afford? I really don’t like asking for help, and the main reason I got 2 jobs is so I could give my kids a good christmas, but everytime I get paid it goes in one hand and out the other on bills. I can’t even afford to get my son a haircut right now. I know there are tons of people who have it a lot worse right now than I do, and I feel horrible for being miserable like I have been lately, but I try to be happy and act happy, but it is really hard knowing I can’t give my kids what they deserve. They have had it pretty lousy the past year, and they make me feel horrible because they are always asking why can’t they do this and why can’t they do that. My cousins are doing that, why can’t we? They are 2 young to really understand. I understand if people thing I am crazy for asking for help, but if someone was willing, I would be so thankful.
    [email protected]

  330. Gina Lawter Says:

    Nov. 17, 2012

    Hello everone. My name is Gina and I am the proud grandmother of a five year old angel. Her name is Reese. I have taken care of her since she was three months old, and had custody of her since she was two years old. Reese doesn’t have a mommy and daddy because they chose drugs over her. However, she has a mimi that would choose her over my next breath. This little girl has been through a lot, some of which she remembers, yet she shines above it all by being the best natured, loving child in the world. (not a fact, just mimi’s opinon). The thing is, I lost my job over a year ago, and for the first time since I was 14 years old, I find myself unemployed and broke. We arecurrently living with my sister and her husband and sons,(not a good situation because the husband resents us being here). I just try to stay out of their way and clean their house as well as any other jobs that need doing so we can stay until I get back on my feet. I can not ask them for Christmas money for Reese, they have enough bills on them because we are here. Can anyone help me give this little girl a good Christmas? She is thrilled with anything she gets. She always makes a big list, but forgets about it when she opens her presents on Christmas morning. I know there are a lot of people in my situation. When I get my degree in business in six months, I will be able to find a job and the first thing I am going to do is pay it forward. I vow to visit this page and help someone give their child, or children a better Christmas.
    Thanks for your time, and God Bless us Everyone.
    Gina Lawter
    e-mail- [email protected]

  331. glen sims Says:

    my name is glen and i live in odessa tx. im 53 and disabled and living with my 72 year old mother 15 months ago cps asked us to take care of my twwo great neices and a great nephew because my sister and her daughter got into trouble with the law.. the three year old little boy was on a ventalator and feeding tube the girs are 1 year old and 4 ears old ithascost my mom all the money she had in savings and we still owe i am asking for help for my mom and the kids money is very tight mom ha had to take on a part time job. glensims12@gmailcom

  332. stephanie Says:

    My name is Stephanie I have 2 kids Sophia 19 months and Jonathan Jr. 3 months. My boyfriend who also lives with me has 2 kids Allison 2 , Katie 3. Well i am unemployed and he draws SSI thats just enough to pay our bills 698$ dont go far when your rent is 450$ and power bill is 200$. I will not be able to provide a christmas for theses woundderful children without someones help. If anyone can be willing and blessed enough to help I ould greatly apperciate it.
    [email protected]

  333. kathleen Coles Says:

    My husband can barely afford to buy Christmas gifts this year for our married son and two boys. they have two guests staying with them over christmas. Are we expected to buy something for them to?

  334. katie Says:

    My name is Katie I’m a fiftyone year old grandmother who is in help with Christmas presents for my grandchildren I was working but got second degree burns on my left arm and can not work I have five grandchildren I need help with if u can help in any way I would apprecate your help u can reach me at katiehodgson98@ God bless

  335. Terry Says:

    I am a grown, proud man whom as alwats pulled his wieght in life. I’ve worked fourteen to sixteen hours ago brcause that is a way is made to supply for his family. Three years they discovered cancer in my body but I fought it off and I kept fighting it off. They put me on the death watch twice but I got up and returned to work.
    This year is different. This years I have no more fight left me. My body is drained and I can barely move, baely walk.
    It’s Christmas time and my eyes fill with tears due to all the medical bills and the perscriptions I have no money left. Nothing I can get the love of my life, my rock. my only true love. I have nothing. Gifts are a range of prices but I want something she will wear the rest of her life to know what we had had what we shared and ro know we will meet again up yonder. If there is antone whom would care for me to reach this gift please contact me, [email protected]

  336. victor reyes Says:

    hello my name is victor. i am looking for some type of assistance for christmass this year. I dnt usualy apply for assistance because my job helped made it somewat smooth and felt that thier where other families in need more than ours at the time. this year has been a difficult year for our family. my mother in law , who ive known for 15years through out the time of my relationship with her daughter,who is now my wife just passed away in oct.2011. and now the hollidays seam to be nothing more than a reminder of the empty space in our hearts which was once filled with a warm loving
    caring indiveduale. late in the summer of 2012 the end of aug.i recently lost my job. i have searched and searched for a job and have had no luck. we where just blessed with the help of habitate for humanity, we became home owners. never did i imagine i would own a hme. now having lost my job got our family vehical repo-ed. our lights off and are facing possiable forcloser. every thing that me and my wife have wrked so hard for seams to be slipping so stressed out and worried. i fear that santa wont make it to see my house. our kids are straight A students ,a boy twin girls and a 4 yr old girl who are very appriciative for the little things and would probly be happy with just the lights on and knowing that are house is safe from losing. but even then me and my wifes olny wish for christmass as is every year is that our kids have a christmass.
    PLEASE some help is better than none . im not saying that my situation is worse than others because some one always has it worse than others. im reaching out in hopes that a lending hand might help me and my family to pull threw this holiday season.
    next year we pray will be better.. thank u for any help u can give. and thanx for just taking the time to read my entry.

    sincerly, the reyes family….happy holidays

  337. Brandy Cutlip Says:

    I really need help getting my family Christmas gifts! My life changed drastically in 2005 when my brother whom we shared a home with his son and my two children! He was dignosed with sheziphenia! I now live with my mom that is the only one that works and provides for us! It has changed us all and i have been servely depressed have even tried 4 times to end my life! I know that GoD will hopefully help me & my family get better everyday but i hate that i can’t give my kids my newfew brother and mom gifts from myself! I have tried to sell some of our old stuff but what money i have made doing that and a lil cleaning job here and there goes fast when you have kids! My mom is awesome & works hard but she deserves so much more! I hate asking for help so in return if anyone can help me i will repay them with some idems that i have for sale! Please email me if you have any ideas for me because Christmas is really close and things are getting worse by the day but for my kids i try not to let them know how disappointed in myself i really am! THANK YOU & HAVE A BLESSED DAY [email protected]

  338. Robert Says:

    Hello I am a father of 4, 3 boys & 1 girl I am in dire need of help this christmas I had gotten laid off monday and all my money went to the bills and rent last friday so i have no way of getting my 3 younger ones christmas I am out job searching everyday and have never asked for help before… They did not ask for alot this christmas but no money if someone can please give my kids a christmas I will be extremely greatful please contact me at
    [email protected]
    Thank You & God Bless

  339. connie Says:

    Hi my name is Connie. I have three children a daughter thats 13, a son thats 11, and a son thats 7. Their father works in constrction but there hasn’t been jobs lately and I am in an out of the hospital. My youngest son is disabled. There is more money going out for bills then is comming in and this year can not give my children a wonderful christmas. My children are my life. If I could get some help would be great. I hope everyone has a merry christmas and may god bless you…

  340. Michele Says:

    Hi im Michele…I have 3 kids and im in desperate need of help for them this year.. my oldest son is 20 and is a volunteer fire fighter, and I have twin boys as well and what makes it even harder is the twins birthday is Dec 20 they will be 10, one of them had surgery just 3 weeks ago and I am struggling to have Christmas this year, all my boys are sooo giving, and so caring of others it just breaks my heart that this yr they may not have christmas :( my parents are in no condition to help me, my father may not make it through Christmas but, with Gods will my dad with make it fine, weve had it rough even with everything my twins have been through, even one of them being molested a few yrs ago( and yes it was reported to the police and has been taken care of) , they have been going to therapy for all that as well and are doing great.. but anyways.. if anyone can or would help with Christmas please get in touch with me … Thank you and God Bless!! [email protected]

  341. Ingrd Says:

    Hello, I am a mother of three, My eldest son is locked up and my two younger children are here with me. I work everyday; somedays I’m scarde to look at my gas hand..year 2012 has been the roughest year for me…I normally dont ask for help but this month is the worst for me..We have no tree,presents,food ll I’m asking for is some financial assistance. I trust amd believe in God I give to people needier than me and I pay my tithes and offerings unto the lord…Please, I’m asking that someone would help me and my kids to just pay up some bills, have a tree and some gifts to go underneth it, no more no less…The two kids I have at home are so brillant and dedicated to serving God, one is on the Technical team at Church and the other one is in the Choir…I’m Praying to God every night that he will surprise them on Christmas day. Their worried everyday that when they come home a utility will be cut off; i’m not asking for much; all i ask is that my kids enjoy their Christmas and that my Water & Gas Bill is paid…I dont want anything for Christmas except to see them Happy. Please and Thank You.

    Ingrid Grant
    [email protected]

    I pray that the right person/ people will read this, open their heart and give.

  342. Debbie Says:

    my name is Debbie I am a single mother my husband in jail. im having problems need a place to live for me and my daughter she is deaf . I having trouble making sure she has a good christmas. She would like to go to disneyworld. and wants a pug. i don’t make enough money. She needs braces that i can’t afford, also, trying to get a place for ud to live it’s getting really cold ourside. I just got dianoised with COPD and can’t be homeless. please make us have a rememberable christmas. thank you and god bless. My email address is [email protected] and my cell number is 1302-562-0834 anything will help. I also have a checking account at TD Bank just say Debbie Kardash funds for christmas. god bless everyone. hopefully my husband will be out soon. He is looking at life in prison can’t even afford a lawyer no food no nothing. thank u in advance

  343. Tiffany Says:

    God bless all of you!! I wish you all the love and peace in the world! I will keep u n my prayers!!

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